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File: 1659262389210.jpg (58.96 KB, 640x360, WordofOkran.jpg)


>"You ever listen to the word of Okran?"

Luv Okran,
Luv the holy lord Phoenix,
Luv prayer day,
Luv bread
Luv the paladins fighting those Narkoite's (Go get em boys!)
'Ate Bugs and Shreks (Not a racist, Just don't like em!, maybe they should try to reincarnate harder next time eh!?)
'Ate those fall of man causing 'Skeleton' abominations against Okran He's right you know

Discuss anything Kenshi related ITT (Greentexts, your base, your squad, debate favourite starts, Lore etc)


File: 1659264235930.bmp (5.93 MB, 1920x1080, my squad.bmp)

My squad kills you damn Okranites for a livin'.


HOW do you git gud at this shit bro's? (In general)
How i get my guy and people i recruit strong and sheit without dying?


>Don't spend 5 hours running back and fourth in the Hub and mining copper to max out athletics/strength and buy cool gear - Your noodle arms can't swing that sword anyway - And it will kill all the fun in the game - Despite this i see everyone suggesting to do it TL;DR : This is not a game for powergaming
>Dont be afraid of fighting / collecting bounties / luring bandits to the town gates / getting hurt early on.
<Once you get your second squad member and designate them as the squad medic, Don't run from a single fight where you don't think you'll instantly die, If you get knocked out have them carry you to a bed and sleep it off. Lose a limb = Load quicksave btw
>As for bounties, NOT THE INSANE DIFFICULTY ONES LIKE BUGMASTER AND CAT-LON YOU WILL DIE just hire some mercs and tech-hunters in the bar to serve as reinforcements as you send your guys into battle, they as an absolute priority make sure your squad dosen't die [First-Aids them for you], and any fighting will make you stronger Lose a limb = Load quicksave btw
>Even if you create your 100 Strength martial arts only squad of your dreams, Spiders are still going to 1/2 hit you and eat you a lot of the time - No matter how strong you are you are not one-punch man

>But btw if you do just want to be a sweat

<Scorchlander male
<Pay shinobi thieves
<Assassination doll
<Ninja rags + other stealth and assassination gear
<Knock out starving bandits for Assassination XP until strong enough
<Go to Esata's / Phoenix's / Tengu's house and knock them out - throw them on your back and run
<If your strength and athletics are bad this is where you die
<Take their shit, Ransom them, Or if they have no bounty just bring them in the middle of the skinsands and gangbang circle them to death with your men
<Winrar is you i guess


You just keep fighting breh, punch some starving bandits and let them punch you. Getting knocked out isn't bad, it raises your toughness a lot. Just don't fight things that will carry you off and eat you if you lose.


File: 1659268451004.jpg (266.02 KB, 1680x1050, screenshot_2.jpg)

Pic is day 3 of Rebirth slave start. Left two are the ones I started with. Trained lockpicking for the entire first day, then did a jailbreak that night with 6 escapees coming along: 4 of them got bonked by the guards, 1 ran off on her own (providing the initial distraction that allowed us to escape), and 1 made it with us unscathed to the Flotsam safehouse. While we were recovering and eating in the safehouse, one of the bonked guys (the one on the right) got passed over by the guards on their way back to Rebirth, and once he regained consciousness he joined us too. Haven't managed to find him some pants yet, but he does have a nice basket hat.

I joined the Flotsam Ninjas after escaping and just finished joining the Rebel Farmers when I took the pic, and I'm about to make my way to Spring to join the Anti-Slavers. After that I'll free some slaves in the desert and buy a house somewhere, probably Mongrel or in the swamp.

Don't use gear you can't use effectively, weapons have strength requirements and heavy armors are cripplingly heavy for a weak character (and usually too low quality to bother with early on). Gear quality is extremely important, so get some upgrades when you can. Fleeing is much more viable than tanking hits in the early game, and injuries tend to compound, so it's a good idea to travel light and run at the first sign you might lose. Find some enemies that won't eat you or kill you instantly and train against them, and kite them to town guards if you want to get some hits in. Getting beat up by dust bandits or hungry bandits repeatedly is good for defense, just have a medic character off in the distance who can patch them up and carry them to safety once the fight is over.

Also if you get a raid on your base in the early game, pack up your food and run away until they leave.


>>20704 (me)
Also like >>20702 said don't be a sweat. Grinding smithing levels and lugging iron ore around for hours is fucking boring, you'll spend 99% of your time sitting in the base waiting for masterworks and the remaining 1% realizing you optimized all the fun out of the game and made all the rewards risk-free.


Kinda what happened to me in this game >>20700, so I started over with the new rule being 5 member squad (plus dog) and no base building.


