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Why can’t we have cars in fallout 4??? This can happen in fallout 3 and new Vegas, Bethesda themselves added in working dragon and horse physics in Skyrim and oblivion, and they’re making entire space ships and planetary physics in starfield, why couldn’t we have vehicles in 4?

Was it a game design decision as that would be reasonable but still why? If they updated the engine to include destruction and drastically improved graphics along with that what went wrong with cars and vertiberds and shit?


Honestly for the good of the games they shouldn’t
Although lore wise yes vehicles that do function do exist in the world of fallout (we saw that in the introduction of the BOS in fo4) the games since fo3 just aren’t designed for driving like in tes

It would kill the atmosphere and the devs would have to redesign massive parts of the maps of these games around vehicles otherwise they’d be out of place features players could abuse to blast through massive sections of the games content. It’s that kind of thing not a “we can’t” but more like “we shouldn’t”


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There is no greater feeling then when you repair the car in Fallout 2 and My Chrysalis Highwayman starts playing in the background, because the wasteland feels daunting and harsh up until that point.


Congratulations you just went from playing fallout to mad max with a single mechanic being introduced


Not wrong I fucked around with xre cars in new Vegas and drove to the lucky 38 in mere minutes
For any other fallout game yeah vehicles would be completely unbalanced to the meta much like miniguns


File: 1659474964142.jpg (622.91 KB, 1200x1600, cowboys vs zombies.jpg)

Hell, why cannot we have horses themselves in a Fallout game? Why does every fucking post-apocalyptic setting have people driving bikes, cars and trucks, but no one rides horses despite them being often mentioned in background lore (hell, NCR cavalry even showed up in the All Roads comic) and being arguably a more viable option for traversing the rough terrain of the wastes than cars are.


It’s not because it isn’t possible or that its in accurate to the world building but that introducing this concept to these types of games is completely unbalanced
Similar to why tech land removed guns from dying light


Horses are incredibly high maintenance, there's no way they would survive a full on nuclear apocalypse


If you think horses are high maintenance wait until you hear about people


drying out female horse pee and consuming the salts enables post-apocalyptic transgenderism btw


IIRC there is some problem with the engine loading cells that also caused problems with dragon riding in Skyrim. If you move too fast the game has trouble loading.



there's no cock like horse cock


That happens in literally fucking game in existence dude you can’t expect to be moving at Mach 1 with structures and NPCs loading in all the time and seriously expect either all that information either being poorly rendered or that information causing lag

The only time this works is in games whose environments already have minimal detail like war thunder where half the maps are just low poly terrain, png trees and small towns that occasionally load in without civilians




The problem is that Bethesda's games do not have the preloading mechanism for the world's cells optimized for this, thus making such rapid transitions between them painfully slow as the game pauses in order to load the next portion of the game world chunk by chunk at a rather sluggish speed, also due to how the games manage memory. in general.


Either way there’s one other thing I want to talk about
Although vehicle implementation in fallout games would immediately cause balancing issues it’s not impossible to balance them. You’d have to make them crazy expensive in the Mojave like thousands of caps expensive along with making sure they consume caps and can be damaged or broken easily to ensure players can’t just cruise through the entire game or make them stealable with a sneak and agility stat that’s high enough

It’s obviously not the best solution but a solution


If you implement vehicles, you would have to design the map around it accordingly. You would have to make them bigger, more spacious and make sure that the vehicles would not get stuck at every bump. The Frontier mod had to do account for all of this while the original developers did not, so it was decided that the vehicles would not appear in the Mojave worldspace.


File: 1659588254449.mp4 (65.69 MB, 1280x720, F-80 vs deathclaws.mp4)

That makes sense but there’s something you forgot about the frontier

Flying vehicles like the vertiberd kind of also contradict that as well as the devs built the maps around automotives, shit like vertiberds wasn’t ever really accounted for and reasonably so. Aerodynamics is hard to implement in games due to that field of mechanics also being a partial implementation of fluid dynamics due to the similarities gases and liquids share, combine that on top of the fact that support for realistic physics in creation games well more specifically fallout games(shockingly enough bethesda decided support for dragons and horses was cool for oblivion and Skyrim but vertiberd physics was abondoned in fo4 for whatever reason) is batshit nonexistent for anything that’s too large and too fast and you get a pretty bleak attempt at flying physics

I mean fuck I saw a modder called xilandro implement a fully working jet into the game after implementing vertiberd physics and homing missiles into the base game with a custom made engine he made but never published the mod for whatever reason likely due to client stability issues and even then the physics on that jet really weren’t realistic, fluid and responsive yes but not realistic. I don’t even wanna know what trying to design an entire map around flying in an engine like creation would’ve been like if that was ever attempted in the frontier
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