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Typically will use static crosshairs
Recoil patterns are often predictable
Focus on precise shots are encouraged
Typically aiming isn’t a feature
Either deeply encourage motion as a core part of progression like with quake and doom or actively encourage slower tactical focused gameplay like in CS or SWAT 4
>modern FPS
movement is a core component along with fast reactions
Focus on precise aim isn’t fully encouraged with more focus on immediate action to resolve conflict
Spread and recoil may be predictable but typically will rely on other factors like distance, weapon inertia, the environment itself with things like wind and bullet drop
Aiming is heavily encouraged to focus shots properly often especially with sniping requiring more focus with things like scope wobbling

What do you guys think about these two variations of shooting in these games?


You forgot to include the fact that modern fps games limit you to just two guns while retro pretty much make you a walking army


I definitely prefer the 2 gun limit, I love doom but I can't help but imagine doom guy running arround a with backpack that has guns sticking out of it everywhere


Literally this guy

The situation of having way to many weapons strapped on you at all times is far more goofy is ultra kill and fallout


File: 1661011856843-0.png (1.64 KB, 133x28, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1661011856843-1.png (5.91 KB, 94x42, ClipboardImage.png)

>>21445 >>21443 >>21376
Since the rocket launchers of doom and quake are entirely fictional, i went with a relatively lightweight launchers of something reasonable for the time period
>The rocket itself weighs 2.2 kilograms and has an 89 millimetre diameter shaped charge warhead.[7]
>Rocket weight 1.8 kg
so doomguy and quakeguy were carrying around 200kg in rockets alone.


yeah but it's in a backpack so whatever


doomguy carries almost 400kg in weight whilst sprinting at 90kmh/h indefinitely


>static crosshairs
well, aside aiming down sight, isn't the crosshair fixed in modern games too?
i mean, you could argue that the movement in doom was more of a dance you had to perform with each enemy, and you can't do that with multiplayer shooters since there isn't a real movement pattern for them?
also CS is in no way a retro shooter.
>focus on precise shots
how is doom, a game that is mostly movement, about precise shot?


<ads is the same
No not quite you still have to account for recoil and recoil while aiming as some modern shooters don’t change the spread even if your aiming. This holds true with scope wobbling in games like cod or fallout as that’s not just their for realism but to encourage you to move closer to your target
<focus on aim
No you can’t use doom as an example for this for two reasons
The game literally has no way to aim up and down(I’m talking about the ultimate doom not doom 2 btw) and two because the game literally doesn’t have a crosshair meaning you have to both guess your shot and assume where the bullets supposed to go if two enemies standing in front of you at different elevations are standing in the same x and z positions. If you wanted to argue aiming precisely in retro shooters use quake 1 as a better example and even then after I’ve played it so many times I can safely say if your using the grenade launcher or shotgun if you have crosshair 0 set to 0 your accuracy is gonna suck balls and you’ll frequently find yourself killing yourself from your own explosions


Getting gud with the grenade launcher in Quake and Quake 2 is an art all on its own man


aside from the gun limit, in every other aspect I prefer older games, newer games make guns feel like airsoft guns at best.
aim down sight also feels arcady as fuck for some reason, I'd much rather have it, if it was limited to sniper rifles, only some in some of these simulator shooters it's fine, idk how they do it differently but that's how I feel.
I also like it when the viewmodels are smaller and centered rather than have a huge sex toy coming out from the right edge of the screen.


File: 1663093245828.png (1.16 MB, 1600x900, ClipboardImage.png)

>muh weight
>muh bulkiness
>muh consistent and unyielding high-speed movement
you FAGGOTS shouldn't even be allowed to play video games if your perception of what constitutes proper entertainment is this fucking skewed, holy shit. Games are fun for the rules, mechanics, and situations which they present, realism and environment/story/etc are all tacked on after for the sake of a more appealing sense of immersion, but are explicitly meant to be subservient to the actual rules and mechanics of the game itself. This is why older games like doom are so much fucking fun, they distilled the essence of entertainment without being bogged down all this nonsense tacked on over decades of game designers slowly losing the plot. once you get that hierarchy all twisted, you get into retardo territory where people like you are unable to reconcile a break with realism for the sake of fun. for fucks sakes, you're a marine on mars killing demons, there isn't even a precedent set for keeping anything about these games in the realm of reality.


