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It’s just not fun for me to play any pvp based games.
It’s not a game design problem for me it’s a community problem.
these days competitive games aren’t like quake or titanfall whom have high skill ceilings which make high ranking matches feel justified in their sweatiness being that you can at least feel like your getting better at those games to be able to compete. So much of the community has instead promoted idk “casual pvp” games with lower skill ceilings that at low ranks feels impossible to climb out of because you can only ever be so good at those games before every match devolves into “who can bait the other guy better” and inevitably matches start getting increasingly annoying and gimmicky, playing against players starts feeling less fun and less of a celebration of what you’ve learned while winning just feels tiring and losing feels awful.

It’s not fun man at all. If this shit was regulated to tactical games like CSGO and r6 that would be fine with me but I’m beginning to see this annoying shit everywhere even in games that shouldn’t be taken seriously at all like fucking fall guys now has sweaty try hards and elo hell in it now


File: 1659245309176.jpg (39.63 KB, 500x500, 1579546776430.jpg)

Start playing competitive TF2. The actual one.


This exact fucking shit right here is why I quit apex after the pathfinder rework. It wasn’t just that pathfinder was nerfed into oblivion but that every other aspect of apex that required skill and practice to learn got obliterated because new players bitched and seethed about the game requiring skill to play and now the game feels far slower and unnecessarily tense than it used to and they’ve only been nerfing and removing aspects of the game requiring skill since then. So fucking annoying and I refuse
Fucking refuse to come back because they’ve made enough changes that the game will never be as fun as it was when it released


play mordhau


Pathfinder is one of the lowest skill characters in the game lmao imagine thinking learning how to grapple (which takes 2 minutes max) that allows you to run away from every fight takes skill.

You know who actually takes skill? Characters like Fuze or Crypto who don't have get out of jail free/mobility powers and are completely fucked if they get caught in the open because they can't press q to run away. All these mobility heroes thinking they're hot shit because the game meta literally revolves around them being able to circumvent obstacles and run away from fights that other characters can't lmao.


>nooo stop you can’t just use the games mechanics to your advantage you have to be as slow as me so I can win
And then we wonder why apex players are going on strike with fags like you playing ahahahaha. I’d bet you’d be in favour of the removal of bunny hop healing and tap strafing aswell


>and are completely fucked if they get out in the open



File: 1659329520313.png (1.3 MB, 1920x1080, trotskyinmord.png)

Fuck competitive games.
Play Mordhau.


Yeah Ive played almost nothing but online competitive games the past few years and I just feel burned out now. I want to start playing single player games again but I don't know what to get


Just find something that looks nice you see immediately and dive right in. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece just something you know you can play and say you had fun with


"engagement"-based matchmaking with forced 50% win rates have completely ruined pvp games. large community servers are the only fun type of pvp, if you disagree it's because your brain has been successfully rotted by the overwatch and valorant algorithms



sbmm in ranked modes is justified being that on the new players end it’s unbalanced because they immediately have to queue up against people with hundreds to thousands of hours in a a game with zero knowledge or experience meaning it’s unlikely they’ll be given a chance to win much less understand why they even lost forcing them to stay as stupid as they started for enough time for most to quit.
On the experienced players end it’s even worse as it means they now bear the responsibility of carrying their team because due to the way skill population curves work only a fraction of players in a game are “good” compared to the sea of average and terrible new players making every round for them fee exhausting and one sided

What ends up happening in EVERY I REPEAT
round I’ve ever played in games with random matchmaking like CSGO is theirs one or two idiots in the entire lobby with dozens of kills screaming their lids off at everyone else while new players either disconnect mid match out of frustration of constant death or become as equally toxic. And to make this worse the only way to avoid this is paying a subscription for fair matches that you only have yourself to blame for losing


There is one unavoidable problem with SBMM though that really can’t be fixed with ranked matchmaking and that’s lobby size
Simply put like you already mentioned only a small less than 10% fraction of a games active player base is actually any good at a game and hence queue times for these pro players should naturally be longer, this is rarely ever true with the exception of games like Brawlhalla meaning in games with large lobbies
<hint battle totaled
Like apex and war zone trying to balance lobbies without appropriate queue times would make every match take forever to join for whatever reason hence servers have to force players into a lobby without SBMM providing a level of randomness to matchmaking

As you can imagine this randomness leads to unbalanced servers that becomes noticeable because lobbies are supposed to be balanced. This is why CSGO and call of duty games post MW19 limits lobbies in competitive to 10 men per lobby and why SBMM works(at least on premium servers) a lot better there than in games like apex where it’s possible to have thousands of hours in and fail to find players above level 100.

