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Games are getting bigger, with enormous production teams. Development is getting more and more expensive, which incites to elongate the lifespan of games by abusing psychological failings of our brain (gambling dopamine, FOMO,..). These companies, having more at stake, innovate less and start to release the same games every year or two. Add that AAA games themselves are getting more expensive and with inflation in general tighting the budget of the "middle class" who is the main demographic of AAA gaming, it is inevitable at this point? Is the future budget PCs and lite consoles like the Series S or the Switch. Not saying it is good or bad. The death of high end consoles will kill AAA gaming, again I am not doing a moral judgement. Thoughts?



Hell I’d even go so far to say that the AAA gaming market a decade from now isn’t even gonna go through any serious bust despite all that’s happened. Here’s why

The first real recession that happened in the gaming market was all the way back in 1982 after the release of ET for the Atari, the reason the crash happened wasn’t due to ET directly but the years in quality degradation of video games for the Atari prior to its release. You see games back then we’re made by individuals, what was considered a major release back then even by studios your familiar with like vivendi was really just made by some jank ass cunt in his basement over the course of a few months and this lasted all the way up until the late 90s even after the crash. Because so many low budget studios mixed in with how shitty the tech available for games back then was you could expect a lot of shitty games for the Atari like REALLY shitty games that barely functioned as actual games (see desert road) being available at full price for kids to play and because gamers had less options back then consumers got fed up, ET was the last straw and a serious plunge in the video game markets worth was seen mostly in the USA and Japan. After the crash the industry still kept going, recovered and grew and as you might imagine tech improved, games got better and since then no real crash was recorded

We’re still in that age of gaming with the re emergence of games with loads of detail and more importantly physics gaining the spot lite with things like rdr2 and contemporary boomer shooters exploding along with single player games like Star Wars Jedi games by respawn and EA. Outside that tech for animation is still and has been vastly improving with the release of far cry 6, tlou2, you get it we’re still somehow pushing engine limitations even to this day

Most likely if any AAA company falls it’s gonna be activision blizzard due to their past decade of shitty business and even then that’s under the presumption the Microsoft buyout fails which by itself is unlikely considering Microsoft wants people away from PlayStation and more importantly other major tech companies looking to buy out activision. That’s all man


There is the fact the indies are actually getting better returns on investment then the AAA, where while they take in less, their budgets are insignificant compared to AAA.


That’s not saying much because of two reasons

Proportionally there’s far more independent developers not bothering to release games at all and are focusing on other shit related to games like engine plugins, tech demos, papers for major studios etc
Also most of the actual “indie” developers are the same size as AAA studios during the 2000s like really extremely ok games partnered with Matt makes games for Celeste, formerly an individual known as Hakita for ultra kill, heart machine is also larger than it used to be, devolved is an entire publisher for major games you would consider “indie”. Indie doesn’t mean what you think it does it implies independent developer but those actually making bank like Toby fox or Scott cawthon often get larger teams even briefly after an initial success


But if the best selling consoles are the Switch and the Series S (we will see if this happens), that advancement in the AAA world will stop.


Do you think most AAA studios get most of their profits from console sales?


look at both steam and the takeover of the AAA market by franchise cash-cows and tell me there isn't another atari incoming lol


Is there even a bubble to pop?


I can't wait for AAA games to take up a whole terabyte on the hard drive. You know we're on track for that.


Yes. You think most people playing Assasins Creed, Elden Ring, Halo or Horizon is doing it on PC? Because then you are wrong.


>although AAA studios get their around half their money money off micro transactions and the other half off people buying their games because around 60%-40% of game sales come from console players the entirety of the AAA gaming scene must be collapsing

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