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File: 1663299771200.jpg (55.58 KB, 500x576, 1608997678792.jpg)


guy who has never played guilty gear getting really mad at trans woman who has also never played guilty gear for being happy bridget is trans


then they kiss


Did Bridget become a girl with magic or whatever or did she just say "I'm a girl now" I've never played guilty gears


she's trans


Reread OP.


File: 1663365289487.png (157.35 KB, 480x360, ClipboardImage.png)

Trap erasure is not a joke, Jim!


File: 1663366900849.jpg (18.85 KB, 177x275, delete this.jpg)



File: 1663366984419.jpg (49.19 KB, 640x736, FcznArmWAAI5ycY.jpg)


The group who would murder both really wants them to fight each other.


>B-bridget is trans
<N-no you can't call people out for being fags for tokenized and made up.
Not only is this just creating 'inclusivity' out of liberal bootlicking, but it's also an erasure of a distinct Japanese cultural aspect and an attack on gay and feminine men as implying them as "just being closet transies!" I don't care about Guilty Gear, never had an interest in that, but if you're going to make a retarded thread like this, I might as well disrupt the back-patting echochamber forming here by your strawman OP.


but does she have a penis


>erasure of a distinct Japanese cultural aspect


Woke localizers: Bridget is a trans girl!
GamerGate culture heroes: Bridget is a femboy!
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: This took a turn for the awesome!
Smug loli trap: *ara ara noises*


>Tries to impose western transphobia on a country that doesn't give a shit and usually just ciswashes characters in the english release.
>Japanese game company decides not to do that, since they figured out most people in the west don't give a shit either and the censorship was for nothing.
>Works, Testament is a success.
>Decides to introduce another trans character, develops her a bit as a character.
>Weebs cry over the loss of their shota femboy king, cries about the "Japanese Perspective" that said censored western releases gave the impression of.


File: 1663424227697-0.png (187.18 KB, 749x377, biscuit.png)

File: 1663424227697-1.jpg (240.69 KB, 1728x1353, 1.jpg)

File: 1663424227697-2.jpg (309.9 KB, 1422x1537, 2.jpg)


Reading this and it reminded me of the John Money experiment that right-wingers love to bring up.


The jp version of that post is funny because you can tell Daisuke was specifically optimizing his words for translation without ambiguity. He's really tired of people's shit.


Nobody is going to give this post the consideration it deserves, because everyone is high on being upset at reactionaries and their shitty takes.
Same shit as the slide of replacing masculine (i.e. dominant) homosexuality for the more hetero-appealing chicks-with-dicks (who, by the way, are still treated fucking woefully despite media representation).

They could have made literally any other character trans, though. Yet they picked the ONE and EXPLICIT queer character they had prior. Even at that low bar this isn't progress, just a shift.


You're still acting like this change is some attempt at lbgtq+ activism rather than what it really is: writers in japan deciding not to concede to western conservatives, skipping the censorship part of the localization process.
These characters aren't static, to include them in a new game is to make their story progress. Do you think Bridget herself would consider what random people on the internet would think of her when thinking about her own gender and it's presentation? No, so it would be unrealistic to write that way. This was a natural progression of the story. Good writing doesn't stray from offending people.


I don't think Bridget thinks at all, because she is a fictional character that is written by writers to be the way she is. Which was my point.

>writers in japan deciding not to concede to western conservatives

Or, instead, are conforming to what they (correctly) perceive to be a popular topic in the West.

The bla-bla about "(un)realistic writing" (lol) is neither here nor there. She is written by people at the end of the day, who make their choices.

>attempt at lbgtq+ activism

They don't need to make an attempt. What they do have consequences in the real world, desired or no. The decision they made further obscures an already fringe queer group. And for what? To appeal to dominant perception that it is better for a character to conform to gender roles?
THAT is reactionary, even if subtlety so.
And I will remind you: they could have chosen ANY OTHER character to come out as trans, but they didn't.


>Do you think Bridget herself would consider blahblahblah
I haven't read the thread and just saw it in the overboard and I don't have anything to say about the topic but I just need to tell you that your post (which I also haven't fully read tbh) reminds me of when back in those Goobergate days of yore, MovieBob was offended about something and tweeted What would Mario and Link say about that and then somebody with a Mario avatar replied: It's a me Mario. I think-a you are a fagot!


The entire Bridget discourse is like explaining what subtext is gamers back in 2014, so I'd say your post is apropos.


File: 1663457647008.png (217.63 KB, 366x395, 1623549682054.png)

How many of you actually play guilty gear?


But what would L from Tetris have to say about that


Since the original XX AC release. I'm not very good at fighting games, though, but I've always enjoyed the GGs.


Strive is my first one, and after uninstalling Windows to use just Linux, I haven't played it for a while up until a recent test run because I didn't know you were allowed to play multiplayer games on proton, since I heard you can get banned from some games for playing in a virtual machine, before remembering that proton is a wine fork, and wine is not an emulator.


