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File: 1659093653717.png (216.93 KB, 350x435, PW_MSF_Shinkawa.png)


I don't see many people talking about this series although it's beyond based. They're not explicitly leftist necessarily (aside maybe from Peace Walker) but tackle some pretty based themes all around, especially Sons of Liberty imo



I'll be honest, once you peel back the layers of bullshit technobabble, the plot, story and themes are all incredibly simple.
>The theme is control, every goddamn person wants control over something and the entire world gets fucked for it. It only gets solved when people start learning to let go of things.
>The story is a bunch of well-meaning idiots who try to control everything but fuck everything up and the well-meaning idiots who have to unfuck everything the previous group did.
>The plot is nuclear deterrence, how fucked the idea of it is and the attempts to subvert it.
That's kind of it really,


I've never played a single game in this series and don't feel like I've missed anything. The stories all sound incredibly pretentious and the games themselves don't seem particularly fun. Am I mistaken?


I can see where you're coming from. As a fan of the series I can admit that Kojima is really far up his own ass, but I think he manages to pull it off in a weird anime-auteur-y way. The plot is full of holes and retcons but the real charm is putting the convoluted story together.
>the games don't seem fun
The first two games kinda show their age when it comes to the controls but otherwise the gameplay is rich and the bosses are fun and iconic
>inb4 cutscenes
yeah I can't really defend their lenght lmao but if you're into weeb shit, military fiction and conspiracy theories they're just as important as the gameplay

If you'd like to start out I'd recommend getting phamrom pain since it's the most accessible and all-round well optimised for all platforms. the rest of the series is available on ps3 as a collection and you can get it for around 40 bucks or so


>and don't feel like I've missed anything
carry on then
why does everyone feel the need to be convinced they need to like something they dont


Metal Gear?!


MGSV being hyped up as being the grittiest metal gear ever that's going into subject matter no other game would dare touch, and finally coming out and doing nothing anyone excited for it thought it would wouldn't be as funny if not for the fact that the one of the few things it adds to the overall plot of the series is that it explained the origins of the imposter big boss snake fights in metal gear

At least the game was fun to play. Wish they went with co-op like Peace Walker instead of fucking metal gear online and FOB invasions.


Psycho Mantis?


>Wish they went with co-op like Peace Walker instead of fucking metal gear online and FOB invasions.

What do you mean, it's totally fun playing a mode where the defender has infinite lives and the entire personnel/equipment of the base at their disposal and the attacker has one life which if they lose, they lose in-game resources to ransom their soldier back or possibly just have them die


I think the point of it was to create a puzzle for the attacker where the point is to actually sneak around and don't get found (because he can't defend if you're not caught),but yes it's very punishing if the guy you're raiding is online and you fucked up once.
You also forgot about the revenge mechanic so you can immediatly assault him back,because that's totally not too much.


they're fun, but kinda slow paced because they're stealth. I actually enjoyed V the most. The story is stupid as fuck in my opinion


File: 1659412593574.jpg (111.83 KB, 616x353, capsule_616x353.jpg)

I love that everyone collectively forgot this game ever happened and only Rising and 5 are remembered as the end of the series, for now.


Oh, thanks for reminding me about it. You asshole.


I love that nothing ever came of it, either. No mods, no fan efforts to fix it, no cult of appreciation for it in spite of its flaws. Snake's Revenge has more of a following.


I've seen some content of it (including a guy who was actually doing live stream farming on it,but I'm not that insane to watch those),and it's honestly really bland and uninteresting,it doesn't have the "outrageous" part like expensive MTX etc that could've made it less obscure.


Metal gear acid tier


(snake eaterrrrr)


the acid games were at least good according to the few people that played it


File: 1659642499245.png (378.9 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)


It's been over seven years since i completed mgsv, and yet, i still don't know how to feel about it.

Surely i'm not the only one?


File: 1659644145006.png (394.09 KB, 1463x882, ClipboardImage.png)

forgot pic


>Surely i'm not the only one?
You are not. On one hand, you have an open world game with rather diverse gameplay that also has unusual elements to it like the evac balloons that you can tie to nearly every NPC including animals, while the story itself is frankly a complete mess even by MGS standards that includes two Big Bosses, a man with a flayed face who wants to exterminate everyone who speaks English using a species of parasites that infect people's vocal cords, a woman that has a fucking bomb stuck in her vagina and literally disembowels herself in order to extract it, and suddenly Volgin, now on fire. Yeah, I would say it is very confusing and rough around the edges, especially considering it was Kojima's "farewell" of sorts to Konami and the Metal Gear series before he left to pursue an independent career.


>especially considering it was Kojima's "farewell" of sorts to Konami and the Metal Gear series before he left to pursue an independent career.

That seems like a polite way of putting it.






I remember finishing the 50 missions and thinking to myself:
>is it over? what happened?


That's why I put "farewell" in double quotes. He and Konami had beef a lot of beef over the later treating the Metal Gear series as a cash cow, with some even suspecting that he even tried to sabotage the franchise so that he could get them to let him work on a new IP to no avail.


Fuck, I wrote beef multiple times. Posting from a phone sure is a pain in the ass.


Acid was fun as a card game but hilariously broken since one of the central concepts you could easily abuse was deck shuffeling, basically burning a lot of cards very quickly until you get specific cards you want. And since the min deck size was (if I remember right) 30 cards with a hand of 5 cards, you can pretty quickly burn through cards and just cheese every situation you find yourself in. Still, its a fun and weird mix of like, puzzle stealth action card game.
Still mad at Konami, but since they've basically retreated into mugging arcade addicts in Japan there really isn't much to be done with it. I had fun using snakebite to mod the game to be harder, like giving enemies more advanced gear depending on their skillset, placing dynamic vehicle convoys into the world at all times, unlocking walker gears from the start, ect, and MGSV is a really fun game for that kind of stuff. Weirdly though it still gets updates so you'll have to tell steam to not update it or else it'll constantly break your modpack.


