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Multiplayer games can be really fun and great as long as there are people playing them. Most people play games like Fortnite, CS:GO, Battlefield or Call of Duty Call of Glowie, but I think there are some underrated gems that could be great if more people were playing them, whether it's an old game that isn't supported by the developpers anymore or a more recent but niche game.

I believe this is a problem multiplayer-only games have. If the game isn't popular enough, it will quickly fade into obscurity regardless of how good it actually is. Furthermore, under capitalism, whoever can spend loads of money on advertising can easily get a larger playerbase. I also don't know if socialism could give more exposure to obscure games.

So how would you remedy to this issue? Any examples of games of that kind coming to your mind?


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I liked Primal Carnage


>game has no single player mode


world war 2 online, supposed to be a game where 1000 of people can take part in a battle but it's empty as shit


The original Ace of Spades, now better known as build and shoot. One of the best competitive FPS games I have ever played, but now it is pretty dead most of the time ;_;


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The Fifth Day is a really cool game about being a post-humanity robot with guncrafting, hacking, resource management, and more, but sadly has been abandoned by the developer despite being one of the most promising concepts I've seen in a game in a long time.


Was it supposed to be multiplayer? Either way, sounds like an interesting concept.


It has multiplayer, technically, and it's supposed to be a semi open world sand box survival game.
It's still up on steam.


ultima online is the only answer
>if the game isn't popular enough, it will fade into obscurity
i think that's how the market really works. but there are games that have a dedicated fanbase(gta:sa multiplayer, counter strike source, battlefield 2, call of duty 2) for some reason(probably the most important being either nostalgia or that these are old games that don't require much hardware)
>I believe this is a problem multiplayer-only games have
well, yeah? i mean the player base doesn't really affect the game if it's single-player, probably just mods or custom levels maybe


>probably the most important being either nostalgia or…
True. Some of these just refuse to die for the reasons you mentionned. Still, I can't help but feel like some multiplayer hidden gems/diamonds in the rough/whatever deserve more attention than they got, since… well, they're multiplayer games and they need a large enough playerbase to be fun.

I'm OP of this thread BTW, the game I used as picrel is called Söldner Secret Wars. It's a 2004 FPS/TPS that has become freeware. Best way I can describe it is a clunky mix of Counter-Strike and Battlefield, but there is still a small community around it. In fact, they plan on remastering it (with some help from THQ Nordic? I didn't get the details…). What are your thoughts on this kind of situation? An obscure game like that still having a community?


>ultima online
I bet you identify as a "gamer".


>some games deserve more attention
agree. a lot of online games that even already have a dedicated userbase are basically unplayable since there are only like, 10 people playing it(postal 2 online comes to mind.)
>what are your thoughts on situations like this
well, the game is really enjoyable. sometimes games are just, so unique/good to lose all their userbase and really fade into oblivion, i think this is one instance of it.
still, it's sad what's happening to these games. all the passion and creativity that was dedicated to them, and unfortunately they didn't get on the trend.
i don't understand? it's obvious that it's a joke?


>still, it's sad what's happening to these games
Couldn't agree more.
>well, the game is really enjoyable
Oh, did you play it? I did a few times and while I'm a terrible player, I feel like it's great to play when there is a lot of teamwork, especially considering the insane amount of vehicles and guns available (Laser-guided weapons need a guy with a designator for example). It is pretty neat (well, more than when it was released commercially at least, from what I've read)


yeah i've played the game, it's one of the only multiplayer shooters that i have played until now. it's a really cool game
>it's gotten better since release
probably? i got into it pretty recently after playing BF2, so i can't really comment on that.
i would be interested in a way of increasing the player base


>i would be interested in a way of increasing the player base
Me too, I'm kinda curious about how that could be done. Maybe the anons here might be interested? I mean, it's freeware and doesn't need a NASA supercomputer to run, so… /leftypol/ dedicated server when? :p
>it's gotten better since release
Basically when it was a commercial game, the game was horrendously bugged and panned critically, but when the dev went under, they gave the game to the community and is now available for free. Said community patched the most annoying bugs. At least, that's what I've heard about online. It's a pretty cool story and it's why I think it's a pretty unique game.


