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It’s basically nick all star brawl Warner bros edition
There’s no reason for you to play this over smash he’ll even Brawlhalla would be better as an actual game than this unless you just like the characters in multiversus that much

For me personally the combat feels really slow and less tactical than what I’m used to, the meta feels fucked up(Harley and the iron giant are completely busted considering their the few characters you can actually land combos consistently with) and the map design doesn’t feel as original compared to something like the iconic maps of final destination, or Brawlhallas twilight grove. Oh well


it has some really weird fucking physics that i don't like, and the movesets are weirdly composed as well
doesn't seem thought out at all
it's not bad enough to be unplayable though, especially considering that it's just a free smash clone


Tried for a few days. Hate the feel of the game overall,perk shit, and 2v2 focus.


>There’s no reason for you to play this over smash
<Available on PC: free online
Brawlhalla I will accept, since is the better one out of the three.


I just realised, it has free online on consoles even. So yeah.


For me it’s the movement

It’s biggest competitor I see for multiversus is Brawlhalla and I can’t honestly say multiversus compared to it has good movement
Normally games implement a “key checker” system for controls that allows for complex movement because input controls alone would see the player only able to move in one direction even if they’re holding multiple keys, in brawlhallas case certain key presses will cancel the actions other keys can make being you can’t move while holding an attack key unless your trying to preform a directional attack. This cancel system doesn’t exist in multiversus making everything feel really floaty and hard to control for me and holy is the gravity fucked in this game because it doesn’t feel like any of the characters have any weight to them(yes I’m aware of the fact that the time all objects to reach the ground at the same height is almost identical ignoring those objects relative fields but in multiversus case characters with more mass falling faster like the iron giant feels sensible for gameplays sake) making every legend control the same way in a weird uncomfortable way


how did it take this long for all these other studios to start ripping off smash bros?


I think they took notice once Nintendo started selling individual characters as DLC and raking in cash


Platform fighters have always existed it’s just that for the longest time the only legitimate threat to the monopoly Nintendo had over the scene was Brawlhalla and then Nickelodeon tried and failed to compete over space
Now Warner brothers is coming in
Will they succeed? That’s left up to debate


multiversus only wishes it was mugen


Smash wasn't a blockbuster before the switch


5 mill on N64, 7 mill on GameCube (most sales of any GameCube title), 13 mill on Wii, WiiU+3DS 15 mill (mostly on 3DS).


Is Smash Bros. Ultimate even any good? I completely lost interest in the series after the travesty that was Brawl and that shithead Sakurai deciding to continue thumbing his nose at competitive players for the Wii U/3DS as well. Did the situation ever improve or is it the same old shit?


Yeah but 30 millions now. That gives companies the signal that there is room for competition. It did sell very well but now it's a blockbuster, just like Zelda.


Smash on GameCube outsold the GameCube Zelda and Smash on the Wii outsold Wii Zelda. You must be the only person in the world who does not count five million game sales as blockbuster tier.


>>21213 (me)
I meant the GameCube Zeldas and the Wii Zeldas. On both Cube and Wii, Smash outsold the combined sales of two Zelda titles.


>Muh smash
I don’t want to buy a switch and then buy a fucking game to play it


this. fun with some friends
even if its a blatant cashgrab


Ok, I will say the definition is personal. I feel like a game selling like 20 or 30 million tells other companies that instead of being niche, there is a whole "ecosystem" in which that blockbuster game has a monopoly at that time. But at the end of the day this >>21203 is the most correct answer.


Getting 3 extra controllers for your >friends is when it truly gets absurd, and that's even considering 3rd party chineseware controllers.
And since it's Nintendo that shit is never going down in price - ever.


theres classic controllers you can get for like £20 each, at least when I got them

of course they're pretty unreliable but then so are the joycons so yeah



Holy fucking shit

Yeah this games gonna be the next nick toons

They officially have less players than Brawlhalla at the moment


It’s basically nick all star brawl which is basically jump ultimate stars which is basically smash bros.


And to add salt to the wound its straight dead not even a year after release just like nick

Oh god let there be a true smash/Brawlhalla killer one day man one day it’ll fucking happen


The only game that can kill the top of its genre is that game itself. There were a shit ton of "Halo Killers" that came out and the only one people remember nowadays is Killzone (which hasn't gotten a new game in almost a decade). What finally killed Halo? 4,5, and Infinite. Same thing with WoW. Blizzard's own handling of the game is what caused a chunk of players to exodus to FFXIV or quit entirely.


What's that one fighting game with characters from basically everything including a lot of memes?




Isn't Elecbyte's site down since… I dunno, 2016 or something? Is there a place (without malware) where you can still download Mugen and Mugen characters?
Also, I'd love to learn how to be good at drawing to make my own characters :3



no but seriously gamebanana still has new chars added to this day,and you can use the mugenarchive forum


They have been for a while, but I think it’s only started to take off recently. Nick Super Brawl was more than a decade ago.


The problem is that the mechanics are easy to copy but you need a great cast of characters to truly get the interest of others. Multiversus is the first smash clone with a roster people actually like.


>you need a cast of great characters
No it’s just the mechanics. People will play a game that is fun and multiversus made the same mistake as nick toons being it just wasn’t

People in this thread already clarified why multiversus gameplay sucks, the gravity feels weird, movement feels floating and at times unresponsive, the meta is awful, there’s nothing about the core gameplay that makes it unique from smash etc

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