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Is Dagoth Ur Far Right or Far Leftist politically? Is there anything proletarian in the elder scrolls?






>Is Dagoth Ur Far Right or Far Leftist politically?
He is the leader of a disgraced feudal house who seeks to enslave his people and eventually the entire population of Tamriel using dangerous magic in order to return Morrowind to his warped vision of its greater past, so I would say he is pretty damn reactionary.
>Is there anything proletarian in the elder scrolls?
Not much, considering it is a medieval fantasy setting with all the feudalism that it entails. While there were indeed various rebellions happening through the setting's history, none of them can be called proletarian except may be for the Alessian Revolt, which resulted in the liberation of the native human population of Tamriel's heartland from the Ayleid yoke, and the Forsworn uprising that involved the killing of the Nord settlers and landlords in the Reach.
Economically wise, the Bosmer and the Khajiit seem to prefer communal mode of property ownership over private, in part due to their more nomadic and tribal societies, which often gets them into clashes with the more bourgeois cultures like the Empire.


He's an aristocrat-turned-theocrat spooky zombie god that doesn't know he's a zombie and seeks to remake reality in his image: not living, but unable to die.
>Is there anything proletarian in the elder scrolls?
There are wage workers under individual petty bourgeoisie but artisanry, subsistence agriculture, and (in some areas) slave plantations prevail. Large enterprises are royally chartered rather than being companies run by bourgeoisie, and socialized production with private accumulation is pretty much absent. Makes you wonder why, when magic is capable of healing any injury and can keep people healthy for their entire working lives. And you'd think enchantments and magic in general could be used to vastly improve the output of agriculture and industry and make logistics a breeze with instant teleportation. Instead the most advanced of them spent all their time making murderbots and filling their living spaces with deadly traps.


>Literally genocidal settler colonizers from Atmora
>Native to Tamriel



File: 1658751733575.jpg (163.54 KB, 900x1200, akshually.jpg)

Akshually Redguards were genocidal settler colonizers from Yokuda. And there are competing accounts of where the (partial) ancestors of Imperials, the Nedes, came from, PLUS they were enslaved by Ayleid settler colonizers or bred out of existence, the latter giving rise to Br*tons.


Elves are indigenous to Tamriel, Imperials came from settler colonizer Nords who genocided and enslaved the Snow Elves


Elves come from Aldmeris. Hell, even the Summerset Isles were inhabited by goblins before they were displaced by the Altmer. The only natives to Tamriel were beastfolk (Lilmothit, bird people, Imga, and other races) and goblin-ken, but the ones not stuck living on the margins of society disappeared or were exterminated millennia ago. Khajiit predate the Altmer in Tamriel, but it isn't clear if they're native. Regardless, these were colonizations that took place over 3000 years ago, there isn't really much use worrying over who is native or has a right to the land.

Also the fact that nationalism and full-fledged racism exist in the setting is pretty unusual considering it's pre-capitalist.


Isn't Aldmeris what the Summerset Isles used tobe called?


It's unclear, Aldmeris either existed once somewhere else and no longer does, or exists but is unreachable, or was Summerset all along and they left it only to return to it, or Aldmeris was Tamriel and they left it for Summerset, or Aldmeris never existed and is an epigenetic memory of old ehlnofey.


In TES nothing is true, but everything is canon.
Don't hurt your head too much figuring out what is established, and just go with whatever stories you like. Chances are you'll pick the dominant ones anyway.
See also the Tamriel Rebuilt approach.


He's a militant ethnat xenophobe who wants to retvrn to tradition by force, but he was also gay for Nerevar bussy so who can really say?

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