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Best game ever. Play it.


Its got banger music too :D


No it’s an art game, I avoid those because the meaning is poorly established and often has little to do with the actual game. If you wanna establish an idea expressed in a game the best way to do it is clearly either through writing or gameplay not making the player run around in circles coming up with a much better story, or theme than the author did


>art game
<hey let’s survive in this hellish world in which everyone and everything are trying to murder you
There’s literally no more meaning. Just you trying to make the best of a bad situation. The best part of it is that the animals act like real living creatures and not game enemies.
Finished it already. Waiting patiently for the expansion. Having more slug cats is always more fun.


Yeah I’m aware rainworlds AI and animation is above average as it uses methods of animation and ai typically only used in position papers for computer graphics

Specifically those developed I think in like the late 80s but that alone isn’t what I want out of a game like it, I just wanna have fun and rainworld brings the same emotions as a game like half life 2 did. The game feels more like a tech demo than it does a fun experience


>isn’t what I want out of a game like it
Then what do you want out of a game as a side scrolling semi open world with timed mechanics though? From the title alone and the few beginning snippets you’re already know that it’s not going to be forgiving.

Having a game be a slower burn experience that give out dopamine in unfrequent doses doesn’t mean that it’s not “fun”. But I agree on the Half Life 2 part though. The gunplay sucked in that game to the point that Alyx was superior.


The art in the game is astounding but I think just calling it an art game is missing the engaging gameplay. You have loads of ways to approach encounters, either through running or fighting, and there is good enemy variety. The platforming is exciting and even just walking through the world is fun since you have to engage with gameplay mechanics even in downtime, which by the way is very important for any game and especially so for a game which is portraying such a strong atmosphere. That being said I've mostly been playing hunter difficulty and mods so the spawns might be higher for me, but there isn't really that much time spent without having to deal with encounters or platforming. I don't know how long you've played it and I don't blame you for just not enjoying a game, but I would try it again until you get to the underhang at least.

As for the story, I don't understand your critisism. Also I think you shouldn't critisize a story before finishing it since there could be something later on which recontextualised the entire experience. Perhaps the fact that death doesn't matter to the slugcat does contrast with the harshness of the world, but things can have different stories and themes in them, and as for the whole cycle thing from what I gather for most people it isn't like the last cycle is crystal clear in their memory, its almost more of a spiritual / theoretical thing. But the gameplay is very much linked to the story, since the different enviroments reveals much to the player through their art and atmosphere, and emotion is expressed just by moving through different enviroments, especially the more climatic areas, which is accomplished through a very effective combination of art, sound, level design and enemy threat. This game manages to tell a more effective story with atmosphere and gameplay alone than most games can tell with a thousand lore books, and this game has lore as well.

Major spoilers
As for the lack of writing, there actually is dialogue in the game, you just have to get to Five Pebbles, who you get to through the underhang. Then you can being lore pearls to Looks to the Moon, who will read them for you. Also, the ending is crazy and like the whole game really melancholy, in fact I would say its verging on eldrtich

Can't wait for downpoure either. Have you tried out mods, especially region mods? Some of the regions are really well designed to the point they could be canon, and many interconnect with each other. OP pic is from 'The Mast'. Really good stuff.

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