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I think the only games that have ever gotten me to sit down and read

I mean genuinely read and take time to understand the world I was in was the elder scrolls series and to a lesser extent dragon age origins. Just recently I read about the Neolic race of man, elder scroll’s version of early human species and how they came to have such strong control over Skyrim. How come so many other games I’ve come across don’t encourage a lot of reading? Feels like something that should be standard especially in RPGs where the developer can’t easily use gameplay to get players to understand the lore…


not a big intersection between gamers and readers


Its definitely one of the brightspots of Bethesda games, I had fun reading the terminals in Fallout 3 and NV


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My fav mod is the classic books mod for Oblivion.

Classic Books mod


NieR has long portions of reading also.


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Sure. Even if Skyrim out of the box might not be very good of an RPG unlike the previous two games or even a good action-adventure game, it makes up for it by being a rather comfy fantasy fiction reading simulator. Just go to the College of Winterhold's Arcanaeum or simply into place where you would expect a lot of books like a noble household and you are sure to have lots of lore material of various interest and even in-universe historical fiction series to read, like The Wolf Queen or A Dance in Fire.

Kinda makes you think how much awesome the actual TES would be if Bethesda were not lazy bastards and made the games themselves actually reflect all this stuff. Pretty awful that there is not a single giant talking tiger in sight despite the Khajiit caravans having to haul all that stuff somehow, or weapons or armor that is not done in a non-Nordic style except Orcish and Imperial of course, and those armor sets from Dragonborn because the entire DLC is basically one big callback to Morrowind.


File: 1660242915024.png (960.26 KB, 1264x783, ME Codex.png)

I loved reading all the codex lore in the Mass Effect series. Really immersed me in the setting.

Hate reading in walking simulators though. For a genre that prides itself on being "story-driven," exposition dumping is such a boring way to tell a story.


Personally I believe that reading can be integrated as a vital part of gameplay
Like pages providing clues and important details on how to complete objectives like in morrowind instead of using simple quest markers or a dotted line
Or how rdr2 uses paper images of ideals of what a location might be to show where the player can find treasure


Morrowind books are better


The quest mod that I am playing currently (Project AHO) adds some of these back, especially the Dwemer-related ones like the Chimarvamidium. Not sure if it adds all of them, but there is also a mod that adds pretty much every book from the previous games, although I forgot what its name was.


Morrowind is the best because all the lore books and even the more mundane ones will tie into the actual story itself, rather than the main quest existing as some magical crisis completely separate from the rest of the world. Jobasha's Rare Books is a great place.
I read all the planet descriptions, even though ME1's are mostly just "this is what the ground is made of, this is what the atmosphere is made of" on the uncharted planets.

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