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What you fags thinks about Factorio?


quality thread



in general, video games are a massive timesink that you don't realize how much time you've lost until its too late

t. quit playing video games last year and used that time to learn programming


t. no self-control and ability to manage their leisure time


It’s fun up until late and the later parts of mid game where factory management starts becoming a hassle while the biters become a breeze even on deathworld settings


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Haven't played it but I do like the Minecraft Create mod so maybe i'd like it too. Depends how hard it is to pirate.


what's the point of programming without videogames


It's good. I like planning my factory, but after satisfactory came out I started playing that because you can make factories you can actually walk around in and such.


Huh 3d is why I hated satisfactory because it makes shit harder to see and immediately organize for me


I can definitely see why you wouldn't like that, but to me seeing the machinery in a more real manner gives more motivation and I can remember 3D spaces relatively well anyways. Plus satisfactory got the third axis for building.


A game that completely failed to deliver on its promises, and now, after having given up entirely on their developer roadmap, the devs thought it'd be a great idea to jump on the Ukraine bandwagon and shill for a NATO proxy war. Mindustry is the game Factorio should have been. Factorio is an aborted failure and for me the final confirmation of the bankruptcy of the early-access game model. It's completely fitting that the early-access game they took for inspiration (Minecraft with redstone mod) fell into the exact same pitfall of an unfinished and never-to-be-finished game where the developer eventually fucks off when they get tired.


Wait, what promises exactly did it fail to deliver on? **Excluding the "no sales" part of course
>caring about dev's opinion on the Hohlostan spectacle
Pretty much every dev and gaming resource does it because if they did not they would get lynched by the shitlib mob. Although this is not exactly the last moment when Kovarex showed himself to be a liberal rightoid twat (his age of consent debate on the game's R*ddit that started a miniature drama where he would lash out on "cancel culture") so I am not surprised that he ended up supporting Ukraine so vehemently.


I mean you can just say nothing about the Ukraine situation


The dev roadmap had originally called for having a meaty campaign with hand-designed levels and was going to be moving towards an innovative new kind of RTS in multiplayer where you built your own combat units from components and commanded them remotely. That was all scrapped because, like other early-access projects, the devs became subservient to their paymasters on the forums who only knew how to demand more features. Players generally don't know how to ask for levels and goals because they don't know what they want. The devs got bogged down endlessly tweaking their feature list and completely forgot about creating a complete game such that the end result was a map generator and a grand total of 3 monster types with the pathetic win state of launching a rocket.

The Ukraine sperg out was especially ironic given how popular Factorio is in Russia.


This. You have to have severe autism to do it for any other reason.


dropped my phone, with no intentions of picking it back up. some ants are typing this rn

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