>get leftypol to play it
yeah, that would be really cool. also we can make more people interested in the game on other game-related boards. see if as an experiment we can "revive" an obscure game, or how "reviving" an obscure game would work in today's hyper-capitalist game market
semi-related: I'm hoping I'm not wrong, but didn't Hotline Miami and Drive revive Outrun? solely as the music genre
>the devs gave the game to the community
that's liberating to hear honestly. didn't know the full story.


That sounds like a great idea! I don't know other game-related boards tho, I mostly browse /leftypol/.
>didn't Hotline Miami and Drive revive Outrun? solely as the music genre
Never heard of that story, but I wouldn't be surprised if it did.


>>21250 (me)
*if they did


>So how would you remedy to this issue?
more crossplay combined with fewer "exclusive" games that can only be played on PC or a single console
On the other hand it kinda makes sense that people gravitate to a few multiplayer games that are actually popular. Its just a different vibe when a game is part of the "zeitgeist" then when theres only a few popular servers. I find myself constantly browsing the steam charts for a popular game that I might actually want ot play but alas


I've always been impressed with how fighting games usually have low populations (even the popular franchises like mortal kombat, street fighter, and tekken don't have player counts that compare to popular franchises of other multiplayer games) but due to the nature of the genre being 1v1 they can still thrive with IRL scenes or simply asking people in dedicated online communities if they want to play.


That’s the main appeal due to the skill gap
That’s also why I don’t see a game like multiversus lasting long. The meta is too busted with characters like Harley and bugs overpowering nearly every other character and the controls feel and
Janky as shit to use


i fucking hated that game
i would always play it because it was the next best thing to an actual FPS, but it was shitty and buggy and full of hackers


Yeah, it was a bit unpolished but I did not notice any hackers. Maybe because the game was just gaining traction back then, but I enjoyed playing it because it was the closest thing to a WW1 FPS there used to be before Verdun (and actually was kinda better due to voxel landscape enabling for something resembling actual trench warfare).


>>21243 (me)
I would like to clarify some things about the history of the game for those interested:

The game being patched and supported by the devs after release and managed to have a small if dedicated community. The most atrocious bugs came upon release but were patched soon enough.
Sadly it was kind of a commercial and critical failure compared to bigger titles (looking at you BF2) An expansion was released in 2006 (Söldner: Marine Corps), adding amphibious vehicles, boats, and of course, more maps, vehicles and guns.
When the dev went under (circa 2008 iirc), they decided to hand it over the community, which kept patching the game, kept the official rankings server up and, as dedicated fans, made the game free for all to enjoy.
Now, there isn't many people playing it, but nevertheless, they're planning on remastering this game, which runs on an engine that was already outdated in 2004!

My sauce: Wikipedia lol


wurm online


planetside 2. horrible community. big fights. fun gameplay(if youve got an extremely good(top of the line) rig and assuming youve got good connection). 4chan esque community and always insufferable. fash everywhere. but a good time if you play by yourself and just mess around. altho it would be fun w some other people. relatively dead game b/c it wasnt as big as launch but youll always find 100+ fights during burger hours. if youve got low end rig just give up since it'll be a miserable experience


i mean by 100+ as in not the number of fights but the number of people in a territory. planetside 2 is the only existing mmofps where hundreds of people are in one area fighting. massive cluster fuck.


There used to be a game called Contract Wars on kongregate, which was made by the same team that went on to make Escape from Tarkov. Super janky due to being a web hosted FPS but I had a lot of fun on that game as a kid


oh! reminds me of yahoo games, there was a shooter on it that i am sure my pc wouldn't run, but i guess it was cloud-gaming back then? is this real


Since the game was hosted on a remote server, I guess that would constitute as cloud gaming.
Now, Kongregate was a Flash game website, but I don't know about Yahoo Games. I guess it's real.

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