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I’m surprised by a few things
You still can’t really move left and right properly, the camera for some reason hasn’t actually been fixed since release meaning every time you try pressing left or right on your keyboard the entire ingame camera rotates rather than just your character which gets nauseating quickly

Apparently combat hasn’t changed much either since release parry’s, blocks and misses are still mostly based on RNG in most scenarios rather than input commands oh well I do like the action camera they setup in the legion expansion. Really just made my day

As for the role playing aspect of the game I’m not sure what to say because i haven’t spent enough to know. Rather than like dark souls 2 where your not told anything beyond the basic controls and left off to beat the game WoW tries to hold your hand and guide you through at the beginning before letting you off to play i see as reasonable but also makes the gameplay for beginners feel idk shallow is the right word considering the first quests that are brought up compared to what I’m used to in games like TES, fallout, souls series, etc. I’ll update this thread as I keep playing and relearning this game


Just bind strafe left & right to A or D or whatever keys u use



I learned that a while ago but now I’m questioning wtf is the story of this game now these days. I’m about an hour in an hearing some gnome talk about cameras and science which makes me concerned as to why tech isn’t used more often in this world or if tech has always been apart of wow
Idk the stories inconsistencies and goofy ass aesthetic compared to what I remember makes this game really feel like it’s for kids


Idk about you OP but wows too complex of a game for me
Not in the sense that the games mechanics are hard to learn or that the game itself is hard but the amount of accessibility features, goofy and over cluttered interface coupled with the weird as hell combat mechanics that haven’t recieved a proper update in eons at this point make this game really hard to approach for a first time player


OP here, update after playing for a few hours

I originally quit wow back then because shit was going on in my life and I didn’t have enough time to play for shit like work and colleges but coming back I don’t wanna play because the base game is just awful and classic doesn’t do anything beyond patch some of the god awful components of how shit wow really is
The UI is a mess, this the most obvious aspect of the game and if you wanna clean it you have to spend hours like I did using macros or use outdated add one that’ll likely crash your game or cause load order conflicts. The UI repeatedly informs the player on the same information like damage output twice or three times depending on what’s happening, despite having 3d HP bars you cannot toggle off the window frames for the enemies your up against again without addons meaning it’s likely you’ll be looking at anything but the enemy during conflicts and the list of obvious UI problems could go on but there’s more that I need to discuss

Quests are needlessly shitty to me, and they don’t have to be considering there’s a lot of quests but most of them are overglorified fetch quests whose story telling impact is so meaningless or so poorly introduced all of these quests become insanely noticeably awful and ignore all side quests you see as they’re even lazier which is a shame because blizzards staff could always just reduce the number of quests they pump out and merge levels into one so gameplay feels far less forced and recycled. Also the quest markers both 2d and 3d again fuckup my screen with redundant UI drivel and destroy the point of exploring the world

Combat is still fucking awful. I don’t remember it ever being good even back then as every fight really was just “mash keyboards for skills until enemy’s die” but holy fuck I’m shocked at the fact that they never fixed it and somehow made it worse. It’s way to fucking easy which makes it extremely fucking boring, Item durability doesn’t exist anymore, health for some reason auto regens destroying the point of potions, there’s no reason to have icons or ingame 3d models for weapon types due to the reason mentioned above(all the weapons function the same way because the combat is still as primitive as it was in the early 2000s), blocking is still a skill costing rage and not something you preform through input commands like in TES, the AI is by far the worst component as it can’t alert neighbouring hostile NPCs, it’s view range is awful, the engine for wow never got updated meaning every hostile NPC is still locked in its spawn zone and can’t escape from it etc

Movement is still fucking awful as well, there’s no penalty for carrying too many items, you can’t sprint, you can’t parry like in new world, the NPCs barely have any animations making most move the same janky ass way that always comes off as wrong and forced just it feels wrong

The biggest shame for me is that there’s no community at all. Throughout the several hours I spent playing not once did I even talk to another person much less kill the same dipshit with them, several times throughout playing was I locked in a cutscene or single player area away from where I could interact with other players, hours in I still thought I was in the tutorial, the loot has been reworked so everyone gets a piece of gear devaluing everything

God I can see why so many quit this game it’s just not good in its state even after classic and the amount of time blizzard has spent on doing damage control and trying to return the game to a state where it can be considered fun…


Ok basically the story since 2011 was basically players went to pandaria to secure resources for their factions, discovered the sha and learned about y'shaarj, garrosh went insane from sha corruption and used y'shaarj's heart for power, then he seized control of orgrimmar using kor'kron loyalists, then he lost and was put on trial by the 4 celestials but the bronze dragons interfered sending him back in time to an alternate timeline of draenor where he unified the orc clans and created the iron horde, and then he invaded azeroth using the iron horde (a racial purist horde but had goblins for some reason), but the players invaded back and freed gul'dan and ner'zhul which garrosh was using to power the dark portal, basically inviting the legion to take over draenor, so the players had to kill the iron horde and the legion again, culminating in killing alternate reality archimonde in a raid version of hellfire citadel, but gul'dan escaped and went to the normal version of azeroth and went to suramar in the brojen isles and allied himself with the nightborne elf queen, players killed her, then him, then went to argus using the vindicaar, then killed kil'jaeden and imprisoned sargeras with the souls of the dead titans he was trying to resurrect, and then everyone went back to azeroth to fight a faction rivalry, kul'tiras allied with the alliance and the zandalari trolls allied with the horde (they also tried to help lei shen in the throne of thunder in pandaria), and then the players killed a 5th old god in uldir, and then sylvanas allied herself with the jailer, a mysterious godlike entity from the shadowlands which is basically the afterlife, and then the players went to the shadowlamds using the lich king's helmet, and then they destroyed her i guess. Shadowlands is the most childish expansion by far, especially once you reach the druid afterlife whatever it's called. I was playing wowfreakz private but i couldnt keep playing after i saw a talking ghost squirrel in shadowlands, i couldnt keep playing it.


That description of wows story doesn’t feel real at all it feels like cobbled together poorly written fan fiction, shouldn’t one the main goals of wows story be simplicity so players are introduced to aspects of the world at a rate that they can invest themselves into it rather than be thrusted face first into every world ending threat without understanding why it’s world ending and why they should give a shit


I also forgot to mention that players blasted nzoth in half with a titan orbital laser in battle for azeroth but everyone criticized blizzard for killing 2 old gods in one expansion.


Not him but it’s clear that WoWs story seriously needs to be decentralized for the average player because blizzard
No I really mean blizzard as an independent studio now that some devs are gaining power and damage control is being implemented for the games really need to recognize the reality that the lore of wow is inherently large and players can’t keep track of everything at once on top of gameplay


OP here I’m having fun again

I managed to escape the dogwater tutorial and finally alllowed to just play the game and holy is it as fun as it was when I first played this game. Having a few UI addons and macros to lower the amount of clutter to a reasonable extent certainly helped as I’ve spent more time roaming aimlessly and chatting with randos I come across than giving a shit about anything related the world something I love about RPGs meaning I can reinvest myself into anything whenever I want

I feel like playing more


Op here update

Anybody have a source to where I can find an encyclopedia of mobs in this game in a pdf format
Specifically those allied to the horde as I’m still getting used to the terminology and not having most menu features here to hold my hand occasionally makes me feel stupid for not always remembering aspects of the world. Especially now I’m doing a quest line where I’m rounding up some townies in lakeshire east of whatever that city for the alliance was called to prevent a horde invasion that could cause a refugee crisis and mass death


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