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I am going to be making a PC with my own APU soon

Now, it isn't going to be that powerful, so instead I'm going to play old games starting from 2000s that will work buttery smooth on it instead

Only native PC stuff please, of course emulated games will work good too but I want to relish PC first
If there are modern games like Celeste or stuff that I assume will work smooth af on a 5600g too, drop 'em

I'm making a backlog list
So far I have that Metal Gear, Nanobot game and Raiden one

Assume I've played nothing


Hey if you need this just know that the overwhelming majority of lag in games often comes from the video resolution and the object count
The former is configurable and can make any game run on any almost computer just fine while the ladder is attributed to the developers commitment to optimization so people can even play their game which can be restricted to deals with companies like nvdia or Sony wishing to get people to purchase their shit at the cost of compatibility


Neverwinter Nights 2, Total Overdose, STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl, Hotline Miami 1 and 2, Postal 1, Doom 2, Just Cause 1(janky but i love it).
Getting into serious gaming recs, don't read if you're not hardcore enough. There's this game called Gta San Andreas. Probably never heard of it, but it also has a multiplayer mode that you can easily find on the internet. Play that, it's very fun. There's Battlefield 2 multiplayer, another hidden gem you can find online. I recommend playing old call of duties, all have online modes. Play Plant Vs. Zombies if you are not afraid of the gory stuff.
also watch drive such an insane movie


File: 1661636138827.jpg (326.04 KB, 996x1500, buy skyrim.jpg)


>recommending neverwinter fucking any neverwinter game after the disaster that was the mmo


Anon, I…

A later game being bad doesn't retroactively make the earlier games bad


Yes but it does fucking taint the image and makes it painful to come back to knowing once your done with the original there’s nothing else


never really paid attention to the franchise except nwn2 tbh.


i will play on 1920x1080p 24 inch monitor




plae dee emm see too
get hollow knight, heard it was good
shin megami tensei series (i don't know if v will run on an emulator for you but all the other games will)
the binding of isaac, repentance just dropped so get that
tales of berseria
pretty much the entire library of gamecube, wii, ps2, and dreamcast games
sonic adventure 1 and 2
pretty much any relatively popular visual novel will also run
disgaea 5


File: 1661960980023.jpg (237.72 KB, 1280x1354, agnry todd.jpg)



any reason you say DMC2 instead of the first one


when are they making a new skyrim


It's the Half-Life 2 era gaming for me


also what game is in the thumbnail, ARK?


bcs it's generally the one that the community is divisive on the most. or at least out of the trilogy i guess
Assassin's Creed Origins. Fun fact, France's biggest contribution to culture(the AC franchise) wouldn't be there if not for Islam(bcs like Assassin's were like, idk, all subscribers(not that subscriber) to a sub-sect of Islam). Napeleon was a Muslim… etc. Makes you really think doesn't it


Fuck this is Assassin's Creed Odyssey, the one that's set in Egypt(fictional setting)
I enjoyed this one less than Origins tbh so you might as well go and play that one(no sexy female protagonist with the ability to go on periods though… so you might take that into consideration as well)


is a gtx 960m better or not than a 5600g?
userbenchmark says so

but looking at 1080p footage of forza, the 5600g has 70fps while the 960m has only 40fps


I got another question
Up the emulation front

At what stage are we at comrades?
I assume PS3 and Xbox are at the cusp level and some of the Wii is capable

Will the 5600g be able to handle most emulation of NES era smoothly

I assume the 3DS and Wii era is where it may stutter, but my 6700HQ was good enough for it


File: 1662984767625.png (1.03 MB, 1080x1288, ClipboardImage.png)

No one reccomended Disco game?
Is it not low spec?

I think I forgot to ask about such games, indie, acclaimed ones,

What's that one platformer where you're a little skull and jump around in forests? Ori something

It reminds me of a light ray game on mobile, Anyways I assume all roguelike stuff is good enough for an APU


really depends on the software you use and your specific hardware.
also what PS3 games need you emulate really?


