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Typically games will increase the quality of graphics in their games using higher resolution textures and models and on occasion VFx. Although this method isn’t necessarily wrong it doesn’t do enough to actually improve the graphics of a game especially for games like gta definitive edition that’s an overglorified San Andreas mod that uses ai upscaling. The features mentioned are reasonably long considering how large the world of graphics is


The first issues that should be addressed is z fighting which causes pixels to fizzle and load back in randomly when being projected on geometry far away so to avert this depth buffers should become more common place.
LOD stitching is also encouraged due to the obvious gaps that emerge just by briefly looking at terrain from a distance with fog disabled. This is fixed using a parenting system or with skirts as an easier fix, for lighting discontinuities that emerge between LODs should see studios having to go with the parent system specifically for UVs but the developer also has to increase the darkness on far away LODS to ensure the player can’t see anything’s wrong with the terrain
And finally use radius based LOD loading because seeing an entire chunk of terrain load in can and will cause stuttering and it’ll be obvious to the player how fake the world is. It also helps to use procedural texturing on LOD terrain to further promote ideas of scale


Just use raymarched clouds and godrays you don’t need anything else


Please for any developer if it’s possible for the player to enter some kind of first person mode code in support for near distance clipping because it’s typical for PC players to use custom FOVs that make the view model clip through the cameras near plane
As for anti aliasing and anisotropic filtering those features are so standard in graphics it’s not worth mentioning to me
However to smooth out geometry even more I’d suggest using a fragment shader on particularly sharp edges so things look a lot smoother. inigo quilez actually posted a video just on this on how to use sdfs shaders to perform something like this

Anyways that’s all I have to add in


File: 1658881521588.gif (9.02 MB, 640x480, billy drink.gif)

For Christ's sake, make a general gamedev criticism thread and post your essays there. It is very hard to keep track of all of them like that, let alone quoting multiple posts at once. That being said, I enjoy reading them and your criticisms are very much spot on as well as constructive, with lots of ideas on how to deal with the problems that Bethesda's games usually have. Personally, I am still baffled that they did not implement some native texture-blending feature to fix the neck/hand/foot seam issue in Fallout 4 or SSE, even though they had plenty of time to do it. Or this is it too much to ask of them?


Something like that in AAA games in general is as rare as depth buffers man these techniques do exist but they’re not always used for varying reasons either due to deadlines, engine limitations, causing random bugs whatever it’s that kind of thing

But yeah this thread is gonna be an unofficial game dev related thread for the sake of not clogging up the catalogue. Thx for the idea


>Personally, I am still baffled that they did not implement some native texture-blending feature to fix the neck/hand/foot seam issue in Fallout 4 or SSE
They barely feel the need to implement fixes that keep the game from crashing. They're not gonna do shit about a fairly minor visual bug.


Game dev post #2 open world design

As you mayve guessed from the OP I was fucking around in oblivion and a realization hit me on why the games open world although empty compared to modern day open worlds felt so much better for me


Oblivion is large, most open worlds aren’t for the sake of maintaining fast paced gameplay which is fine but this loses the appeal of open worlds of being able to explore any region you want and be in any place you want at a given time. I genuinely had more fun riding around the vast empty terrain and past the world borders of Tamriel on horseback than I was shooting up bandits in far cry 2 with a far simply because I knew I could and the scale of tamriel never made me feel as if the world was too small for me even if I wanted more out of the over world

>fast travelling is stupid but mounts and vehicles are cool

Mounts and vehicles are better alternatives to simple fast travelling in games. This is true because this form of transport diversifies the players movement options, it justifies the elimination of fast travel, it encourages players to explore in new ways and well it’s just plain fun to be able to hop into any vehicle you want in games like far cry, ride a dragon in Skyrim, or blow people up with guided missiles in battlefield with a jet.

