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When designing HUDs developers need to factor in the reality that most players at most can pay attention to 2-3 things at a time and likewise having too much information on screen is often times bad
Hence why a lot of modern games have minimalistic UIs or even no UIs at all that pop up during gameplay. Battle royales and MMOs on the other hand have failed to pick up on this and are still cluttering the screen with alot of redundant information players don’t need that at times can even hamper on gameplay either by making things feel less cinematic or distracting the player with polyps and hence you get images like these


Why post a custom UI to make a point about developers designing bad UIs?


Ngga it’s not better with the default either
Not for wow
Not for any other mmo slash battle royal
I guarantee 90% of players aren’t looking at half this garbage throughout their play through


Forgot the other images hold on


File: 1661118680615.jpg (361.17 KB, 1366x768, 1OkiQ-3059113281.jpg)

>Ngga it’s not better with the default either
What? Not saying it's good, but it's not close to what you posted.


Honestly that image would be considered empty these days

Besides there’s another aspect of UI design that doesn’t even have to do with the 2D hud onscreen but the 3d diegetic design of most MMOs and it’s the amount of FX and 3d icons attached to everything that make playing worse because now your cluttered with 2d popups and if you disable the hud your greeted with so much flashy shit onscreen constantly that it’s hard to figure out what the fuck is even happening

Want an example here’s ff14 that’s cropped to remove all existing UI elements and focus exclusively o what’s happening in the game world. You couldn’t tell anyone what was going on in it or if I t was even from final fantasy


File: 1661124804854.png (1.3 MB, 1200x675, ClipboardImage.png)

Meanwhile, in a modern FPS UI


The best kind of UI is the kind where you can play the entire game with it disabled


File: 1661125942413.png (1.27 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

Halo having a gun with an ammo display was clever and more games should use diegetic UI like this.


A lot of FPS games do this but the problem is FPS players have been trained to always look at the corner of the screens for the ammo counter so no one pays attention and it's just extra fluff.


the chad games are where you have a button to eject the magazine and look in it to see how many bullets left


File: 1661172912896.jpg (42.48 KB, 720x480, Tenka.jpg)

Tenka already had that in 1997 on PS1.


you gotta take into account the focus of the gameplay. in games with minimal UIs, the focus is much more on the game mechanics such as shooting, moving, etc.
compare that to MMOs, if taking away the interactions with HUD and UI, most of the gameplay is clicking and clicking.


That just means the game is overly complex to delude itself as actually deep
Games like far cry 2 had minimalistic diegetic UIs because the core gameplay was simple in nature hence most aspects of gameplay didn’t need to be constantly shown, Skyrim and fallout 4 did the same things along with go4 and a mod for stalker called stalker anomaly whom can be started and finished without the entire UI enabled
If multiple components of the UI constantly needs to be on screen for the game to be playable that says something more about the game itself and not the UI of it


This, really. A lot of MMO's and other games like LoL could honestly have a significant chunk of their gameplay outright made redundant by enabling auto-cast macros. Most of them don't seriously go out of their way to make wide-range builds viable either, so a lot of times you pick characters that have, at most, one or two builds, which could just be split up into having a greater number of monobuild characters.
It also tries to be more "exciting" by doing things like displaying numbers of damage flashing/bouncing out of characters - but you could get a more informative UI by giving the average DPS or burst damage or the like…and if you seriously did a lot of these improvements to the UI you'd come out with an MMO that kind of revealed how much a lot of MMO's are basically just very exciting-looking timers and you just have to pick the best method for making a timer run the quickest.


What I find is that with older MMOs like RuneScape and WOW it’s that they actually make the cluttering worse by layering hud elements on top of one another

In wow there’s a player frame, a 3d health and mana/fury box on the avatar and a nameplate that’s shown on the default UI at all times, similarly there’s also a minimap and the location box that tells you where you are all on top of the already established introduction to where you are when you enter a zone

The situation in OSRS is even worse, you can’t really toggle off the minimap without addons, the skill and prayer menu doesn’t come with a keybind system again without using addons, the ingame world map is a complete mess along with sharing the same problem as WOW with an ingame minimap on top of an already existing world map and sometimes the UI can get so cluttered to the point where 2/3rds of the screen can be just UI elements your not paying attention to.

Either way out of any other MMO ESO is shockingly the best example of UI design for games like it done right, it tells you what you need to know when it’s appropriate and most hud elements are moved into a page that’s only activated when it’s relevant unlike pic related which is a screenshot of ff14 without any addons


I'm not gonna hold older games made when this stuff was still mostly being pioneered to the same kind of standards I would a game from 2018 or so. These games were coming out when Windows XP was the new hotness and OSRS was being run on Netscape Navigator. A lot of their code was effectively being done "by hand" and just getting things to work consistently with networking at the time wasn't always the easiest thing in the world. I have more issues with OSRS making bot-farming not only viable, but absolutely dominated issues like mining, where it'd cut out human players consistently than I do with the UI being awkward and intrusive.

Modern times, there's way, way, way more interactive and better tools for game development and the companies making them have the opportunity to split things up a lot more to handle different aspects of a game. It's been 18 years since World of Warcraft and City of Heroes were launched, and 21 years since RuneScape (3) was launched.

There has been a steadfast refusal to seriously learn anything over the last ten years, what were technical shortcuts and shaky innovations are now just lazy fucking programming and sheer carelessness.


Partly due to the fact that classic tab target MMOs beyond the main 4(WoW, RS2, GW2 and SWTOR) titans are legitimately dead
The only MMOs left aren’t even massively multiplayer they’re like games like destiny, war frame and fo76. Games that can handle a lot more complicated stuff because lobby sizes are significantly lower and most of the time single player and co op play is what’s expected in most sessions than shit like 40 man raids or massive wars you see in EVE and new world


proof of how empty their gameplay really was, i suppose.

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