>doesn't know why the space force was actually created
>he thinks americans really want to go "back" to the moon


>noooooo the games I like are good and everyone else is wrong and just doesn't understand gaming


NTA but it's a game about a space marine killing demons, having your immersion broken over unrealistic rocket launcher weights is highly autistic.


I fucking hate war hammer

Not for the lore but the art design
I can’t take seriously a grim dark sci fi fantasy franchise when every marine is painted blazing blue dual wielding laser rifles and machine guns against orks wearing actual trash and elves in spandex while all the soldiers and mutants that look like a believable participant in the universe are sidelined

Always brings off the wrong emotions. Even the iconic figures you can remember like chaos gods and black templars look goofy as shit


>I can’t take seriously
You were never supposed to

>Even the iconic figures you can remember like chaos gods and black templars look goofy as shit

As intended.


File: 1663150695945.jpg (166.92 KB, 1200x675, trespassers.jpg)

I think the anons were mostly just making fun. However, I find your point dumb, something having fantasy/scifi elements doesn't mean the writers should just disregard reality completely in the rest of the story. For example; are zombies realistic? No, not really, but as the premise of the movie, I can grant them. But the movies/shows which take that zombie premise and take a more realistic and grounded take on the concept rather than beer and pretzels ludicrous set pieces are often the most interesting games/movies/etc. In my opinion you shouldn't break reality (or the feeling of reality) completely just because you're a lazy writer and don't care. Apply yourself and write according to the limitations and you will come out with a better work 99% of the time.


God if only fantasy writers did that for fantasy games based on the Middle Ages how much better those games could be


Games are games. Not movies. Sure, there are plenty of cinematic vidya out there, but there are also games out there that exist purely for the mechanics and rules for the player to entertain themselves with. You need to throw reality out the window to ensure your spess marine can hold 20 guns and run like a cheetah? Fucking GOOD. Cuz that gameplay ends up being fun as shit, and we play games to be entertained, not to pussyfoot around self-imposed, irrelevant 'limitations'.


the fantasy is that doomguy looks like a badass, but if he is supposed to have a backpack like >>21445 he can't look badass at all. and shit like having a black hole in your pocket just sounds retarded.
There's also plenty of shooters that have fast paced doom like gameplay with limited inventory(Vermintide 2 as a quick example) and that's only fast paced shooters, slower shooters with a somewhat more realistic setting don't have that excuse at all


File: 1663164627038.png (226 KB, 400x263, 1606598078141.png)

Reductionist. There are so many different fps shooters and subgenres that have been released/created throughout the years that it is silly to compare retro to modern shooters. You would have to do a game by game basis at the very least. FPS games released within the same generation have been entirely different in regards to their shooting mechanics. Compare SWAT 3 to Aliens vs Predator Classic. Same with modern games.
>examples given
All of these examples can be found in many games regardless of time released.
Also, wtf is "retro" (pre 2000s?) or "modern" (+2020?). It makes no sense. All games have their own gameplay mechanics and are beholden to the limitations of their engine.

The only things that really changed are that map design is not maze-like and there has been a big shift from singleplayer focus to multiplayer focus, but this has been a growing trend since the mid 2000s so I don't think its a retro/modern thing, just a shift in business practices in order to make more money.


File: 1663167184168.png (3.81 MB, 2400x1799, ClipboardImage.png)

you point out that vermintide makes sure to have a limited inventory, adhering to your arbitrary sense of realism-as-priority, but have yet to explain in any meaningful sense why a badass spess marine in hell should be forced to have realistic limitations and how that translates into a game that could even hope to be as fun as the original DOOM. the gameplay is fun you insufferable faggot, the game has an unending legacy because its been so much fun to play, stop shitting up the need for a game to be enjoyable and entertaining to experience with your autistic lust for everything to be neat and tidy and accounted for. you think anyone could jump as high as mario? do the doublejump mechanics in celeste make any fucking sense?
The protagonists in FF7 essentially have an unlimited rucksack, does that severely attract from the experience it provides? And don't even get me started on chess - horses can't fucking jump over people like that! Face it, you're being arbitrary and pedantic in your fetishization of realism, and it doesn't even have relevance to the topic at hand, which is the fun and entertaining aspects of gaming. i seriously hope you have no aspirations to become a gamedev yourself, because you're hopless, completely dead on arrival.

