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So, we ended up discussing childhood games in the /Ukraine/ thread, but since it's off-topic, this thread was created to continue the discussion.

Post and discuss your childhood video games, 2000s/1990s/1840s/whatever nostalgia, old games, and most importantly, have fun!
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i just really like jak and daxter and i want everyone to know it


Nice, did you like the sequels? The first one I played the least (not counting Lost Frontier)


I got this game at eb games years ago easily one of my favorite games on the GameCube.


Jak 1 is pretty tight, wasn't a fan of 2 or 3. My favorite 3d platformer from that era is still Rayman 3.


File: 1663349261144.jpg (11.45 KB, 205x246, burnout3.jpg)


Burnout 3 was not directly one of my childhood games, but it was on a PS2 demo disc I had.

Demos are a thing EA would never do anymore.


Whoops, accidentally pressed "post". I wanted to add that some of these demos are interesting because they can be an earlier version of the final game. On that same demo disc, there was a demo of Mercenaries and you can easily spot a few differences between this version and the final version.

And since I'm talking about Mercenaries: General Song did nothing wrong, the US puppets deserved it!


I played the shit out of it on PS2.

Other games I liked were Ratchet and Clank, Ace Combat, Sly Cooper, Metroid, Zelda and Pokemon (gen 3 for moi).


The PS2 Ace Combat games are part of my personal favorites because of their soundtracks and (in the case of Squadron Leader and The Belkan War) their short and simple, but great plot.
In the case of Ratchet & Clank and Sly Cooper, back then I only played Ratchet:Gladiator (Deadlocked for non-Yuros), Size Matters and Sly 3.
For Zelda, only a bit of Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks, never finished those.
And for Metroid and Pokémon, never played a single one.

I played a lot of Agent Under Fire, NightFire, SpyHunter and Mission Impossible Operation Surma, as a kid I didn't have many games for a little while. Plus I loved spies!


Did anyone have Warhawk on the PS3? Used to visit my friend for splitscreen with online multiplayer before we could afford internet (or even a console). Surprisingly good game. Is the community still alive? Remember, even life support technically counts.


I heard the name but IDK what the fuck that game is. I still keep my PS3 for some reason even if the controller is pretty dead, but the only games I care about are Demon's Souls and MGS HD Collection.



Isn't this the game the Roblox 'oof' sound effect got taken from?


File: 1663474328252.jpeg (215.76 KB, 811x654, Roskomnadzor Ж-12.jpeg)

A minor character in a Doody game that has a 'rogue' Russkie officer gassing a totally-not-Syrian/Afghan village and the main character being a girl from said village that becomes a totally-not-mujahedeen leader in fighting this russkie in another place a decade later. Ж-12 comes into her home and after her father randomly attacks the man with a dagger, they kill said man and then the player struggles to try an kill said Soviet Supersoldier.


I have no idea what anything in Roblox sounds like.



Yeah that's Bob's voice from Messiah for sure.


I played this game just because I wanted a post apocalypse RTS, it has some interesting ideas but overall is too clunky by modern standards IMO. It requires constant savescumming to beat it.


Yeah it's a huge problem of the game unfortunately. I can't really comment on the campaign because I spent most of my time playing it messing around with the map editor, which is pretty solid btw, it allows for scripting some events for example.
Which reminds me I was never able to use the planes in it. I just wanted to see this glorious MiG-27 in action for feck's sake! -_-
A modern remake that fixes all the clunkiness away from the original would be great. Sadly, because of its age, obscure status and niche, it probably never will get one.
There is a mod called the Apocalypse mod for it too, but I never managed to get it to work. As I said in my previous post, I think it needs a Russian copy of the game else it won't work.


A true patrician


File: 1663800959243.mp4 (18.66 MB, 640x360, ukraine drone.mp4)

Damn, that house looks familiar…


I've only played Red Faction 1 and 2. 2 is a cliched story about rebelion against le evil dictator, thematically weak. Singleplayer gameplay is so-so, but multiplayer is surprisingly fun. Orignal Red Faction IS one of the few pro-workers, pro-militant action, anti-capitalist games. The only spoiling point is the ending where Earth Defence Force arives so your agency is diminished. Exploitative capitalism narrative kinda shrinks. Those final seconds imply only some periphereal Marian capitalists are exploitative, and good capitalists from Earth will save the day and restore order.


