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I fucking get it I’m playing hard mode but spamming a million of these fucking cunts in nearly every level with some sections being exclusively these bullet sponge grenade spamming fucks is batshit evil and lazy as fuck level design

Ffs holy it’s even worse with the maniacal bullshit that are the shamblers whom you can’t even dodge their attacks in open spaces. Holy mother of god so fucking annoying


skill issue


>bro they didn’t need to be nerfed in the remastered bro. This totally is balanced bro


get gud


quake isn't known for its complex gameplay
it's more of a proof of concept for the underlying game engine


I'm assuming people susceptible to motion sickness fucking die when playing quake.


As they should

It's Quake not Quddle


true. i have motion sickness and i felt sick playing fallout 4 and doom on low fov's. never had much of a problem with quake, though Blood and Shadow Warrior fucked me up quite a bit and i couldn't finish either. is there a solution to this? do i have to "get" "gud"?


No solution except getting accustomed to it slowly/by limiting it at first,just like VR.
If it's accompanied by your eyes/head hurting,maybe you just need glasses.


You didn't notice that the player never shoots in the video or what? Do you need a pro-tip :P

>Blood and Shadow Warrior
If you mean literally the old Build engine games, that could related to the hacky way the engine imitates looking up and down.


i get like mild headaches from it and it gets worse if i play more
same thing happens with doom 3 too


to defeat the ogre, shoot at it until it dies
>do i have to "get" "gud"?
out-of-game headaches aren't a skill issue


They’re not that hard unless they get the high ground. Basically just go close to trigger their melee attacks then quickly back off to kill them with a shotty interrupting them mid animation.


That exploit doesn’t work in two scenarios
If an ogre is above you, even if it’s not by much the axe can’t actually cancel their animation for whatever fucking reason
If there’s more than one ogre well duh axe canceling won’t work because you’ll just get blasted


Alright fuckboys.
I booted up darkplaces. Playing on nightmare mode.
By E1M3:
>Cost: 2 rockets (grenades)
<Reward: 2 rockets
Took out this fucker with my basic shotgun and 9 shells. They get knocked on their ass pretty easily and the animation for them to get back up is so long you can pretty much super-shotgun them to death before they can meaningfully attack again.
Shambler is way worse because the extremely high attack probability on nightmare coupled with an instant-hit chain attack for up to 30 damage pins you down hard and forces you to take care of it.


You can cancel the shamblers spawn by being in the same position as the creature
I’ve done that several times on nightmare and it’s saved me so much pointless grief
However after episode one shambler stops spawning in places where it’s easy to cover pretty much ensuring you gotta constantly monitor your health and play passive as that lightning attack can get spammed at a certain point


continuing to play and I rapidly realize one issue that this video >>21323 really doesn't go into: The nightmare AI actually becomes a min-maxer especially for ogres: The ogre simply stands in one place and fires like a defense tower. This means that if it's in a sub-optimal spot, it's just going to keep shooting grenades along the same trajectory whether or not they hit. For a lot of placed ogres this actually can make them less threatening as they shoot into a chasm repeatedly while you take care of enemies who are moving around or have hitscan attacks.


You can only rarely ever take advantage of that in instances where ogres are placed above a crowd of enemies
I’ve done it once with two ogres standing on pillars throwing nades at a fiend it’s not as useful as you’d think as you have to account for the reality that enemies can also move away from those projectiles if you time your movements wrong along with the fact that well it’s just easier to fire back normally using hit and run type of strategy in nightmare than going all in the ogre strategy that only occasionally works

Unless your a speed runner whom relies on frame perfect inputs than go right ahead and do what you want


Furthermore there’s a better strategy to deal with ogres and that’s getting them to use their nades on nearby enemies so that the ai will attack the ogres distracting them from you. I’ve used this strategy to deal with fiends from a distance and wait until one mob is left, I’ve done it to clear out the zombies since explosives one tap them and keep them dead and I’ve used this strategy on the vore


No, you can take advantage of it in other times - any time there's some kind of hole between you and an ogre they'll just sit there and keep dropping grenades in the hole. It also makes it much easier toget them to commit friendly fire, because the position they'll be shooting from is consistent.


here's an example: ogres unable to hit because they're in a position the grenades just bounce around. if they moved, they'd be more a threat.


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