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pls give us ur dream game ideas, and pls someone make these games:

1: Audio-only puzzle game with binaural audio. It's in first person and in a 3d environment, but with rly good spatial audio so that u can rely exclusively on it
2: Minecraft but with much smaller voxels & better physics like teardown, but survivalcraft (maybe already exists??!?!?!)
3: Crime mystery game where u'r the capitain of a cruiseship & u gotta both drive the ship and interact with the passengers (when the ship's on auto-drive or something) to solve a mistery of some kind


A game exactly like kingdom come deliverance but with an oblivion sized map


Daggerfall sized map*


i liek u


File: 1663987887629.jpg (51.3 KB, 567x562, chihuahua love.jpg)

>>22693 awn ❤ i liek u too ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ have a good night, beautiful person


a real-time tactical squad rpg in a fantasy setting, like a mix of vermintide and D&D


File: 1663998517349.jpg (23.18 KB, 339x339, 1644857826515.jpg)

Morrowind-like rpg, with Mordhau first person combat, with Elden Ring world design, Dragon's Dogma Magic System, with New Vegas Faction-centric Main Quest, written and directed by pic rel.


Like Divinity 2?


A real time strategy game with 3 distinct factions. One faction uses few numbers of high quality units, another faction uses swarms of expendable unites, and the last faction uses versatile but fragile ranged attack units. There should be 2 resources a primary resources used for all units and buildings and a secondary resource used for advanced units, buildings, and upgrades.


I have an idea for a cyberpunk RPG about Barron Trump, set in the Holy American Empire ruled by Emperor Donald I. He has to rescue his bling and crippled sister Tiffany from a group of insane liberals led by Eric Garland who kidnapped her so that Donald would reveal his ties to Russia. In the process Barron meets Edward Snowden and things really get wild. Barron learns that the world is a simulation and that Edward is one of many individuals who have the ability to manipulate the world around them by messing with the code or some shit. Edward needs Barron's help to defeat Elon Musk, who plans to destroy the simulation in turn killing everyone. In order to do so Barron will have to ultimately face is father, who he blames for the terrorist attack that crippled his sister and killed his beloved mother. I guess it could work as a book too, maybe making it a game is a bad idea, I don't know.
My other dream game would be a political simulator, kind of like Crusader Kings but set in the modern day, where you create your own ideology and political groups or take over existing ones (same with businesses perhaps) and perhaps even rule over your own country or territory. I guess it would be a little like Crisis in the Kremlin as well now that I think about it.


An arena PvP fantasy RPG with full loot, where materials for gear are gathered in a separate 'battle royale/Tarkov-style' mode. Got a partially finished design doc and everything


Very funny Blizzard but you already made 6 of those games already.


File: 1664011282870-0.gif (93.13 KB, 600x450, royalty.gif)

A complex open-world furry action-RPG with a setting inspired by the original Might & Magic games, Dune and The Romance of Three Kingdoms with a heavy emphasis on the intrigue involving the factions and nations inhabiting the game's world. The setting would be mostly high medieval fantasy on the surface, but underneath it would have a degree of dark fantasy and science fiction elements, with the furries being descendants of a seemingly failed exoplanet colonization experiment by a human government that was already on its last legs and was replaced by a different one that could not care less about the old one's pet projects.

In the beginning of the game, you would be able to choose your character's origin, species, what kind of profession they had before going on to adventure and what exactly caused them to leave their home, like the classic scenario with a brutal deserter/bandit raid destroying it and forcing you to flee, or a more mundane one like the village's elder deciding to send you off to get them provisions from the capital city. Along the way you could recruit as many followers as you would like, with both pre-generated characters and procedurally generated ones being available, and you could even encounter and recruit your previous characters should you retire them.

You would not be able to pick starting stats directly, but rather they would be decided by the consequences of the character's beginning choices and your species' natural traits (cat-folk for example would have high initial values in most physical stats at the cost of having to eat meat), and character development would occur according to the character's actions, but organically and in-game like in Fable rather than through a menu like in The Elder Scrolls: fighting and carrying things would make your character beefier and stronger; fishing and shooting bows would make them more dexterous; reading books and using magic would make them more erudite etc.

There would be no single Big Bad Evil Guy for you to defeat in order to save the world, but rather the true villain would be the centuries-long prejudices between the various furry nations, constant court bickering between nobles and tensions between the feudal states that would eventually lead to assassination attempts that could as well target your character if you get on a noble's nerves too much, conspiracies by petty nobles to overturn superiors or to keep their underlings on a short leash (sometimes literally, as some feudal states would practice slavery to different degrees) and wars that could range from territorial takeover attempts to outright full-scale invasions motivated by religious and racial (specific?) hatred with potential body counts of hundreds of thousands. Your actions could either be cause of these events, or outright prevent them.

