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File: 1662452389440.png (22.71 KB, 597x268, bioshock leaks.png)


New bioshock is rumored to be called Bioshock Isolation. And it will take place in two cities in the antarctic. Recently there have been leaks about the story. It could be false tho. What do you think?




File: 1662458912307.gif (1 MB, 640x480, Agent Vaush.gif)

Oh great more anti communist writing as if Ken Levine's retarded "anti slavery is just as bad as slavery" plot in Infinite wasn't enough of a chore to get through.


Fuck, if it's as bad as it sounds it's going to be a hell of a discourse for a long time


File: 1662459552107.jpg (393.75 KB, 950x820, hack writing 101.jpg)

par for the course for Ken Levine


IIRC in Bioshock Infinite they realized the pro-worker side was a little too sympathetic so they made them cartoonishly evil


This is where obsessive "grey morality" circlejerking gets writers to. Like Warcraft's Horde being turned into Orc Nazis in the MoP-WoD era simply because Alliance ended up looking like utter douches in comparison, or that fucking awful Civil War storyline in Skyrim where you had to join either with the greedy Elf Nazi-collaborating imperialists that wanted to behead you right in the beginning of the game for crossing the border (lol) or literal fantastic wignats who pulled off a temper tantrum over their subpar Sigmar ripoff being banned by the Imperials, commited genocide of the Reachmen and treat foreigners like literal trash (unless you are a Dragonborn or a High Elf, that is).


The Stormcloaks are also Thalmor collaborationists


>complaining about tribes and medieval empires with sticks doing tribal medieval shit


That would not matter if it did leave somebody to root for in those angry medieval empires and tribes. Warcraft III and even early WoW had a lot of different and likeable characters within every faction that made them feel not uniform, and so did Morrowind with its Great Houses. But with modern WoW and Skyrim it often feels like a war of straw people, with special mention to the first literally assassinating their characters into becoming strawmen, and the latter having both of the big factions being apparently stupidly played like a fiddle by the one that does not even have much influence in the province outside of an "embassy", occasional patrols that accompany dissidents and some safehouses where their agents torture said the dissidents in. The result feels like an attempt to replicate GoT's success without the focus on fleshing out individual characters that ensured it in the first place.


With wow I can see your point as it used a cinematic approach to its role playing where major figures and characters didn’t entirely revolve around the player

However with Skyrim it’s harder because it uses a chosen one approach to its writing that would compromise a lot of aspects of its lore. Trying to write that type of story while simultaneously trying to create a living breathing environment where things happen outside the players control is a walking contradiction hence whey those stories in games are exclusive to linear games not open rpgs with focuses on that role playing aspect, if you want an example I’ll use new Vegas as it’s the fallout I find the hardest to take seriously with 2 being in second place.

New Vegas sees the courier preform the roles of a soldier, assassin, spokesperson, terrorist whatever for whatever faction they’re working with despite their canonical role being a simple mailman for house, the characters you meet although appearing as complex often only get a few dozen seconds of actual screen time while even prominent figures like house, Caesar and yes man all only react when the player is present and seemingly are incapable of accomplishing anything without the players input due to the way the story was written which can make the world feel extremely shallow


>because historic groups were dumb, fiction has to be dumb too
Never post again.


>anti slavery is just as bad as slavery
Can you refresh me on that? I played Infinite whenever it came out so I don't remember anything. I thought Bioshock was anti-libertarian though, with the plot from the first game. The synopsis in OP seems 100% opposite of that. I expect he "prosperous" city will be based off free-market labor.


>What do you think?
… People still care about this crap?


In Bioshock Infinite there are socialist revolutionaries who want to end the reactionary regime of the city. But because they were too based, they were made child killers and cheap villains. Classic liberal narrative.


fake and gay lol


Not as much collaborationists as useful morons really, but Ulfric is implied to have been mind-fucked by them to a degree.
More like Levine could not contain himself from reducing a conflict to "both sides bad" yet again for a cheap plot twist. It worked in first game because it had an ancapistan get fucked sideways by a much more ambitious and ruthless capitalist starting to compete with its founder and coincidentally exposing the very ideological foundation of Rapture as a crapola. In Infinite though, the nature of the conflict was much more clear cut, with the Vox being the oppressed commoner and slave classes rising up to end the racist and theocratic dictatorship of the Founders. The only real reason why you even have to even fight them is because they think that you and Elizabeth are with the Founders for some reason, despite you bagging entire scores of them beforehand together. It is really sloppy, comes out of nowhere and basically goes on to show how much of a lazy writer Ken has become.


the only people who can come up with more retarded opinions than redditors are 4channers and it truly shows in this screenshot


I mean they have a point

I’m kind of sick myself of seeing sci fi bs with zero regard about that sci fis functionality or even possibility being explored considering in those types of stories it often just leads to shitloads of retconning, plot armour bs and more that can make media of all sorts fucking unbearable for me to sit through


well, in this instance, time travel is not really a scientifically practical or even theoretically functional module so i understand why he'd resort to pop culture for that.