>Or, instead, are conforming to what they (correctly) perceive to be a popular topic in the West.
You're thinking west-o-centrically.
lol, fair.
Can subtext not be balanced with other narrative elements? This feels like 2014 Tumblr "This story is problematic and shouldn't exist" discourse. Why are people so offended that a story had the gall to explore a theme that might be uncomfortable for some people?


That's fucking hilarious.


This is the /v/edditor containment thread. What do you think?


Doesn't matter, I watch porn, I am still a consumer of the franchise


>character is drawn like a girl
>acts like a girl
>is voiced by a girl
>is treated like a girl
>for years
>finally decides to just call self a girl
>undergoes no change except the pronouns referred to self as
>everyone is upset for some stupid reason

big marketing win I guess


mfs acting like all bridget porn is going to stop having a dick now


The Thanos snap but what vanishes is the Bridget's cock from every one of her drawings.


File: 1663473612374.png (142.35 KB, 640x405, ClipboardImage.png)

Kek, my off-the-cuff shitpost actually got replies. Okay then.
>impose western transphobia
Ah yes instead it should be westerners imposing their liberal idpol instead, so brave LMAO
>usually just ciswashes characters in the english release
Kek what? This obsession of "traps are trans" is just gay erasure.
>Japanese game company decides not to do that
Except they don't, it's the translators separate from the company that do that
>introduce another trans character
traps aren't trans, liberal
>traps are shota!!!
Oh its the pedo-panic anon, hello again.
>"Japanese Perspective" that said censored western releases gave the impression of
Except, speedreader, they are referring to the direct translations of the Japanese not the "western releases" LMAO

>U-use the pronouns!
>Calling her a she proves they're trans
No, literally idiotic translation again not comprehending the concept of feminine-male being a separate sub-gender in Japanese language, not "trans"

If I recall correctly from the old games, it is implied since the old games call her a trap

>writers in japan deciding not to concede to western conservatives, skipping the censorship part of the localization process
Except that is explicitly not the case, the japanese writers have no influence on this "traps are trans" nonsense.
Also LMFAO at these games being aimed at "Western Conservatives"
>These characters aren't static
They have established character traits and identities
>to include them in a new game is to make their story progress
No that's not necessary at all for established characters that have had their story arcs and moreover it's just promoting the /pol/ meme that liberals seem to idiotically support that 'fags are closet traniz'
>Do you think Bridget herself would consider what random people on the internet would think of her when thinking about her own gender and it's presentation
LMFAO again at this
>Good writing doesn't stray from offending people
Good writing also doesn't intentionally go out of its way for a pointless character change of their existing identity unless there's been a paradigm shift, that is bad writing and bad writing also can offend people.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


File: 1663473807397.png (142.29 KB, 300x443, ClipboardImage.png)

Don't even play, just remember the oldschool /a/ memery about Bridget from back in the pre-Stormfag days. I'm just here for the popcorn-worthy срачь.


and into /siberia/ you go.


>4 lmao's/lmfaos, all capslocked.
What layer of reddit did you learn to type like this?
>Kek what?
Does reddit even use that anymore?
>proceeds to acknowledge that along the way, ciswashing does happen but shifts the blame to subcontractors like companies don't have choice but to use the translators that do that.
>Also LMFAO at these games being aimed at "Western Conservatives"
Those translators do it to avoid media backlash. It has nothing to do with the target audience. Early pokemon wasn't targeted to people who think onigiri were jelly donuts.
>bla bla traps
Since I can tell you ran out of energy part way through typing this, here's a video essay that fits within your attention span.


/v/ermin culture hero moment


>E-celeb video
<Traps are bad and Xphobic and they're TRANZZZZ
Ok Bailey Jay
>not even an mp4 or webm
<calls other reddit
<same old liberal garbage
>you ran out of energy part way through typing this
<Hurr I didn't read so I'll just reflexively post my cope video that I looked up!
Seethe harder liberal
You do realize that is the appropriate method of typing out acronyms, correct? Also that's not a reddit thing, screaming "r-reddit" is clear projection, go back.
>Does reddit even use that anymore
<reddit using kek ever
Yeah you're a schizo.
>Those translators do it to avoid media backlash
No fucktard, until recently media didn't give a fuck about honestly obscure Jap games and by the time they did, the translators starting doing this bullshit mistranslation.
>acknowledge that along the way, ciswashing does happen
No, I argued the exact opposite, you dumb fuck
>blame to subcontractors like companies don't have choice but to use the translators that insert liberal idpol
FTFY, also imagine defending corporate
Since you're a speedreader see vid related.
Also Traps are male characters who pass as female and make you think they're girls whether they're trying or not; if a male character that looks too masculine to pass crossdresses, that's not a trap. They are not "trans" in any sense other than transvestite and pushing this "I'm actually a girl" nonsense is just Western liberal twitter/tumblr weebs desperately self-inserting and creating lengthy nonsense "arguments" to 'prove' their projection is "canon" and at this point either act in bad faith as translators or have shit-fits on the internet that push local translators to "use de pronouns"

Stay mad over nothing.