>less visual information is better

Modern games stuff way to much shit on screen when it comes to their open worlds because they know the maps hard to navigate for new players but I feel it’s better to simplify things not just because it can be visually easier to understand and be more immersive but also as a means to not distract the player from being able to do whatever it is they want to be doing at any given time. Fallout 4, rdr2 and tlou2 did this concept right by only partially loading aspects of the UI based on what the player was doing at any given time cleaning up the screen and making things generally more comfortable

That’s all bye


File: 1658949258386.jpg (131.25 KB, 811x1356, silkstrider.jpg)

>>fast travelling is stupid but mounts and vehicles are cool
How would you judge the limited fast travel of morrowind?
It's more immersive than regular fast travel, due to the cost and means of interaction, where the player in some cases has to plan their route. In contrast the fast travel system of oblivion is accessed through the map and consequently feels out of place.
While fast travel reduces the need to explore, quests require the player to cross most of the routes at some point, many players will immediatly want to explore the region they're in and for those that don't, having the option to avoid it adds to the roleplaying, as in allowing to complete some questlines relatively early. In morrowind a player choosing to advance in the mages guild would teleport to other mages guilds and let their exploration be driven by the guilds quests.


I don’t know I only have a few hours in oblivion


Oblivion's handling of fast travel pretty much boiled the entire game to warping from point A to point B at every opportunity to do so. Morrowind on the other hand had you get to a fast travel station with a teleportation circle, a gondola or a silk strider and only then you could fast travel to one of the cities, thus incentivizing the player to explore more as they go towards their actual quest destination. Same thing can be achieved with Skyrim if you disable the fast travel system or force yourself to use only carriages, but the lack of diversity and the scarcity of public transportation is much more evident here.




Gamedev post #3 assault rifles suck

Assault rifles break the balance in nearly all shooters. Because of the way they work in games players do not have to rely on their ability to aim or use every in game mechanic to their advantage to succeed much less approach their target. This is particularly why tech land games removed guns from dl2 because one only has to look at the crossbow to realize how unbelievably broken the game would be if guns were included. That’s all


File: 1659010052117.jpg (33.85 KB, 510x533, googlycat.jpg)

I would say that assault rifles being the end-it-all for infantry combat is pretty accurate to real life though, what them being a staple of every armed forces since early days of the Cold War instead of machine pistols due to having superior accuracy and stopping power at medium ranges. In a brawler game like Dying Light where you fight mostly melee foes, this kind of firepower is indeed an overkill and makes one kind of wonder how the hell did Harran's military lose to the zombies so badly, let alone humanity as a whole in the sequel.


I wouldn’t even stop at dying light

The far cry series
The division all get completely fucking broken by introducing these types of guns in their games. The only realistic way to sidestep this is by making ammo extremely rare and even then there needs to be some sort of implementation of preventing farming of ammunition otherwise you get a snowball effect where the moment a player has one round and a gun suddenly that one round becomes hundreds as the player kills more and loots more


File: 1659013954095.jpg (132.27 KB, 1280x714, comrade greg.jpg)

Even STALKER got piss-easy once you get your mitts on the Abakan or G36 and even easier when you upgrade them. Most human enemy encounters will just boil down to sneaking in the bushes and taking potshots from afar with AP ammo, while for most mutants you can just go full auto and spray and pray until it dies. The only game on my memory where an assault rifle did not fuck up the game's balance completely was the Doom reboot, but only because the rest of your arsenal consists of similarly potentially OP stuff, with the basic shotgun having a grenade launcher attachment and your sniper rifle equivalent being a huge railgun.


Dev post #4: Position ranged based collisions are better than vectors and bounding geometry

Fucked around in JavaScripts threejs and unreal between using ordinary bounding geometry in unreal vs hardcoding collisions for positions and honestly I pick hardcoding
It’s easier to understand, it’s simple, it’s easy as shit to customize not just due to its simplicity as a fucking if statement but also because you can use math functions to change it to whatever’s needed and likewise your less prone to running into limitations of the software your using that require mindlessly picking apart it’s code. Also it’s generally more responsive for my dog water radeon fuckwit PC.

Fuck vectors and prebuilt libraries

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