File: 1659719759571.png (1.11 MB, 680x1123, ClipboardImage.png)


that video with Quiet getting fucked in the ass by a horse left me traumatized for the rest of my life


I once got curious about D-horse's gender, and decided to take a look.
It was pretty detailed, i'll tell you that much.


What video? Can you provide a link so that we know what you're talking about?



The La Li Lu Le Lo?!


>half an hour long

brevity is wit


okay chucklenuts


So basically a TL;DR of this series based on what I remember from every instalment I've played.
>Metal Gear
Relatively simple, Solid Snake goes into the fortress and defeats the bad guys, and he seemingly kills big boss When you get to MGS5 it turns out it was actually your body-double PC
>Metal Gear 2
Solid Snake goes to a different fortress and """""kills"""""" the actual ??? big boss
It gets revealed that before Big Boss went off to go be a terrorist / Bond villian or whatever he's implied to be in MG1 and 2 they made two supersoldiers based off of him, obviously Snake and Liquid, Liquid takes over an Island and demands a bunch of shit including Big Boss's body Which we figure out in MGS4 they could not have given to him anyway or he's going to fire a nuke at the Illuminati - Snake gets shanghaied by the army into stopping him but obviously at the end of the game its revealed that the Army/Illuminati injected him with some crazy killer virus + they try to blow up the base with Snake, Meryle and Otacon still inside instead of letting Snake go like they promised.
Snake breaks onto a boat to leak photo's of a new US army 'Anti-metal gear' weapon, Because apparently Liquid had a dead man switch which released the MG schematics online after he died - Ocelot Who we get gaslight the rest of the game into thinking is being mind-controlled by Liquids arm, He's really just acting steals it

(Okay this is where it gets annoying)
Raiden breaks into the Big-Shell, because he thinks he's a government agent sent to take it back from terrorists. Really…The ENTIRE scenario was socially-engineered to happen by the Arsenal A.I to test the illuminati's new super-soldier training and brainwashing techniques, and Solidus is introduced - Another 'brother' of Snake and Liquid created by the original supersoldier program (Who was also apparently the fucking President at one point???) whose plan is sorta similar to Liquids, He's going to take Arsenal gear, All the Anti-Metal Gear weapons aboard arsenal gear and the nukes on board - And use it to take over NYC and hold the illuminati hostage, And also Solidus when he still worked for the Illuminati was basically the one that shanghaied and trained up Raiden as a kid.

The Arsenal A.I is some sort of Social-Engineering and Censorship machine built by the Illuminati take essentially control culture for them, So that if anyone ever tries to do what Liquid, Snake or Solidus tried to do ever again it will just spam 'UMM THATS NOT A SNOPES APPROVED FACT SWEETY' and control the discourse.
So Raiden learned all this and is like 'Damn…I fucked up…' but the corrupted/dying Arsenal A.I reveals that his girlfriend is infact A. real and B. is being held close by by the Illuminati, and it tells him to kill Solidus if he wants her released.
Also the Illuminati are revealed to all be long dead, ominously foreshadowing something has gone wrong even they couldn't plan for


Young Big-Boss named 'Naked Snake' has to go and blow up the OG metal-gear in the USSR, But the real crux of the game is how Zero (Who goes on to more or less become the leader of the Illuminati) actually wants Snake to make sure that the Philosophers treasure, A massive black-budget of bearer bonds, makes its way back to America for him to use, Ocelot (who was revealed to also be a US agent) manages to get half the treasure on microfilm back to America, but Eva steals half of it and dips to China.

>Portable ops

Never played.

>Peace Walker.

After getting fed up with Zero and finding out they used his coom to make supersoldiers Big Boss fucks off to South-America and becomes a mercenary, the actual story asides from being a set up for MGS5 is sorta self contained, mostly just Big-Boss crying over 'The Boss' while blowing up mechas.


O.K so basically.
Zero (Who was basically the guy in charge of the Illuminati) wanted to create 'World peace' which to him was represented by like global American unipolar hegemony, So he eventually creates the A.I's because skullface fucked him up with the nerve agent and he was gonna be comatose soon and didn't trust any of his yes men (the Illuminati list that snake recovered in MGS2) to run shit after he died.
But due to the 'War-Economy' and the fundamental reliance the global economy gained on armed conflict, The A.I found itself in a situation like A.M's Id from I have no mouth essentially, It was designed by Zero to bring 'World Peace' but because the US economy (Whose directive asks it to oversee and preserve) is now dependent on war to such an extent, to stabilize society it MUST cause more war.


Expanded backstory for MG1 and 2, 'Venom' went off to Africa and set up the events of MG1 to throw shade for Big Boss who went off to Central-Asia to do MG2


Never played
Based, but essentially disconnected










>Father and son
>Metal gear saga
>Calling to the night
>Snake eater
>Heaven's divide
>Peace walker main theme
>The best is yet to come
>Sins of the father
>Quiet's theme
What's up with this franchise and having such good fucking music?


File: 1660830320994.jpg (69.34 KB, 1200x675, E3ybkjrXMAIvf1p.jpg)

>that pic
>the feels
Where did it all go wrong bros?


the proliferation of smartphone technology


MGS threads were always kind of shit. Not to mention the only good part of them were hahas over MGS 3.

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