Here's my pipe dream for now. Would like to know what you guys think about it.


It's like <popular game>, but free and open source.


Not enough sense input, blind people also heavily rely on their sense of touch , like with a cane. Human brains can't use audio to create echolocation mental representations, except in rare cases of extraordinary gifted individuals. You need to water down the audio-only aspect.


A person named John Lin has been posting astonishingly beautiful tech-demos for something like this.


File: 1664023699927.png (1.07 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

A third-person shooter / strategy game hybrid set in a world analogue to ours during the Cold War (except there are only a few tactical nukes and this world is plagued by war so it went hot), mixing early to mid Cold War and dieselpunk aesthetics where you can choose a side in the conflict, manage your group of forces, capture strategic locations, get better weapons, tanks, aircraft, etc by buying them, capturing them and eventually producing them.
Also, while the faux-US side would seem to be good guys at first, they actually are backstabbing imperialist bastards who install puppet dictatorships wherever they go whereas the faux-USSR side, despite seeming "authoritarian" genuinely cares about innocent people, want the best for all of mankind and have a worldview that evokes Marxism-Leninism, viewing the eventual victory of their cause as "the will of History". Plus they are led by a woman that is totally not inspired by Balalaika from Black Lagoon :3. Y'know, to surprise normies and maybe push them a bit more left.
Also because I'm a bit of a weeb, maybe give it some animu looks? I guess you could think of it as Cold War Mount & Blade with Valkyria Chronicles-ish looks?
For the "dieselpunk" look, I'm not sure what I could go for. Should I go for more realistic Cold War looks with only some light dieselpunk influences or go full Red Alert? My preference is usually enclined to something like the former. There's also an old anime called Royal Space Force: Wings of Honneamise which has a cool aesthetic and is set during an analogue early Cold War, it's a look I would love to go for. See picrel for example I fucking love the look of this plane

There you have it, my dream idea for a game. Some things may sound silly, but I like them ^^
What do you think of it?

I think it's an interesting idea! I especially like the way the true villain is actually a societal issue instead of a single person. The way you say it's a mix of dark fantasy and sci-fi reminds me a bit of Kenshi and the way you describe gameplay seems like an enjoyable mix of Mount & Blade and other Western RPGs plus the aforementionned Kenshi. It would certainly make for a very memorable experience.


The out of the box BBEG would be really difficult to implement well and come up with a solution without making it feel contrived. Otherwise I would love to hear more about character progression.


my idea is pretty simple.
There are very few if any games that try to simulate water physics and base the game around it.
Closest thing I can think of is Terra Firma on steam, its free and worth messing around with but could be expanded upon so much
I want erosion, precipitation and I want to make dams and reservoirs and shieet.
the water mechanics in City: Skylines is probably the closest thing I can think of to what I want to see but obviously it leaves a lot ot be desired


a [insert genre] game that tries to be as generative as possible, and with the fewest possible SLOC.


File: 1664036483841-0.png (499.51 KB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1664036483841-1.png (355.02 KB, 736x552, ClipboardImage.png)

Pikmin-like (structure, controls, game loop) RTS focused on base-building. Protect your bases against attacks and hazards from outside and ensure you have sufficient productivity to survive. Scout outside for new resources to acquire. Split your attention between obtaining resources and protecting/optimizing your bases, with a tradeoff leading to different strategies. Minions should be intelligent enough that they are still productive while you're away, but won't be able to optimize their tasks or coordinate attacks and defenses very effectively (but you could invest in training your troops to get better AI and make your bases more independent).

Has a PvP mode like a regular RTS and also a co-op "horde" style mode with roguelike qualities in terms of map layout and hazards (many of which are environmental). Story/campaign mode optional, but must have dev tools available to the public so there are community maps/scenarios.

Game has a story like post-collapse ecological crisis where people are rebuilding society. Solarpunk aesthetics, probably better as a more fantastical than grounded setting so there's more flexibility with the mechanics like having different types of minions.


procedural generation is, generally speaking, awful and leads to utterly uninteresting environs




File: 1664056659804.png (834.69 KB, 1080x609, ClipboardImage.png)

It would be great if some developer had the balls to make an improved version of Deathstranding. I really enjoyed this quirky game, despite its massive flaws and I hope that one day there will be a worthy successor.


what do you mean? Death Stranding immediately spawned endless imitators of the Strand Type game.




that's why it's a challenge. I don't want just graphics to be generated procedurally, but also gameplay rules, player characters, weapons, etc.


There are ways to do that with emergent styles of mechanics like faction and reputation systems than relying on pure randomness to declare how gameplay should work

Procedural generation should be used to build templates designers use to build games off of like terraria, TES, etc not the core element of gameplay itself


Terraria has been done before. I want something completely abstract.