pic related, its pong. another game i imagine you would have shat all over for its unrealistic portrayal of bouncing physics and paddle movements.


you are braindead


i see you have no rebuttal to my facts and have resorted to meaningless and irrelevant personal attacks. that demsoc flag is more fitting than you realize


Well *adjusts bowtie*
actually *checks reflection in mirror*
he *throws away bowtie*
is *puts hand in pocket*
correct! *pulls out 256 different bowties*

Calling his position braindead is a non sequitur at best. Realism doesn't necessarily make for more complex strategy. Things in games can have real-life equivalents with a huge luck factor, to then dial down the luck tends to make the game both less a realistic simulation and a more skill-based affair. The reduction of weapons you can carry in FPS is a simplification of controls due to games like Halo being designed around console gamepads, with mouse & keyboard as an afterthought. Whether this change also makes for deeper strategy or not depends on the level design (but as a rule of thumb I'd say no :P).


You did that exact shit to my previous points I'm not going to clarify any thing to you, your whole post was a big pile of shit like some prageru video.
Doom isn't a bad game and it's whole the gameplay is disigned arround the huge inventory so just putting a inventory limit on it wouldn't make much sense. I'm not talking about doom specifically but FPS games in generall.
games like counterstrike, team fortress and arma did the weapon limit way before any of these console games and those never touched consoles, or when they did people never bothered playing them. OG doom was easy, in comparison games like Vermintide are way more difficult and I'd go as far to say that doom as more casual than all these games. and look at modern doom, it's got all it's weapons but it was still designed in different ways to be playable for consoles. so you can't just say less weapon == casual console garbage.


Kingdom Come is the closest I've come to that feeling, obviously still pretty silly but feels gritty and fun

The fact that you think you need to carry 20 rocket launchers at once to have fun suggests you may have the mental capacity of a toddler with keys being jangled in front of his face.

Nah you're alright man but seriously, games shouldn't all be about just giving you 20 overpowered weapons and hordes of useless enemies to slaughter, limitations make games fun too. Limitations in general make good artistry in my opinions. Some of the best games and best movie scenes in history were made because of various limitations the creators were under that they found creative ways to get around or compensate for, or limitations they put on the player that force you to play in a different way from how you normally would.


I thought the limited inventory thing only happened because people just ended up only sticking to two weapons anyway


red orchestra
original ghost recon
original rainbow six gmes

yeah realism isnt great


>he doesn’t want to be scared shitless by random gunshots and shootouts where he could die in a single well placed shot


I love Stalker, but unless you're modding it, the game is absolutely not realistic (and honestly shouldn't be, which is one of my biggest fears with Stalker 2)




Don't forget the WW1 game series with classics like Verdun. Verdun — If MP18 spam is what you want we will provide.


>ww1 game
>lets players use an incredibly low production weapon which 000.1% of soldiers ever used without any limitations



Verdun iis fun as fuck. Wtf are you talking about.


Yep, but sometimes a guy joins the server and starts the mp spam, then the other side retaliates, and so on. Only sometimes when the servers are quiet.
It does, but it's really rare. It is not like call of duty or battlefield as you think, not even like arma in this sense, most of the time you will be using a standard issue bolt action.


especially hate battlefield, why are modern games so scared of single action shit? it completely ruins the immersion


File: 1669481157443.png (1.18 MB, 1588x804, ClipboardImage.png)

>he's afraid of the game being realistic
>not that it's being developed by historical revisionist Ukrops who are replacing all the Russian voice acting and changing to hohol spelling
God knows why they didn't use Ukrainian voice actors in the entire series so far but now they're going hardcore mode trying to cancel Russia. The game won't even be sold there, lol.


It's just going to be a cheap imitation of the Metro series


Sadly the most likely possibility, they're going to butcher the open world gameplay Stalker is know for and try to be "cinematic"


I wonder how many of the OG devs still work for the company, heard that tech people were leaving after 2014

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