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Literally no one except for sekiro and blood borne fans was mad over elden ring

Like I guarantee half the actual seething over the game came from the communities of those two games crying about how easy it was to cheese and spam through the entire game with magic and bows compared to previous from software titles along with the game being generally easier with shit like auto magic regen and nonexistent caps making the meta only moderately less balanced than another RPG alike oblivion


Being a fan of Sekiro, I thought Elden Ring would have a lot of the improvements Sekiro made, like having an actual story instead of lore. Also, Elden Ring being 100 hours long is horrendous.


Traveling across the world was a waste of time.


Didn’t blood borne also have a pretty simplistic story being you were just a hunter trying to kill and find a cure for the plague of beasts turning people into mutants?


People are still milking the outrage culture cow?


>100 hours long
Only if you try to do everything including shitty unfinished NPC quests that were finished in post launch patches,and visit every place on the map,which is absolutely unnecessary.
Also there is technically a story,it's just on a singular route (Star ending) that everybody does,and the other routes are just doing random shit that makes no sense to end with nothing,it's honestly quite flagrant how much Ranni is the only plot thread that has really been worked on to make sense with NPCs talking to you constantly while you're doing it,including the doll,whereas killing random dudes to find ass tumors in order to give everybody the scarlet rot is the most stupid ending you can and it makes no goddamn sense,the lord of the dead is a random fetch quest with an optional boss,the cursed ending is nearly impossible to obtain without a guide (who the fuck did it without looking,unironically tell me) and just drops a bad end on you right at the end,the golden order needs you to speak to NPCs in order just like in the other souls to finally obtain the mark and that's it.


Sounds like my time with wow after returning to discover the shit tutorial that made the entire game look extremely bad

Either way there’s an easy fix to these kinds of problems in fantasy games and it’s just to dial down the amount of fantasy elements. I get that the genre is obviously some sort of ideal or imaging of what things could’ve turned out as but the genre works best the more realistic it is as it can allow writers a foundation to base how they write stories off of and allows the some level of immersion gameplay wise to the player that can suspend their disbelief to the environment they’re playing in

Lotro is a great example of this


>these shitass outrage bait thumbnails
Are we back in 2016 or something? All this needs now is TheQuartering and you get yourself the perfect quartet of cancer.


As a Souls fan, I also hated ER tbh. Playing Sekiro fully after it and then replaying DS3 just sealed the deal how piss poor it was compared to what was before.


>are we still in 2016?
we never left


why is middle guy ok with black Targaryen's but not black dwarves


also why did none of these thumbnails use galadriel's horse-face

jesus these guys cant even be good at being triggered nazis


Galadriel is canonically trans


I just wish they’d make Sekiro 2. It’s their peak game


You can't just drop that and not share any source!



Part of outrage culture is how shitty material conditions in general are getting.

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