Idk, I've never owned one but it always seemed the special one because I had a PS2

Last Of Us maybe? I don't think the remasters could run well on the 5600g

Uncharted 1?


do give it a try. emulating always performs a bit erratically on all systems, but it's worth a shot.


i got a question for you, personally

if you could emulate a handheld game, would you rather play it on a small screen (like it was intended to played) or on a big screen?

I'll be getting a controller and was thinking if it's better to just emulate everything on the PC and leave my touchscreen phone alone because I don't see much benefit to playing on it with a DONGle attached


I'd rather play on a big screen honestly. Emulating handheld games isn't much of a problem and isn't that demanding, so you'd have much more luck with that. I remember emulating a lot of NDS and android games on PC, say Clash of Clans(hardcore game you probably don't know about) and some Pokemon.
There are some games, however, that play better with a touch-screen(assuming you also want to emulate android games), but not a lot of games are like this, so I'd also go with emulating them.


Literally every example here given on this thread so far is complete shit, don't even bother getting a PC for shit like that.

if you really want a pc exclusive experience that you don't get on any console, you've got to try all the strategy games or maybe some of the more complex CRPGs and RPGs in general.

When it comes to strategy, RTSs like C&C and AOE maybe also something like company of heroes even some of the more obscure games like Combat Mission Shock Force or Men of War: Assault Squad 2.
Also check out the total war games, I don't really like those tho, instead I'd recommend a hidden gems from Game-Labs.
You also have to try out these grand strategy games basically anything made by Paradox, some popular examples tho are Hearth of Iron 4, Europa Universalis 4, Crusader Kings 3.

Also some of these simulator shooters, they often exist on consoles too these days but most of them just play much better on PC, examples: Ground Branch, Arma 3 are the only ones that come to my mind I don't really play those a lot.

Anything source engine related or GoldSrc(especially the multiplayer games). Again I think some of these exist on some consoles but they just play best on PC.

At last, indie games. Most indie games don't really get a chance to port their games on console (idk why something about lack of money or something). They're often based on very niche genres tho, you might not enhoy them, but it doesn't jurt grabing one or the other indie game sometime.


motherfucker STALKER doesn't run on any console.


File: 1663339820145.png (1.61 MB, 1500x750, ClipboardImage.png)

Came back because I got another idea for game from /b/

GTA San Andreas, I think that and Vice City for sure would run smoothly, I had it for the PS2

I can't remember the third GTA game at all
The fourth one I don't think would handle the 5600g might have to turn down settings

I'm pretty sure upto 2011 every game the CPU can handle comfortably

ah got it, some DS games like that Zelda spin-off which require a lot of touching interface are best for mobile while everything <<< PC is Gucci

This thread really wasn't about that more like Cheap Gamer, with poor gpu edition

But I'll keep in mind RTS games, I can't enjoy stuff like that because there's so many menus

But I had so much fun one time playing a Civ like game set in rome or italy it was a lot of fun, the graphics were 2000ish


Found another, Arkham Asylum, It ran great even on my shitty intel iGPU back then

Seems to be giving 60fps and AC as well mid 50s

It does pose an interesting question tho,
Does FPS matter beyond 60 for non shooter games? especially for the old ones

Below is a 130+ FPS Arkham Asylum on RTX 3090

The only reason it looks better I would say than the embedded 5600g on is because of the higher resolution

Also are you missing out on anything in these old games with those Nvidia exclusive effects? That 3D setting for AK is just for people who wear 3D Glasses right?


fps is a spook


gus embarrassing question

but does a ryzen 5600g acting as both cpu and gpu, mogg my older i7 6700HQ + Gtx 960M

I just want my new sand to defeat my old sand, in everything!

do they…?

i admit defeat


i don't think so, it will outspeed it in some games but fall behind in other from what i've seen
the differences are minor though so expect the same performance



the graphics card was pretty meh,with a 4GB of Vram,and the cpu was decent,but having to do both tasks on your new better CPU isn't really going to make it run better (still a barely better CPU than mine)
You're going to need a dedicated graphics card,that's the only thing holding you back from beating your old stuff.


>>22682 (me)
although,unless you get at least 6GB of VRAM,you're probably not going to notice the difference,ngl

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