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I’m currently playing Skyrim with my magicka set to 0, carry weight set to 95 and all my perks dumped into magic perks since they’re useless in this playthrough

What this pretty much means is that I’m about as weak as most ingame enemies and I had to spend about a half an hour trying to kill a bandit chief. I’m now stuck on a bandit thug that I’ve spent nearly an hour trying to kill but I keep rushing in for punishes to early, misreading his attacks, failing to block early enough that kind of shit and it’s driving me nuts knowing how many times I’ve died to one enemy and he’s not even a boss


That sounds like a more complicated and even less fun version of the damage sliders they normally use for difficulty. The game also scales NPC health until they're damage sponges and gives them raw damage multiplier perks to keep up with the player's leveling so you'll end up extremely weak very fast.

Anyway, if he's using a two handed weapon or dual wielding it should be easy enough to bait power attacks, move out of attacking range, and counterattack when he recovers, kiting the rest of the time to avoid regular attacks. If he's using a shield it'll be a slog. You could also kite him in circles for 20 minutes with a bow.


It’s not that simple to use a bait and run method being that his forwards power attack actually causes him to move faster than I can backpedal
And the frame count to turn around and sprint isn’t worthwhile being I won’t be able to see where to dodge away and I risk missing the opportunity to block if I fail to run away fast enough

As for the other thing I’m fine with it for now as shit like logical health limits and manually editing crExtraDamage in the master files makes the game so easy it feels somewhat like cheating to me


Second note

If your asking no you can’t actually walk to the side either to dodge it as he can also just turn during this and side stepping isn’t fast enough to dodge the attack during his animation unless you pull that early
However I did find it’s possible to stagger him by doing a neutral heavy attack during his recovery/startup frame on a light or heavy attack but only in the instance that an attack was finished


There's a mod called Mortal Enemies that limits NPC turning while power attacking or aimbotting with a bow. It also makes their attack cones more reasonable. Vanilla Skyrim combat is very poorly tuned and not well suited to skillful gameplay, it's just a matter of soaking up damage and whittling enemies down.


In full honesty buy as many health potions as you can

It won’t stop you from getting hit but it’ll at least keep you alive for long enough that you can last the fight


Thanks I beat the thug today


Just learn to conjure atronachs and let them kill everything for you lol.


I can’t use magic or shouts dumb dumb
This is a no magic play through of the game



I’m stupidly overpowered again even without magic, perks, enchantements, potions you get the gist and I could tell I was overpowered after casually nurseling 3 different bandit chiefs and bandit outlaw all on the second or third try. But this isn’t about Skyrim entirely, why is first person melee combat so easy in most games that implement it, fucking kcd when I first played it became a breeze only a few hours in after learning how the mechanics worked along with how to parry most attacks being most enemies have the same AI.
Is there some inherent limitation seen in first person hack and slash games that causes such low learning curves?


That’s not the problem
The problem is that melee combat in video games in general is inherently limited. Some games try going the kingdom hearts style route by making combat insanely flashy and fast paced so bosses and enemies appear difficult while in actuality most of their attacks can be avoided just by running away and only striking when they’re locked in a recovery frame (see the video where malenia was killed by someone that wasn’t blocking, parrying, dodging, using spells, getting hit or even using anything more than a single attack move)

Others like KCD, mordhau and to a lesser extent oblivion and Skyrim with their heavy attacks use the HEMA approach by attaching directions towards attacks for the purpose of making melee feel somewhat realistic and more tense being you can be hit even if your blocking if your blocking the wrong way

You get the point, creating a melee focused game with a high skill ceiling is crazy difficult

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