I made the same mistake my first playthrough, or at least the first playthrough where I didn't die immediately. Now I go anywhere between 1-15 people, any more than that and I find it hard to care about each individual member


File: 1659272712896.jpg (49.14 KB, 855x495, 1641938708105.jpg)

>enters town
>assassinates leader
>fish people move in
>refuses to elaborate


File: 1659314063015-0.png (547.52 KB, 514x792, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1659314063015-1.png (431.46 KB, 403x703, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1659314063015-2.png (740.67 KB, 949x507, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1659314063015-3.png (705.52 KB, 1100x630, ClipboardImage.png)

My first game will always be memorable. Didn't accomplish much (yet) but we basically won life by attaining a sustainable settlement and a stable existence for ourselves.
>start with the son of the swordsman start or whatever
>le average white dude
>have a sword from daddy who was a samurai captain in the UC
>UC loves me because of this but unfortunately the Holy Nation hates me, and they're kinda between me and a long-ass journey across the desert to UCville because you still start in the Hub
>start doing the usual Hub shit, mining copper and baiting bandits, getting kinda fast and making trips around to Shekville
>recruit Ruka, buy a dilapidated house in the Hub at some point
>at some point conceive of the idea of "The Exodus" where after grinding enough skills and making some other preparations, our group will attempt the long journey through hostile territory to samuraistan
>recruit some thicc shek bitch later named Oron, she's slow as fuck compared to PC and Ruka, so we make her haul all our shit since we have to keep pace with her anyways
>do a bunch of preliminary research in the hub house, buy enough jerky to fill our backpacks but especially Oron since she's the mule
>after about 15 days total, dismantle the research bench in the house and embark on "The Exodus"
>it's slow going with having to keep pace with Oron the fatty while avoiding okrancucks, so we cut through some inhospitable desert, eventually reaching the first major obstacle in the form of the pass guarded by Okran's Shield
>attempt to cut through the canyony area, nope.jpg five feet in once the acid rain starts; the only other option is to climb the mountain paths to the north and try to enter the desert from the cliffs
>several savescums later due to skimmer attacks, we patch up a stray hiver on the top of the canyon and wish him well on his way, now the massive desert sits before us and we reach the second stage of The Exodus
>this part is extremely sketchy, savescumming ensues, running from skimmers and distracting them by driving farmer bandits into their path, a traveling Ninja provides some safety, but we end up having to dump Oron's armor and a lot of our supplies for speed; apart from a stop at the sekrit prison where we're not welcome, this entire leg of The Exodus is just booking it across the desert hoping we don't run into a gaggle of skimmers
>eventually make it into the trade guild town, walk around amazed for a while, try to settle into grinding again but the bandits are dangerous and there's basically no resources nearby
>decide to head onward into the desert towards the capital and find someplace to build a settlement, but at least The Exodus is concluded and we can begin a new life where we're not hated
to be continued


File: 1659559748717-0.png (2.29 MB, 1768x992, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1659559748717-1.png (2.18 MB, 1768x992, ClipboardImage.png)

Game wasn't really my thing but I had fun with the base building mechanics despite its jankiness





So let me get this straight about this whole plot of kenshis history
Apparently after the ancients died out for over a thousand fucking years in kenshis version of the Holocene. No one not a god damb faggot in the wasteland that formed soon after thought of reunderstanding the sciences and repairing the old machines and tech lying around the moon? No one bother learning math, or the basics of mechanics, or materials or anything else around them in favour of empire wars and bandit brawls?

Listen I know I’m being nit picky but humans really aren’t stupid especially in groups and thanks to post modernists there’s a lot more information that suggests a lot of the discoveries made we consider “modern” have been known for thousands of years or even longer like mechanics and to a smaller extent electrodynamics


I think the research labs are supposed to be more dangerous to loot than they're depicted in-game and the schematics themselves should be pretty much impossible to decipher without specialized knowledge, but tech hunters and machinists have made progress in things like hydroponics. The world is so dangerous and inhospitable that it's difficult to support large, interconnected populations and research centers, so it wouldn't surprise me that information sharing and innovation is limited. The one thing that bothers me is apparently no one knows how explosives work and are instead using high-tech machinery to make really sharp swords.
Also the ancients were wiped out (or left) a few thousand years ago, in the wake of that civilization's collapse the world was left scarred and dangerously polluted. When the skeletons tried to fix things they made initial progress, even setting up their own research and engineering centers, but eventually they got fucked by multiple overlapping cataclysms (like whatever created the Grid) outside of their control and things started unraveling quickly. Initially there was a resource shortage leading to the Mk-II skeleton body, and rebellions started soon after.
They may have created the cannibals in a lab to deal with the Deadcat rebels, and some disaster (?) created the canyon in Wend that flooded the skeleton manufacturing centers and put a complete stop to their production and essentially doomed their kind, as they didn't have the technology to create CPU units on their own and relied on ancient labs to do so. After the fall of that empire the world was left even more dangerous and even more polluted. There's also the fact that a couple skeletons are working diligently to ensure some of the information about the past, and possibly its technology, stays lost. There's a lot of suspicion around skeletons and technology in general, and the Holy Nation is dedicated to making sure that information is destroyed as well.