Play Guerrilla.


i still wanna play generals ROTR with one of you fuckers


If you want, I can install Generals, try to get it running, get the mod and play with you ^^


And it's done! Generals ROTR now runs on this humble anon's machine.
No idea how multiplayer works and I suck at strategy games though.


Looks like we'll need to set up a virtual LAN network to make it work cause the CNC net is down.


File: 1664638490047.jpg (36.64 KB, 385x407, sogga keyboard.jpg)

>I suck at strategy games
Thats okay. I am pretty mediocre at RTS games but still find them great fun, C&C and SC2 especially. Also glad that RotR is finally getting out of their 6-year long hiatus at last.


SO, as a thought
We could use hamachi to set up a VLAN, or some other program, but it's worth noting that using hamachi fucked up my brother's computer thanks to how it handled permissions causing recurring configuration issues with Steam


So basically, use a VPN to simulate LAN? I see! I've never tried doing that (as I said, I never tried multiplayer, plus I never tried LAN), but there is a beggining to everything :D
I don't know of other programs, but I recall a Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Spy v. Mercs guy used something called Radmin VPN to play. No idea if it's worth looking into.

Also, can we set on a particular date and time, so we can be sure to be able to meet up? Maybe I should create a separate thread where anons can meet up in various games, what do you think?


I'd be down to play a bit tomorrow.
here's hamachi, which works, but be careful.


I'll be careful with it, thank you. I might take a look at Radmin as well if I have some time. Who knows, maybe there are no risks of issues with it? I dunno.
Anyways, I'll try to meet up with you tomorrow then :D

>C&C and SC2 especially
I like Supreme Commander! I especially love the scale of the battlefield and the various unit types (air, naval, ground, submarines, even satellites) and mods add a ton of new things that make the game even more fun.
If I knew how to, I'd like to try modding it myself a little.


We're gonna need some VLAN set up by tomorrow.
I already have hamachi running. It's worth noting that this counts as a private(!) network by windows unless you're careful.

I would 'strongly recommend getting Sandboxie https://sandboxie-plus.com/ as a form of software isolation.


>I would 'strongly recommend getting Sandboxie as a form of software isolation.
To make sure the connection with Hamachi is secure? All I have to do is run Hamachi along with this software?
Sorry if I ask a lot of stupid questions, I never tried this before and I want to make sure everything goes smoothly.


Sandboxie is a program that allows you to isolate programs into "boxes" so that they can't see each other running, and potentially isolate them to certain "snapshots" of your hard drive. Just one more layer of protection so that you are less likely to get infected/fingerprinted/probed. Even if we're comrades, don't be dumb with your computer.

After that,yes. Start sandboxie, then run hamachi in sandboxie.


Thank you for the explanation! One last thing: do you want me to set up a network or do I let you handle that? We'll have to connect to the same network in the end either way, right?


I'm trying to get Hamachi running in Sandboxie right now. Just trying to figure out how to get the program to access the files it needs.


Ah, fuck it, Hamachi still works fine otherwise.


Alright, just thought I'd let you know about it. Hamachi and Sandboxie can both be a bit touchy on their own.
I can get a network set up here.
Do we want to move to IRC or something to chat? Would be a lot faster response times/


>I can get a network set up here.
OK, I'll let you do handle it!
Do we want to move to IRC or something to chat?
Sure! Just let me install Element and I'll be in touch with you soon enough.


OK, Element is installed. Where do I go from now?


The unofficial leftypol Matrix server is here:


Thank you!


File: 1664715181861.png (15.18 KB, 647x228, ClipboardImage.png)

Huh, I just got this error message. Did I do something wrong?


Oh wait, do I have to join the official leftypol Matrix server first?


Seems like it. Ask for access to the space.


All right. All I have to do is send my request through the chat? I'm completely lost, sorry -_-


I'm currently in the waiting room, for the record.


what's the official matrix


If I understood correctly, this is the waiting room:


and once you get vetted, you gain the right to access the official Matrix server.

Unique IPs: 22

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