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Passivity is basically a play style where one or more players in a match focus primarily on parrying and dodging while dealing damage when convenient in order to win a match, a sort of “hit and run” strategy applied to fighting games

I don’t dislike this shit because it’s cheap, I don’t think it’s annoying or broken I just think it’s not fun. Not fun to play against and even less fun to play. Playing passive for me fucking sucks for several reasons
>it’s likely you’ll only ever use a few number of moves to win a match if complex attack patterns aren’t needed
>fights start feeling unnaturally drawn out even if they aren’t simply because of the obvious delay within attacks and specifically attacks due to the focus on dodging and parrying leaving little room for aggressive play
>if you win it feels cheap in a way due to the reliance often on said minimal movements and reads and if you lose to someone playing passive it’s just irritating since it’s likely your aware of why you lost albiet dodging too early, failing to predict opportunities to get parried, running repeatedly into the same moves you get it
It’s just not fun for me, I can see why others would enjoy playing passive but for me it’s just too slow and too boring of an experience for me to play that way. That’s all bye


There are many ways of reducing these issues. If your design has a meter that fills up and that can be used for ex-special moves (when partially full) or super-specials (when entirely full), just think about what makes it fill up and by how much.

1. For example (and this is especially strong if your design doesn't have a block button and instead blocking is done by pushing back), just moving forward could help somewhat with filling up the meter.

2. Also, just doing attacks filling up the meter even if you punch the air looks not only goofy, it could be used as a strat by a player who runs away a lot, so make sure that only doing attacks that touch the opponent (or at least come very close) help with filling up the meter.

3. Another thing you mentioned is lack of variety of attacks, again how the meter fills up can be used to reduce the prob, by filling up faster if the attacks show some variety. (But don't overdo this! While a very strong effect will increase the variety within a fight, it will also make a series of fights with the same characters feel very samey.)

4. There could also be just a limit on how much you can block, a bar that just depletes and never refills within a round. Or some type of armor on the characters that breaks. You don't need bars for everything.

It's not rocket science, people.


That just sounds like dbfz but that games so broken with every new character introduced that it does nothing to combat passivity if not encouraging it with replacing move spam with true combo spam


there are defensive options that aren't just blocks and that supers don't necesseraly counter,like meterless invincible DPs (arguably can be beaten on a read for some games so it's "fine" there) Parries that allow you to option select,and even then I would say that having big damage or worse,long combo strings make it more likely for players to play defensive to not have to put their controller down for 2 minutes watching their health melt.
Dbfz biggest problem is powercreep and selling overpowered DLC characters that you have to buy to compete,it's very blatant and consistant accross every new character (the opposite would be For Honor,where the near entirety of the new chars are garbage/mediocre because the devs are scared of doing power creep or having a casual outrage),it shits on the design of the game by itself,and makes it impossible to properly balance around them,like human C21 is an absolute joke of a character.


This shit is why I left both smash bros and brawl
If you’ve ever crossed 100k GSP or reached gold in Brawlhalla you’ll no exactly what this shit is. The skill gap in both those games is no where near as high as most of the fighting game community thinks but the amount of apes spamming and expecting you to run into their attacks over and over again does
It’s irritating and stops being fun quickly, I can’t imagine being a passive player and spending hours of your time pulling this shit and seriously thinking this shit is any fun even if you win


Get good?


The Guilty Gear XX series addresses this well by rewarding aggressive actions like hitting the other player and moving towards them with meter gain while punishing retreat with meter loss, and providing a large number of useful things to spend your meter on, including a kind of blocking that nullifies any chip damage. In fact, if you spend long enough running away you'll actually lose your entire tension meter. It also addresses the problem of projectile spam by giving most characters both a ground and an air dash, allowing them to fly over or run under projectiles.


Injustice 2 does this better with combo damage scaling that literally encourages winning through aggressive play by scaling up the amount of damage a player can deal with the amount of times they can land a hit in a short period of time


>there are defensive options that aren't just blocks and that supers don't necesseraly counter,like meterless invincible DPs
And crouching kicks or slide moves can make you duck lower than normal ducking. I like that dual-use stuff.


I used to think like this but I think it’s not only fun but an essential part of combat

You should only play aggressively in scenarios where victory is obvious not in situations where your opponent is equal to you in any real world situation hence in a game it’s not different. Besides it adds in a level of depth to combat as well as it means shuffling between multiple strategies and recognizing immediate weaknesses and strengths and also learning to back off opponents that lack any vital flaws

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