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I wouldn’t say it’s fair to say bethesda games are buggy and unstable
Why because I’ve played a lot of their games especially creation ones and generally the bugs I do find are rarely game breaking, hard to find and dissapear as fast as they come

Skyrim on the other hand is where I think most of the criticism towards the studio comes from. The games objective garbage, you can’t readjust texture detail because the game launched several times without low res textures for in game assets. Bugs are fucking everywhere to the point where it’s noticeably bad, the game is horrendously optimized to the point where my game crashed over and over again several times and sometimes wouldn’t open at all and when it was running it ran at a terrible frame rate compared to any Bethesda game I’ve played(yes even fo76). This game solidified the belief that the entire studio doesn’t have to give a shit at all about actually trying to produce finished, stable, mostly bug free well made games and it shows in any game they’ve made post Skyrim

No the mods don’t fix the issues with Skyrim often they make everything worse as mods can be divided into three categories for this game
>mods requiring files from mods completely unrelated to it causing save bloat and adding more bugs to the base game
>mods that just straight up don’t work and are as buggy as the base game
>mods that are so disconnected from TES as a franchise lore and gameplay wise you’d question if the modder even opened any file from Skyrim other than the creation kit

I can’t say Bethesda’s a bad studio I’ve played enough to know they can do so much better but the community surrounding the studio is making things so much worse for any room for genuine improvement. God damb


I havent played these games since they dropped but I never understood the hype for skyrim and new vegas. each of their immediate predecessors were far superior if only because the engine wasn't showing its age quite as much at that point.
NV especially I just dont get the love for, my main memories of it are losing entire playthroughs to some janky bullshit
Peak bethesda experience for me is getting into firefights with the supermutants around DC memorial


Can you actually critisise the game rather than random bugs and obscure settings? I don't remember many game breaking bugs when I played except fun ones or out of bounds exploits I saw on YouTube. I don't care if the game has low frame rate as long as it is over 20 fps and I don't care about . Yeah they should have spent more time optimizing it but that doesn't make the game trash, the barely existent combat mechanics and boring quests are the reason it sucks and is just worse than the good Elder Scrolls games like Daggerfall. Saying a game is poorly optimised isn't a critisism of the game its a critisism of the development. Ok maybe I'm being a bit rude or harsh (sorry if I am) but I mean if you really care about that can't you just mod it in? The problems you have don't really apply to 99% of players who just don't care about that stuff and I think your issues with the game, whilst valid ones which should be fired at Bethesda, don't make or break the game. As for mods I enjoyed them as a teen, though we were probably using different mods since I just got the cool sword mods and put the swords in the display cases in my house. Also I don't understand why mods being different from TeS lore is a bad thing since mods can be anything, complete game-changing mods are awesome. They don't ruin Skyrim lore, they are just cool mods.


Yeah I felt similarly about nv especially with the whole
>aiming zoomes the camera
Along with the nerf in progression. I do like some bits of the game like the diversification of ammo, deeper reputation system and aesthetic but I’ll still see fo3 as the game for me

But still fuck Skyrim holy I don’t wanna imagine what levels of fucked occurred during development for the game because you can tell something between it and oblivion went TERRIBLY wrong


I guess you just don't use mods? mods are pretty based and entire one-click-install modpacks exist that work flawlessly without any bugs

if you don't feel like mods fix it then you can just turn skyrim into your own game with mods


Because there's a lot more to it than just gameplay (and even the gameplay took cues from several F3 mods).

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