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Can we have a The Witcher thread? My favorite game series possibly ever.

I know 3 made the series very popular which caused a lot of /v/ backlash, but I nonetheless love the whole universe and story, all the books and games.


one of the GOATS of all time




Witcher 2 had the best story. Since the gameplay was so dogshit I only played it once, but I think the story that I got was really kino. The reason why I love it is because you are playing a background character, it's like if Huncback of Notre Dame was written only from Pierre Gringoires. In the third chapter I couldn't choose to help Iorveth, simply because that would mean abandoning Triss to possible death l, which is something neither the character, neither I as a player would allow (now after watching a review on yt I learned that this choice is actually pointless and you are an idiot for not helping Iorveth/Roach, but I didn't knew it when I played). This then leads into a total failure of everything secondary you tried to achieve. I mercy killed impaled Saskia, someone I tried to help before, and then, leaving the city with Triss, saw Iorveth, my friend and ally, dying by the side of the road. Then came the confrontation with Letho. This was where the game was leading me to, where Geralts story went. All to pursue a killer of some inbred kings, who was motivated by wanting to protect his "family", who I knew where dead at this point. He caused all of it, but I just couldn't see him as a bed person, nor someone I should be motivated to fight. So we let each other live. A small kindness after all the killing and death And the final touch - the ladybug scene - of Geralt showing gis gentle side even if for a moment, felt perfect to finish off the story.

Now as for W3, I like to say this about it - in a sensible gaming industry that isn't fucked over by capitalism, W3 would be an 'aight game. It doesn't do anything special in gameplay, the world is ok I guess, its polished and big, and the story while not bad, is only servicable. It manages to feel like an adventure, which is good, and the itemisation and crafting did a lot to make it engading, at least for me as a WoW player. Also the characters were pretty great as well, and there deffinetly were humanizing scenes.
The second dlc, BnV, was much the same. Really the main higlight is Regis, who deffinetly feels like your good old friend.
However Hearts of Stone is really good. The story might not be as emotional as W2, but it is deffinetly intiguing and fun, as well as highly creative. Its a linear experiance and all the better for it.

Sadly didn't play W1 since my pirate site didn't have it.


Witcher 3s main plot really was a massive disappointment and you can see where big plotpoints got scrapped late in development. The entire Third Northern War might as well not exist once you've left White Orchard because all of its content got cut.


I didn't feel as if the war was missing that much. The game clearly was a highly downscaled version of the world (with Oxenfurt being like 5 minutes away from Novigrad), and the bits we got to see weren't active warfronts. When we see war, it is in the aftermath of the dead left in the battlefields and behind closed doors. Though I do agree that they dropped the ball with the war a bit. Like it was weird how Nilfgaard ends up being just a pushover, as it seems the only thing dictating the end of the war is whether the Northern high command gets destroyed or not. But since you say it was cut, could you tell exactly what was planned for it originally? I know that at some point you were intended to deal with the priesthood at Novigrad somehow, but don't know any other lost content.


Other than White Orchard and a few spots in Velen they could replace the war with a crop blight in Velen and it would make just as much sense. In Novigrad and Oxenfurt its practically not there and Skellige is so far removed from the war its barely mentioned beyond raids which were always happening.

>I know that at some point you were intended to deal with the priesthood at Novigrad somehow, but don't know any other lost content.

They got very far into development a massive questline about the Nilfgaardian occupation of Velen which was going to have Ioverth (and potentially Saskia) be a key character and then also be linked to the Catrionia plague and the ultimate fate of the North. It was apparently getting fairly close to release and they couldn't get it how they liked it so they cut most of it but salvaged a few of the bits. Its why theres still a few NPCs in White Orchard and the Nilfgaardian army camp that make talk of the plague which doesn't amount to anything and a lot of the area around the nilfgaardian camp only having PoIs instead of quests.


Why does The Chaddest of Chads hate portals?


Likely answer: it is cold and make the stomach dizzy.
Schizo answer: they are matter relocators, so when you step through you get dissolved and recreated elsewhere, meaning your actual consciousness gets killed, and it is your copy that moves on.
That's interesting. The Nilfgaard camp did feel kind of unused I guess. Weird that they would cut such a large chunk of quests. Did they have to fulfill an undelayable preorder date?


it sucks, missions are all boring as shit, just can't bring myself to finsih the game


>your actual consciousness gets killed, and it is your copy that moves on.
But this is clearly a universe where souls exist so it wouldn't work that way.


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