Also yes this post had to be copy pasted as I replied to the wrong thread by mistake so my bad on that


I haven't played any competitive games in forever, I used to love it though. But I question whether it was really fun. It's a great rush owning someone. But the times I played SC2 and DOTA, probably over 50% was just stressed out, frustrated at my teammates, frustrated at myself. Bad vibes in general.
Some guys remade Tribes as an indie game and that can be fun at times, when I'm just dueling people. But I suck, I don't want to spend the time to get good, to join organized games, etc. Seems like work. I guess that the problem with these games: it becomes too work-like.


You guys are bronze retards.
The nerf to bunny hop healing was to make it so that healing actually makes you vulnerable as intended by game design. If you have close to full mobility from healing they might as well just add regenerating shields like Halo since there's no danger anymore. Imagine complaining about something even pro players don't complain about anymore since they know it was the correct update.
Apex has been completely warped by movement abilities which push out all the other legends. The game would be better without abilities period because it is much harder to zipline dance than it is to hit q and e on Octane and fly 90000m away from another squad or to hit a Pathfinder grapple. I can guarantee that you can't even tap strafe or do the actual advanced movement techs because hitting one button on pathfinder is not advanced movement.


>the game would be better without abilities period
Holy not only is he complaining about the game being a movement shooter he’s also complaining about a hero game having hero’s in it ahahahahahahahaha holy fucking shit go play csgo danger zone if your that offended by people using the games mechanics the way they want to


CSGO Danger Zone is an abomination why would I play that over Apex.

All Apex abilities do is make the game easier for those who don't actually know how to play.
Don't have sound on? Play Bloodhound/Seer so you don't have to hear enemies near walls/doors/buildings.
Can't get to a high ground position since you stayed on low ground like an idiot? Play Horizon so you can fly to the top.
Can't keep up with your team since you spend 10 minutes looting? Play Octane and hit the stim.
Can't hold a building by killing the enemy as they try to come in? Play Wattson/Caustic/Rampage and stall for as long as possible.
Don't know when to time your teammate being revived? Play Lifeline or Gibby so you can mindlessly set it up every time.
Don't have any guesses on where the next circle will be? Play a Recon class legend so you don't have to find out.
Too scared of losing a sniper fight? Play Bangalore so you can smoke the enemy's line of sight.
Constantly the first to die? Play wraith so you can hit q and try to make it back to your teammates (although admittedly most Wraiths are just plain bad and don't even bother to use their abilities nowadays).

Every ability in the game is a crutch designed to remove a skill check over the actual moment to moment gameplay that tests how good you actually are.


Well, while not a competitive game, UltraKill is a fun game, has plenty of Quake in it's dna, with speedrunning being one outlet of competition.
Also modded MineCraft might have something to offer: you could set up a cracked server and use mods: firework frenzy, squake, origins if you have the patience for making datapacks for it, ect… That's just a few steps away from saying "begome gamedev :DDD" but still.


I think this is what i realised too.
So i got quite good at Dota and LoL. You rarely get competitive games, and even when you do you are well aware that the moment you make a misstep the whole team is ready to throw. Its extremely stressful. the only way to get out of that is to be just wildly better, to stomp the other team. but when you do manage that its like taking candy from a baby. What fun is it to delete people that dont know any better?

and to even get to that point? grinding out your reactions through countless games of lopsided match ups just to at best get a profoundly boring experience.

I havent really had fun with competitive games for some time. the grind to get good takes so long, the payoff is deeply disappointing.

i miss the slow paced competition of long af WC3 and empire earth diplomacy games. Where even if you got fucked up there was shittalking to be had and alternative win states to be had.

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