NTA but that's still no excuse for not working out the contours of how shit works in the world, since the science part of sci-fi really is about entertaining technological plausibilities and/or human characters grappling with strange phenomena

In more fairness to Levine, his idea of science fiction is pop culture as well, which is actually fantasy in a post-industrialized setting. Scifi has been struggling with that genre shift these days, so I actually don't blame him for getting the idea that he can handwave the explanations. His real problem has and always has been his tendency to reduce political complexity to bothsidesism


agree. I think if we are to criticize lenine, we should do his wacky political subtext. Bioshock 1 still rules, but that was all I could tolerate and I only finished Infinite bcs rick and morty influenced time-travel.


>tfw the only reason Bioshock infiniite exists is because Ken was salty about Bioshock 2 being a better game than 1
He's such a loser







Bitch, SPEAK UP.
You kids and your mumblebumble rap.
Also bring your sources, god.


[citation needed]


File: 1662712524109.jpg (63.64 KB, 510x1000, LambPropaganda.jpg)

To be fair, Does it really matter if ACHSULLY the sci-fi laser beams would be red instead of blue? etc. Like yeah ok, The VIDEO GAME'S depiction of Science.TM was wrong, Who cares imo. It's still consistent within its own story {from what i remember}

Basically at the halfway point of the game the 'vox populi' [See: Not the wobblies and Elizabeth Gurley Flynn / Emma Goldman] launch a general uprising against the hyper-racist government and start lynching all of them, But you and Elizabeth turn against them because 'WHOAH OMG WHY ARE YOU KILLING PEOBLE??? D:D:D:D'

>I thought Bioshock was anti-libertarian though

Bioshock 2 was [ironically] an Ayn Rand level strawman of what commies believe, With the main antag being the stereotypical 'Post-Modern Intellectual Neo-Marxist' who manipulates people into helping her create a cult who firstly plays a significant part in causing the 'fall of rapture' and then establishes the goal to basically turn everyone into the blood ocean from the end of evangelion.

Neutral ending is actually the 'best' in Bioshock 2 btw


B2 was shit on a conceptual scale but nailed it on the gameplay and story. The big daddy trying to find his adoptive daughter was good. But the villain should’ve been the modern version of an Ayn Rand fan, a lolbert techbro hellbent on eugenics.
Ken is such an unbelievable fraud lmao


File: 1662890011384.jpg (Spoiler Image, 14.24 KB, 400x400, ChadL.jpg)

<But the villain should’ve been the modern version of an Ayn Rand fan, a lolbert techbro hellbent on eugenics.
>This face pops up on a monitor.
>"Tell me Delta, "Why does the sun take so long to die?"


Yeah, the best thing about infinite really was the character of Elizabeth and her relation to Booker. That's what stuck with me and made me like the game despite its flaws. The whole vox evil thing didn't really land for me even as a lib teenager, and the gameplay wasn't very good all in all.

There was next to no justification for the Vigours either, unlike the plasmids in the first game which were woven into the story.


Well if we're being anal about it, Since Fink obviously discovered someway to create a commerical amount of ADAM out of the slugs, without needing little-sisters or harvesting it out of corpses…The weird human instrumentality ghost flashback shit shouldn't have been an issue for people in Columbia no?


>Neutral ending is actually the 'best' in Bioshock 2 btw
wat one?


Honestly, it's been such a long time since I last played it I've forgotten a lot of stuff. I do remember the instrumentality ghosts and how tonally jarring their segments were compared with the action-adventure tone of the rest of the game though; Just not why they existed.


I’ve always hated the bioshock games and think they’re all boring af


Bioshock was the first "adult" game, I was shook when I saw racism and the KKK in it

Sad that it appears to be lib in it's messaging, oh well


Ken Levine of Cheers still the best Levine


Kill at least one [But not all of] the bosses and kill at least one [But not all] little sister.
At the end when your all mortally wounded and fucked up Elanor goes to stab you with the stick-and-poke and upload you into her head - But you stop her and just let yourself die.

We see with the guy that turns into the fish-monster and has multiple personalities. Lamb's plan literally doesn't work and just fucks people up to the point of insanity with the ghost flashbacks and sheit.

And uploading Delta into Elanor's head, Isn't just 'saving' Delta. It's would assumedly 'change' Elanor and her personality in some way.


Prey did Bioshock but better


File: 1663070695111.jpg (34.79 KB, 800x450, ergeofgreat.jpg)

There were only two places where Bioshock could have went. Number one - under ground mole people barrack communism dystopia city with lava lakes, massive forges, mineshafts, steampunk drill-swords and drillmechs. Number two was boring "abloobloo soviets evil" ice city. SO BICE THEY PICKED THE MORE INTERESTING OPTION, INNIT?!?!?


the most ebin plot twist of bioshock infinite is at the end where Levine just says
>man bad because no matter what man does man bad
>man starts a revolution or establishes theocracy
>no man means no problem
>drown man


In the Burial at Sea DLC, it is explicitly shown Suchong making his final recording, complaining that Big Daddy's aren't bonding onto Little Sisters, slapping one, and getting killed by a mad Big Daddy (a random Bouncer).

Subject Delta was said to have been the very first Big Daddy (Alpha series) to bond onto a Little Sister (Eleanor), suggesting he was the one that killed Suchong. Burial at Sea effectively wrote 2 out of canon.

Tell me with a straight face Ken wasn't mad about Eleanor being the superior daughteru.


I mean I think everyone besides the Elizabeth simps agree Elanor is the best daughter character of Bioshock but it's a huge stretch to say 2 was created solely out of spite. 2 was a rushed sequel churned out to hit quarterly targets after seeing the success of the first.

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