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Hypothetical question for you guys:

What would a game look like that serves as communist propaganda? Something that will build class consciousness. (Let's just assume this is possible).

Restrictions would be that it must have a FUN gameplay loop and must be playable on mobile. I'm thinking it must be highly narrative as well. Maybe a descent into proletarization? An unraveling of the mystification of the commodity form?


Building Fully Automated Gay Space Communism from current technological conditions or a bit ahead


Socialists make games like they make any other kind of art
Just for shits and giggles and nothing more which is why it has universal appeal like Tetris


Disco El- *BLAM*


Tux Racer is communist.


but the perfect communist video game already exists in the form of minecraft


I think minecraft managed to de-radicalize me from being a smooth brain rightoid by taking me out of the 24 hour news cycle and reradicalized me as left by making me interested in computer science through modding.


Apart from a FUN gameplay loop, a game should feel satisfying to play. Addictive/fun games that aren't satisfying create one of the worst gameplay experiences. I will argue the most efficient means to increase satisfaction is complexity:

Complexity lies at the intersection of skill and exploration. The player needs to explore the game and become skilled at conceptualizing it, be it gameplay or following the lore.
An easy way to measure gameplay complexity is to describe a game as a finite number of decisions:
Every genre has a stagnant core gameplay loop and game elements varying in complexity. In interactive fiction these are the dialogue/decision trees. Turn based combat is also often close to literal decision trees (extreme example: monmusu quest). Real-time gameplay offers decisions severely more limited by the core gameplay loop, but time constraints give the decisions more weight and incentivize the player to analyze them separately.

For complexity to add to gameplay, it also needs to be consistent with the rest of the game. A game might add clothes and accessories, but if these don't affect gameplay, they might as well be completely separate.
This is an issue in porn games that lure the player with many novel combinations of sex with fetishes, yet only make them feel like collecting game states afterwards.

Chess is the archetypical example of a satisfying game:
Playing as an inexperienced player presents you with a myriad of moves, tactics and strategies to explore.
Experienced players have a clearly more restricted set of viable moves, which is why they may play with time constraints. Still they can focus more easily on different strategies.

Does this also apply to tetris and other simple "arcade" games? Yes, because the appeal is to "explore" random sequences of events (tetrominoes) and become better at handling (placing) them. From then on a player's skill increases with reaction speed. While I don't think it to be satisfying enough to play for several hours, it offers just enough complexity in exchange for intuitive gameplay.

The more deep and consistent a game is, the more satisfying it feels. Even simple games need a minimum of complexity to feel engaging.
Games should be satisfying and not addictive.


One of those job simulator games but you get injured on the job and trapped in poverty instead or a game where every character does what's in their material interests but it has terrible outcomes due to the nature of the system they live under, then they figure out a better system is possible


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minecraft reinforces a reactionary robinson crusoe mentality as well as glorifying semi-feudal artisanal production


Something like that game 'Half Earth Socialism' but about building socialism instead


So Crisis in the Kremlin but more complex ?.
TBH i wanted to make something like that but the news about Unity engine kind of set me back.


I meant in modern times but yeah I guess, with better/simpler UI than CIK though.


both can be good to be honest, it would be a three act game,first act is the revolution,the second is the Socialist nation and the third and final is the World soviet.


Counter question, how did Soviets respond to old Disney cartoons? Answer - the ones that were apolitical were basically no different. Those that carried "reactionary" message like fairy-tale recreations that had kings and shit would either also stay the same, or be reimagined in a way where the hero instead of saving the kingdom and the princess saves the kingdom and the princess, but also overthrows the king. There also was one very based cartoon that was a comic deconstruction of fairytales of sorts where the hero was a lone army drummer who would beat various fairy tale monsters that were thin allusions to the Second Reich and Japan, and then proceeds to top it off by killing the Tsar and basically saying "yeah, I now saved the country from all the monsters".

So in other words, literally nothing wpuld rsally change, except maybe from time to time you'd get some narative trope subversions to fit left-wing propaganda goals.

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