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I'm confused why people seem to hate the Elden Ring bosses so much. For me the main bosses are among the best Fromsoft has made, only really beat by some stellar bosses in Dark Souls 3. I read that people dislike the Elden Ring enemies because they have delayed attacks which put you off, feints followed by quick blows, long combos leaving you sprawling and little down time for you to hit them. These are all exactly why I love the Elden Ring bosses! It is much more engaging for me to fight an enemy like this than your standard Dark Souls knight with 3 part combos. I love being put on the back foot, having to guess when an attack is coming, seeing through a feint and not attacking into it, having only a second to retaliate. Basically the poster child for this is Margit, who people seem to ruthlessly critisise, but man that boss battle was awesome. I really had to treat it like a fight. And I get its a game with crazy magic and dodge rolls and such, and I wish they added better parrying, but its just so much more intense than 90% of Dark Souls bosses. I'm more of a casual gamer but I loved the challenge and my favourite boss has got to be Malenia since its just so tight to fight her. Not even considering her awesome visuals and presentation, she probably has the best boss design in the entire franchise (I haven't played Bloodborne so idk) since you are punished even further for mistakes because of the healing, and mistakes are incredibly easy to make, meaning you have to constantly fight at your best. I must have spent 100 tries on her but when I got her it felt amazing. I was on my toes the entire time, frantically dodging her crazy attack combos and retaliating when I could. I loved how she would quickly change combos making me change my own play style. I want more of that!


Because the bosses are part of “fake difficulty”
If you have a one shot build or know the attack patterns well enough you don’t have to give a shit at all about the games difficulty and can blast right through the content or even better use the horse glitch to skip right to the ending
This is why sekiro is still respected because even if you know even the generic enemies atta cks you’ll still die if you fail to react fast enough or make smart decisions before during and after a fight


What does fake difficulty even mean though? Like the critisism that if you have a one shot build you breeze through the game can be applied to literally every action rpg and if you actually want to play the game you can just not do the OP build and instead play what you find fun like you should really be doing. Every Dark Souls game has magic which breaks the game but we all know not to play it since it is easy mode, unless you want the game to be easy. Attack patterns are a thing in every video game except next gen procedural tech demos and the only way to escape them is to do martial arts irl. As for the horse glitch that isn't even an argument. Being able to glitch to the end doesn't effect the game design at all unless the glitch gets in the way of actual gameplay (which it doesn't).

Also I do want to play Sekiro. I'll probably download it after I beat Hunter in Rain World.


Fake difficulty by my definition is hardship in games that doesn’t encourage players to use creative means to overcome problems

This is attributed to games less Celeste and dark souls where most of your actual problems arise from either not knowing the only legitimate route to complete the level like in Celeste or not memorizing the exact attack pattern like in dark souls where you can straight up win at level one using only parrys and ignore the entire rpg element of the franchise
That’s what I mean by fake difficulty, it’s also tedious as shit when you throw bullet sponges like new vegases death claws into the mix


I don't have a problem with the delayed attacks but it's annoying as to fight bosses that are aggressive with input reading where you have several moments in the fight that's just walking in and out of their attack range for them to do something other than slowly walk towards you and occasionally back/sidestep. Can't be the aggressor in most instances because the frame you attack is the frame they finally do something and you eat shit for it. I really hate how simon says-ish Souls combat is in general, especially with how FROM wants to bosses and enemies to be more involved meanwhile the core combat remains untouched beyond bells and whistles being added.


Is FromSoftware based? Most of their games seem to have a theme of killing the old order and bringing about a new order. And Sekiro dealt with Japanese history responsibly, instead of valorizing Samurais and stuff, they focussed on a shinobi and portrayed the warriors as bloodthirsty and whose objective is killing the enemy in any way unlike the usual trope of the Bushido code in games.


File: 1659779744107.jpg (932.64 KB, 1500x2233, ex77aqg9zwu21.jpg)

Prepare youself for the best action game ever made.

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