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If you’ve played any TES game you’ll know what level scaling is and in oblivion the situation of scaling is so awful that it’s possible to trigger scaling by walking in a straight line
Because level caps on skills don’t exist something Skyrim added it means it’s possible just like in morrowind to jump across the map while theirs no level cap on your base character
Coincidentally restoration is completely busted because mana regenerates overtime, when you combine that with nonexistent level caps on all skills it pretty much means that if your skill is high enough you can spam restoration endlessly and cheese through the entire game without good gear, this is one example of how broken the game can really get

It’s fucking goofy, funny as shit, broken and unbalanced in the most perfect way possible


Does Bethesda have an undercover marketer paid to spam this board with threads about their shitty games? Genuinely suspicious at this point.


Are you high? Multiple threads on multiple games from multiple studios get made every week consistently


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>yet another thread about RPG balance
All RPG systems are fundamentally broken because of the nature of gameplay mechanics, including tabletop ones. In TRPGs at least there is the factor of group and DM pressure that ensures that the minmaxing and murderhoboing does not go out of hand, but even then various incidents eventually crop up when one player starts abusing the shit out of the mechanics and potentially derails the entire game into utter chaos, hence the frequent "tabletop horror stories". Now in a singleplayer computer RPG, the factor of group pressure does not exist at all and therefore the players are given carte blanche, and often than not outright incentivized by the free-roaming sandbox game design in Bethesda's case, to fuck the game's statistics system as hard as they can while also having the often flawed programming on their side. Thus, the best way to prevent players from ruining their fun with minmaxing is to minimize the grind while not dumbing down the system too much like they did with Skyrim.


Diablo 2 had objectively the best balance in my pond on due to the overarching simplicity, mix that in with level caps and item degradation you could never get too overpowered with a single build


Nah, this feels like /bethesta/ or /fallout/


Nah, oblivion was fucked. Or maybe it was skyrym too. Enemies scaled with your level, so if you level alchemy too much early game, a stupid crab becomes OP and insta kills you. Both games had wack leveling systems that made it funny and bizarre. Still, I loved both games, more than any other.


tbh,the best builds in pure numbers fucking sucks to play in Diablo 2,so nobody bother,like tesladin.
Or seismic trap in PoE.
Skyrim also has level scaling,but perks and leveling your skills are much less essential compared to gear (and even then you will just whack on a ennemy for 5 minutes trying to not fall asleep if it's too high level),so you can't gimp yourself by crafting 50 iron ingots,it's when you reach level 70+ that it starts getting very apparent if you didn't already become overpowered,and is one of the reason everyone go stealth archer.


>he doesn’t use a mod to remove scaling


well obviously,but if you're trying to analyse a game,you can't just rely on unpaid labor made by third parties,of course skyrim and morrowind becomes an entirely different game with mods.


I guess a lot of fallout nerds here, I know I take every opportunity to talk shit about bethesda and praise new vegas


Party hasn't started until Todd is swinging.

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