>/v/ermin culture
Indeed you are /v/ermin and so /v/erboten
>hero moment
<Using blatant 4chan speak
<"I'm totally not the /v/halfchan faggot, U R!"
Seethe harder projecting schizo.


>All this seething about "muh traps are trans" and that people disliking that are transphobic
<conveniently forgetting that these same 'bigots' also like Poison, a basically canon trans character.
I don't give a fuck about this drama, it's not really a concern for me since I don't play guilty gear or shit like it, but defending this obvious change for the sake of pandering to a liberal audience (instead of, ya kno, creating an actual trans character that is intended as such and not just translators mucking about with their liberal western white saviouresque misinterpretations) is nothing short of defending burger porkies and entitled middle class liberals that enable said burger porkies. As seen in the screencap posted before, /pol/ and /a/ aren't 'angry'. They're not raging out on social media, like the liberals on nitter do - ranting about how "this character is totally trans guyz!" and gushing about it amongst each other in their echo-chambers. I don't like /pol/, they're retarded hypocrites that like futa and traps and say NIG because they think its funny and "shocking", going on rage spiels about gommies and other shit, but in this instance, they're not the screechingly vocal minority dieing on some hill of a videogame played by a couple thousand autists in an anime community of millions.

TL;DR: The people blowing this dumb shit out of proportion are the liberals that made the change to start with and are trying to defend themselves from a boogieman they expected to be riling up, but isn't really cohesively existing. It's just shit-stirring to provoke drama



trans people really do be living rent-free in all of your minds.


Don't play guilty gear, I remember looking up Bridget's story 8 years ago when traps were becoming a thing and ED was spamming "everyone's gay for bridget". I think at least a big minority's issue with Bridget being trans has nothing to do with acceptance and more to do with it conflicting with the character's history. I think people would have minded much less if any of the other OG traps turned out to be trans (Watarase Jun, Kinoshita Hideyoshi, etc) or literally anyone who didn't have a backstory of being forced into being a femboy in the first place.

A few people keep posting this meme phrase, but I don't get what it's supposed to be making fun of. Isn't the whole point of representation to make what it's representing live rent free in the public consciousness?





File: 1663555251599.jpg (42.25 KB, 500x459, meme skelly.jpg)

>everyone is gay for bridget

isn't bridget a kid wtf


nobody cares lmao


is the joke of using a skeleton that the message is pansy as fuck


dont know
dont care
useless pixels


Bridget's pronouns are WOULD/BREED


Pointing out that the company is catering to the West on ONE topic is hardly anglocentrism. Not to mention that you are on much more shaky grounds as far as that goes, since the developers are aligning with a (superficial) cosmopolitan position in opposition to a more local subculture.

Right on the money. I praised and will continue to praise the Testament change. That was actually somewhat audacious. The Bridget thing is just a weak cop-out.

It's amazing how mods here will make retarded decisions under supposed auspicious of the gay community, while in actuality working against it.
Not even my post. Fuck you. Pink proles hate bourgies that pretend to speak for the "gay community" (their friend circle).


this uygha seriously saying a japanese developer cant have "western values" and they should stick to "japanese cultural aspects", whatever the fuck that means
/v/ermin are literally tumblr but for the other side of the culture war


doing the "x is a beautiful tradition in japan" wank post but for 2D femboys


No specific age was given, but 6 years has passed i the story since her last appearance. I imagine she's 18 now like May.


That guy got banned for being a known ban evader. They type like that to a similar effect as having an avatar.


It will never stop being funny that the only people who ever complain about "western slang translations" and "western cultural norms" with regards to Japanese media are American right-wingers.


Also considering how hands-off the corporations funding Japanese game devs tend to be when it comes to this kind of stuff it's really facetious to call this corporate pandering.


File: 1663634144625.jpg (16.07 KB, 500x279, satoko.jpg)

Oh lmao he's a gaymergayer. No wonder.


Bruh, this is an 8chan offshoot to begin with.


/leftypol/ was the good part tho. (also /cyber/, did they ever make their own offshoot, I miss it.)


File: 1664464664294.jpg (38.4 KB, 500x375, earth total fag.jpg)

No I did not, I got banned for a single-word reason: "idpoling" and no number of deletions of my posts is going to change that insane nonsense of a reason given that nothing I've said is any different to any other poster arguing in this idpol-topic thread. Nor am I a ban evader, stop making shit up you assblasted schizo. Judging by your posting method you sound like that NAFO poster from the Ukraine general.

the fuck are you on about? Take meds

>O-only muh /pol/ complaining!
See pic in >>22407 literally demonstrating trans and Japanese people complaining about this change. Eat shit liberal.

Also: replying 4 separate posts to be assmad about being called out

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