Why not just play rim world or dwarf fortress where so much shit happens it’s hard to predict anything?


Sort of, I envision it as a player controlling a single character like an action game. Maybe it could be real time with pause and the player could swap to relevant characters when they need to, and/or the allied NPC AI would be customizable like Dragon Age or Dragon's Dogma. It would work best as a coop game though


For real? Are they any good?


A puzzle game that is basically hack-n-slash but you play as the random number generator and you have to make sure that the hero survives the map with their limited luck.


An idea I had -

The game would be called "The Traveler", and would open with a short history of the world. Long story made short, God created the world and was conflicted by the creation, both enamored by the complexity of their creation and appalled by their capacity for excess and exploitation of it. The internal conflict eventually "broke" god into shards, each of them representing a different ideal or concept once held by the original god and falling onto creation, each of them a being of mythical power. These various shards became religious icons and formed the first religions, influencing the races of creation with the fragments of the Ur-God they inherited. Gradually, the shards arranged themselves into the 2 camps - those shards who wanted to curb the excesses of the created became the Exaltation of Order, those who appreciated the totality of creation became the Children of Ambition. They waged a great war, with the races of creation taking up sides based on which god(s) they followed, but in the end Order prevailed, and banished the Children from Creation and rebranded them as "the Darkness", and rebranded themselves as "the Light".

Fast forwards thousands of years and the forces of the Light have lead the world into early industrialization, while the ruined civilizations which sided with the Children are gradually subjected to exploitation and colonialism from early capitalism and globalization. A mix of prayers from the exploited and some trickery by the Children has allowed a slim few of the Shards to slip back into reality, with a catch - they must give up all their power to do so, entering creation as a mere shade, a being of will without form. This is the game start - you are The Traveler, a shade which will form a bond with one of the followers of the Children, whose form will nurture you as you gradually restore your power on creation. The game is a mix of keeping your true nature hidden from the forces of Light, building a party to adventure with, repelling the forces of Light from conquering your people, and building up your power by finding ancient runes and spells so that your shade may become strong enough to give itself physical form, at which point you will break off from your host and become a full-fledged party leader and religious icon instead of a ghostly figure only your host can see. At this point you could attempt to do a summoning ritual to bring the rest of your kind onto creation and restart the war as a win condition, basically igniting a class-conflict mixed with religious war.

The game would be something like a callback to the party turn-based combat of the likes of Final Fantasy, with a system for building spells like Noita but also with the possibility of enchanting equipment on the same level as Morrowind. For example, you could enchant a hammer to have an effect when swung to burden the hammer itself for 100 lbs - so just as the hammer impacts the enemy, its suddenly much heavier and then does much more bashing damage, so magic is less a specialization reserved for handfuls a classes and more a utility that its worth enough for everyone to invest in and powerful enough for some people to outright specialize in.


File: 1664306062634.png (60.69 KB, 210x220, 20220927_161144.png)

you fools!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm going to steal ur ideas and become a quadrillionaire

I don't know, I think binaural audio can give you a pretty good idea of ur surroundings. Did u ever hear one of those binaural audio demonstrations, like the barbershop one? U do need echolocation to sense walls and objects and shit, but just knowing the exact direction a sound is coming from could be enough imo. Maybe the dev of this game could make use of the ps5s sense controller vibration shenanigans to add the remaining required sensorial input u'd need to undertand ur surroundings, i don't know


oh yeah, there's this guy! Man, I hope his game ends up being as sick as his tech. The tech is insane


Reading this thread makes me nostalgic for the early years of 4/v/. Tastes really have shifted a lot over the decades.

This is totally doable. Something like this has actually been attempted a lot, by furry smut makers no less.
The scope here is so big you would need to keep implementation minimal and abstract. With that I mean few assets (graphics, audio, etc), abstracting away gameplay into variable juggling and prompts, and focus mostly on the writing. That is where you put the emphasis in this sketch, and also the fastest to create a large volume of.
There are a lot of obstacles I see in terms of balance, though maybe the smart move here is to just toss it out of the window and let the player find their own adventure. Sometimes they will run into encounters that are way too hard, other times they are well equipped.

All in all, this doesn't require a lot of experience or skills to start. This could be more than a pipe dream if you would start working on this. You could even implement it through JS or in GLES2 and have yourself a web implementation.
And that brings me to the real Archilles' heel of this project: it would take years to realize (all that prose isn't going to write itself), and I doubt you would stay invested for that long. That is typically the breaking point for these type of endeavors.


Sounds cool anon. I had a similar idea about an RPG/military kind of game where instead of collecting soldiers of different classes like FFT or Fire Emblem you got pilots and tankers and soldiers etc. for a mercenary company and got the vehicles parts and ammo and etc.


an free software version of csgo counter strike

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