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No this isn’t a thread to shill far cry 2 hear me out
Generally speaking I’ve come to realize that the best type of games wether linear or open world tend to play a lot more interestingly when they apply real world aspects of life and apply them as mechanics to games

This includes
Inventory reducing the players speed
Abolishment of map markers, fast travel and quest finders
Ammunition having weight with minimal carry weight on top of that. The point of these features isn’t to make the game your playing harder but to make you use all the games resources in interesting ways than rely completely on one build to carry you throughout a game and far cry to me has a lot of customization and features like animal/human companions, loads of guns and gadgets, stealth, mounts, vehicles etc that offer so many unique styles of play that the level of arcadiness of the standard features in far cry’s core game design and many shooters I’ve played like it erodes the point of using pretty much all of these tools available to you making these games really boring to me once you learn the map layout a few hours in


yeah definitely would like a game like this made in some arma engine


So basically, a super realistic game? That could definitely be a great idea for an open-world game, but not for a linear game. The thing is that in an open-world game, you can explore the world, find resources, tools, weapons, vehicles, etc.
But in a linear game, you can rarely backtrack for these. Also, I think that linear games are designed mostly with story, characters, etc. in mind, and therefore game mechanics should follow the direction of the story (at least in my opinion of what would be the ideal linear game). For example your idea of ammunition having weight and inventory reducing the player speed wouldn't be great for a linear shooter, but excellent for a Far Cry-style open world shooter, especially if you're going for immersion (RPG mechanics maybe?). As for the abolishment of markers and fast travels… well, there usually is no reason to have those in a linear game either.

On that topic, I'm a bit divided on abolishing fast travel and markers. Exploring the world by yourself is a great way to discover new (in-game) gorgeous locations and, once again, is great if you're going for immersion, but some might feel like it's a way of artificially prolonging the game's life time. But then again, I'm not sure.

>Far Cry 5 gif

What are your thoughts on the game? Looking back on it, story was meh (horrible endings), the world was interesting (I liked the US setting and fighting against a cult, but is it really a Far Cry thing to do?), but the level editor was great and Far Cry Arcade was easily my favorite thing in the game.


>far cry
>story was meh
i didn't particularly like the endings, but i absolutely loved the setting and activities. it doesn't help that it was my first farcry also. since then i've played 2,3,4, new dawn and it remains my favorite.
>is it really a far cry thing to do
i don't think major IPs have much of an identity to begin with


>i don't think major IPs have much of an identity to begin with
In what sense? In the same way that CoD games went from WWII, to modern War on Terror/WWIII to futuristic settings?
>i absolutely loved the setting and activities
Setting is really cool, but I don't have many memories of the activities. Aside from the ones where you try to reproduce the exploits of Clutch Nixon, the man, the meme, the legend while The Road Vikings blast some hard rock. This man alone makes me want to be a burger :D


For me I’d love having those markers and convenience removed because of two reasons

Having them puts players in a position where they’re forced to confront fights more often as they cannot simply fast travel away directly to where they want and ignore any possible negative encounters
Two if the game map is already well designed with NPCs giving detailed guides on where to go like in botw navigation and finding the fastest routes to different locations really shouldn’t become a problem

Also I posted far cry 5 because I feel it has the best overall gameplay in the franchise. The guns feel the most like guns in the series and the amount of stuff you can do with such a large landlocked space really exemplifies the strengths of the tools given to you over an island like in fc3 and 6 where you may unfortunately land in water where combat and interaction with stations is limited to you because of getting locked in a swimming animation


Oh one more thing
Having fast travel in a game with loads of vehicles is seriously contradictory. You have wing suits, trucks, and actual helicopters the game should provide incentives to use them


>in what sense
No, as in their identity becomes the title solely. Games change to adjust to trends(not a bad thing per se), leaving their only relation to the franchise to be the title alone. This happened with God of War and Assassin's Creed when they tried to adapt the trend of Action-Adventure games, happened with Far Cry, and all this open world play-the-game-your-own-way games.
if i recall correctly there was a haunted house or some shit? i also liked free-roaming and killing peggies on my way to missions.


>haunted house
Yes, it was a survivor's cache of items, or whatever they're called in the game.


>water limits your actions
Yeah, it's true that water, more often than not, is the least interesting part of many open-worlds. I wonder how it could be made an interesting mechanic beyond just a niche stealth kill location or a place to hide.

>Having fast travel in a game with loads of vehicles is seriously contradictory

That's a great point. Vehicles are meant to travel long-distances after all. Older open-worlds such as GTA before IV, True Crime or Mercenaries didn't have fast-travel and were all reliant on vehicles to incite you to explore the world. Bonus points to Mercenaries for being about blowing stuff up and having tanks and gunships and negative points to it for the bad guys being the KPA.


Realism doesn't play well on the market. You gotta give people a game loop that they get stuck into and addicted to, not something where they gotta stop now and then to dig a bullet out of the wound and apply antiseptic and wait to heal lol.


this gay fag ain't played mgs3


Well I always thought that a more realistic FPS would be good. Something where you get survive getting shot maybe like once but you're also not facing ridiculous hordes of enemies either and are more like a normal soldier. But then I guess normal soldiers mostly just wait around for stuff to happen so I dunno. But it would be cool for there to be a game where like, a drug deal gone wrong leading to a shootout with like 3 guys is a major threat or something. Don't exactly know how you would make that work though.


Well, there's always the ArmA series for military scenarios and the SWAT series for… well, SWAT ones.
>a drug deal gone wrong leading to a shootout with like 3 guys is a major threat or something
That sounds like a pretty cool concept. Undercover Cop Simulator or something.


Even those games stray into the cartoonish though, like how in Arma campaign you're often given ridiculous objectives like 'blow up this armoured convoy on your own', and in SWAT you'll be going into a building with like 25 armed guys in it.


It’s not about being completely accurate to what would realistically happen
It’s about adding components of reality into a form of entertainment to diversify how players approach the game

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