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I can’t tell if it’s the colour choice being nonexistent, the effects, the aesthetics not matching up with the style of gameplay or the font choice on the UI, or just how cluttered the UI feels but something about mw2
LOOKS like shit compared to older games like it and I didn’t even know this game existed up until yesterday

Oh well fuck activision like holy they’ve been doing shit worse than EA and Konami these days


>They brought back the red ketchup smears from orignal mw2


You know something that always pissed me off about FPS games: why is the minimap always on the top left or bottom left? It should be bottom middle or top middle but devs are autistic and always shove it to a corner. Awful off-center UI design.


Warzone made activisions execs so much money they forced the developers to shove anything players could buy into their next games no matter what

For reference of what this looks like this is footage of vanguard a world war 2 game


Dude they’ve literally made modern warfare 2 alone at least 3 times at this point
Cod is the McDonald’s of gaming and recycling of content is expected in that series.


i was playing the beta and it's crazy to me how bad the map designs are


It’s crazy knowing how bad the beta version of the game is

And it’s shocking knowing how many acticucks with nostalgia goggles are ignoring how bad it is. People hated cod way back then for shit like tying maps behind dlc and the lack of change in gameplay and still hate the series for this shit

They tried to do extra stuff with black ops after 2 and I appreciate that unlike half the faggots in the cod community but they never went far enough to create a gem that could stand its ground in the future like titanfall. Either way infinity wars or treyarch(actually just treyarch now that I’m thinking of this) is gonna jump ship just like bungie and soon blizzard if it means surviving as a studio considering black ops Cold War and vanguard faced similar hostility from the cod community


Open beta is this Saturday right? I'll give it a whirl and get back to you guys.
I played Cold War's beta (fun) and Vanguard's beta (horrible). Kinda excited to be back in the modern era.


I'm back I tried out the beta.
It was worse than Vanguard.
I was in shock at how bad it was.


How are you surprised?
This is the company that’s already made mw2, mw2 remastered and mw2022 now
Not just that but modern warfare isn’t even an independent game but a spin-off trilogy of an annually released franchise. Expecting anything good out of a series that keeps pumping out game after game for the sake of it with 0 regard if any of those games are any good is fucking idiotic. Hell these opinions aren’t even original but a general sentiment gamers have had towards cod since black ops released showcasing the complete lack of change cod has had since its inception


I had a lot of fun in the Cold War beta. I was expecting MW2 to be the best experience out of the three but it was the worst by far.


File: 1664362834343.jpg (80.38 KB, 640x640, whatlmao.jpg)

lmao this shit costs fucking 70$
codcucks can't seriously buy this, right? what would be even the appeal of the series if it costed the same as the fucking ff7 remake while being a mediocre shooter for kids


Really makes you appreciate older titles a bit more than you thought you would…


Side note

There’s something really insidious about seeing how normal the beta gameplay looks and how much goofier and skin infested it’s gonna become right after release


File: 1664433965582.jpg (54.61 KB, 600x338, war never changes.jpg)

What, you don't think cat ears, anime, and rainbow vomit are conducive to fighting in a warzone? You sound like a joyless, soulless, commie.


there's something to be said about how realistic shooters have gameified and removed the horror out of war

Like with TF2 it is understandable, its goal is cartoonish violence aesthetic


Is Battlefield 1 really old now? Can you play it now with cracked servers,

I remember seeing many fun clips of it


Servers are a lot smaller
That doesn’t mean you can’t still at least find a match consistently but do expect you’ll start queuing up against the same people more often


Holy fuck this game is passive. Like wayyyy to rewarding for campers and sweats holy

The shit with leaning, claymore spam, doors you can’t see your opponent hiding besides is so fucking frequent in the maps to the point where even ground war feels like a passive sweat fest filled with pussies too afraid to stop hiding behind whatever corner or cover for five seconds
If activision cares to fix this
>remove leaning
>add window frames to doors so people can know if there’s a camper
>add fog in interiors and exteriors so dipshits can’t just crouch and hide all match at the edge of the map waiting for someone to show up


>bring back dead silence
>buff the movement again holy this game feels slow not just to watch but to play


Why fix accuracy?


Clarification by what you mean with accuracy


He means realism
And no to the tankie accuracy in an arcade shooter is awful. There’s a reason why people still play titanfall 2, bf4 and fucking phantom forces. Because those shooters are fast as shit and movement takes skill so no one cares as much about campers along with how much shit is always happening

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