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Literally the fucking opening of the game made me feel like I was suppressing anger when the lifeless character design and setup for the plot reminded me of how fucking boring and isekai infested modern anime is which is why I refuse to watch it several years since I first quit

The opening gameplay ramps up why I dislike modern RPGs especially East Asian ones because they have all the components 90s RPGs had with none of the depth or personality to it. The combat and world design is way to fucking bright and cartoonish to my eyes whom are used to blood, grey, brown and no VFX attached to every fucking move. The way the 3rd person camera moves to me feels terrible compared to what I’m used to in ds2, and TES of all fucking things, there’s no real freedom you’d see in games like fallout or RuneScape being the game at the fucking start will try to force you back into the tutorial even if you don’t give two shits about that annoying white haired small ass cunt and just wanna play how you like. Play this game if you have absolutely nothing better to do in your time or your just stuck with a shitty phone to play games on and are too retarded to buy a console or low end PC, holy fuck I can’t play Genshin impact and honestly say to myself I’m not suppressing anger with every waking second of the core gameplay and that’s ignoring the obvious and god awful monetization of the game

Good fucking god


Embedding error.
cute girls and cute boys


Sorry man but any game can do that

I need fucking depth than template character designs I need genuinely human personality and well written stories original to the aesthetic. Genshin is literally as bland with isekai nonsense as you can get with any other fucking anime in existence and every second I spent having to play to make my review before deleting the dumbass game anyways was filled with nothing but suppressed anger and boredom
You can’t even kill NPCs you dislike on sight…


show me a game with cuter boys and girls


>I need genuinely human personality and well written stories original to the aesthetic
I think that's a bit too much to ask from a BotW-like open world game, let alone that is also a gacha.
Eternal Sonata maybe?


Koikatsu Party.
>b-but it's not a game
It is, cope.


>good character writing is too much to expect from a botw like game
Bethesda did it
Ubisoft did it
Black Isle studios did it
Rockstar games did it
BioWare did it


File: 1660963641256.png (2.15 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

Soygirls are so cringe…


none of these have cute femboy characters in it so they don't count as Botw-like.


>deep characters
TES lore sure is pretty deep and nuanced, but the characters are often shallow as a puddle, especially most of Skyrim's followers that are not Mjoll, Karliah, Serana or J'zargo. Bethesda Fallout's characters and lore on the other hand are atrocious though.
Also this, although in case of Skyrim and Fallout there are mods that let you rectify this one issue.


I hate genshin because you can have an entire party of playable lolis, but no shotas



Wanted to reply with something similar
But anime fags these days are so deranged it wouldn’t be worth it and it’s likely that anon would go through 500 cycles of mental gymnastics to justify that blatantly pedophilic post


noooooooo not the pixels


And? I want to play as a tiny little boy
How come lolicons get to have playable lolis, but i can't have any shotas to play as?


File: 1661022133720.jpg (47.5 KB, 720x884, nonce alarm.jpg)

Kindly fuck off.


>Posts a pic from a show where the running joke is an underage boy showing his bare ass as people
All i want to do is play as a boy


>Koikatsu Party
What's that? Never heard of it.


File: 1661025490720.jpg (82 KB, 745x589, commissar gun.jpg)

>implying it is as sexualized as the weebshit you get off to
If you see those scenes as anything more than taunting, you definitely need to seek mental help. Or failing that, a noose.


Why are you projecting?
I never mentioned anything sexual or implied anything sexual
I just want to play as a little boy not a little girl


Don’t bother that blatant pedo
I’ve been on the internet long enough to know people like him are way off the grid to understand how fucking disgusting they look like to other people. They genuinely struggle to understand why they’re hated and will waste your time coming up with stupid excuses and name calling to avoid getting curbstomped or banned off public media pages than actually admitting their sick and fucking off to get therapy


>I never mentioned anything sexual or implied anything sexual
You literally did imply in one of your previous posts: >>21456
Now go see a shrink or kys.


File: 1661069252708.png (63.8 KB, 640x626, ClipboardImage.png)





Apparently pedophilia is okay when it's girls but with boys it's a no no


check one fbi.gov and you will want to murder half the server.


Yeah I’m aware that shitloads of the cunts here browse
D d d
S s s
C c c
O o o
R r r
D d d

And that some of the mods are from that space. I’m just amazed at how many of them are even on that game consistently, like it’s shocking knowing how on point all that slandering from the shitposts were


No one os going to talk about the fact these japs are purposefully making softcore pedo porn to get pedo bux? Yeah everyone agrees pedo weebs are disgusting, but how come we don't consider the companies making the pedo porn disgusting.


I always assumed the authors were just like that on a foundational level over there
Like fuck I knew that these people did appeal to that low ass denominator of the anime community but whenever I saw the authors behind that shit they were always kind of deranged so I didn’t care


It's standard for eastern MMOs to have a playable little girl race, pedos are the biggest paypigs and kept games like TERA afloat for years. They're chasing profitable market segments wherever that may lead.


It's Chinese made.
Also, I would ram Paimons cervix like the Gauls did Rome.

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