Basically it goes like this.
>First empire / Ancients.
Space fairing tier civilisation that collapsed for hazy reasons, we don't know exactly why, maybe a bronze age collapse on a universal scale, skeleton rebellion or some convergence of all the head-canons the fandom has come up with - We don't even know that the world of 'Kenshi' was the capital planet of this empire, it could have just been some periphery penal colony or some shit.
**My headcanon has always been that potentially after Obedience and the Skeletons on 'Kenshi' revolted whatever galactic empire Kenshi was part of declared some sort of 'quarantine' (think the way systems with [REDACTED] presence is treated if your a fan of starsector - Anything trying to get off world is detected by some sort of autonomous weapons system like the eye and gets blown the fuck out of the sky, thus why there's so much industrial / ship wreckage all around the planets surface - This galatic
>First Interregnum
After shit collapsed everything was absolutely tits up for a while - this is never really expanded upon
>Second Empire.
Cat-Lon and his skeleton army unify most the continent asides from the shek cities and the hives, Cat-Lon is pretty cool for a while and the population began growing again, Labs were re-established 'Pretty good!'
But then a combination of crisis's like the 'Northern humans turning to cannibalism' among other things made Lon act more and more like a DICKtator until whoever Okran actually was led an uprising, taking over 'Okran's pride' (One of the most fertile places on the continent, with accessible fresh water) - Effectively shattering the empire, Cat-Lon essentially runs away to the Ashlands to go insane and whatever territory was still held by the 'empire' was reorganised into the 'united cities' with its system of local nobility / feudalism with puppet emperor's
>Second interregnum
Modern day.


Kenshi (as in the planet you play on) was almost certainly a periphery world in the ancient space-empire, otherwise there would likely be many more relics of that age other than stuff like the Eye, the busted (nuclear?) generators in the eastern desert, and the shards of I-frames from skyscrapers you can find in parts of the desert, so on.

Plus Stobe's sacrifice was against the 1st Empire trying to destroy the planet for unknown reasons (maybe some kind of degenerative plague, which eventually made all of the northern human tribes into feral cannibals) on top of the Eye satellites which were put in orbit to basically scourge all life from the planet but failed, hence why large chunks of the continent are just desert and the sea level fell - the Swamps were originally a massive port city, according to a Skeleton.

As such you can presume that the continent Kenshi takes place on has grown across the years as the Eyes kept working their heat-ray magic and evaporating more of the water, making a decent chunk of the Atlantaeuropa hellscape deserts which the UC lives on come into being, which explains why so much of it is just dead and can't grow anything - shit is literally salt-sands.

Also since the 1st Empire was so hilariously advanced, its pretty likely that a lot of the most powerful tech was far beyond the reach of common people, and simpler, easier to recreate tech like firearms had simply ceased to exist because they were so ineffective compared to the death lasers they were using. Advanced bionics made melee weapons viable again, Metal Gear Rising style, which is why you have the super-advanced Meitou weapons lying around as well. There are probably so few due to the 1st Empire taking a lot of their shit with them when they left the planet, so there is really only scraps to work with for rebuilding civilization. Even the 2nd Empire realized this - with the means of making new skeletons lost, and loads of skeletons committing mass suicide after the [REDACTED], they knew they were a dying race and tried to use the remaining technology to create new races to inherit the functions of the Empire after they fell - hence the Shek to act as legal enforces, and the Hivers to act as producers for goods and materials (this is more speculative, but there is evidence that the Bugmaster worked for Cat-Lon, and all of the Spiders he controls looks conspicuously like Hivers, the Spiders favor water, and the Hivers were said to all "emerge from the sea" and love fish… ect).

Of course it all fell apart and what little technology that the 2nd Empire could salvage was even further lost and we end up with the shithole that Kenshi is today as a consequence. It doesn't help that the Holy Nation is known for destroying all technological artifacts it can find, with them being the largest civilization and inhabiting what was probably the central hub of the 1st Empire.


wish i could play the game but i only have a shitty laptop


I also have it installed on a shitty Acer Laptop i used to use for skool stuff, And asides from loading in between regions taking a bit longer then seems the average it seems to get along fine.
If i turned it up to Max graphics or installed a bunch of graphics / other mods it would probably absolutely brick though

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