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What are your favorite games for old consoles? The older the better, but if you are young as fuck I understand even PS3 might be retro for you.


Does game boy advanced count? Never had one but emulating gba fire emblem games is really fun


Do you remember that Michael Jackson game where you have to save kids?


Managed to get a reproduction cart of this game for my birthday and it’s kick ass.
I’ve been playing on my Trinitron I got because a neighbor was throwing it out with RGB scart cables. Pretty fun.


what is happening in that image
>PS3 might be retro for you
How many years does it take for something to be retro

I'm scared when PS2 really will be retro
My favourite retro game would have to be Adventure Island, The Yoshi Puzzle game and that Cricket Game for SNES and Yoshi's Island


I always looked at things as retro if a lot of time has passed and there's been a significant technological leap since then. The last big "leap" we've had was from ps2 to ps3. Everything after has felt like half or quarter steps.


File: 1664384795656.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 65.14 KB, 720x720, 1662265955771.mp4)

Armored Core, because its the only way to fucking play them now…


Play Recca, you cunts.

Anything before the N64/PS1/Saturn, etc is retro.
Honestly third gen is already a stretch, let alone fourth and onwards.


>I’ve been playing on my Trinitron I got because a neighbor was throwing it out with RGB scart cables. Pretty fun.
Lucky guy, this is like finding over a gold nugget on the ground.


I'll never consider 16-bit retro. Now go play Super Spy Hunter.


>What are your favorite games for old consoles?
I'm a zoomie who grew up with a small bunch of PS2 games, so I'd say (in no particular order):
<Agent Under Fire
<SpyHunter (2001)
<Ace Combat: Squadron Leader (or Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War for non-Yuros)
<Ace Combat: The Belkan War
<Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
<Mission Impossible: Operation Surma
<probably a few more I forgot

It's been a while since I've touched my PS2 but I still collect PS2 games that grab my attention. I must have like at least 100 of them lol


bruh this game is so ass
i loved this spider-man game as a kid, i got to like the end levels i think

someone tell me this was a bad port even tho that isn't possible


anyone feel a lil ashamed to play retro games
idk there's not much substance or art to it, i feel, like i'm wasting my time

what do y'all think



my favorit
e my favorite g
ame my my favorite ret
Ro videogame is


>play a retro game
>it's another military, anti-soviet, cold war game and the enemy is muh kremlin





I loved this

Sadly it was a romhack that's disappeared off the internet
I'll try the original, but idk if i'll love it

Mitsume ga Tooru


at this point just play megaman


>>22937 my f
avorite my my my
FAVORITE my absolute Fffff
ffffffavorite ABSOLUTE FAV
ORITE my utmost fav
orite game IS: MY Ffffffff


what is the context of your clickbait ?


megaman is dogshit, utter doo doo ass game
worthless, i'm glad the entire franchise is dead

don't ever compare that to the masterpiece that is pokemon the 2000 romhack



bruh the file doesn't even exist anymore, how are you seeing it?


it's rai
>>22970 d sh
adow legends for the comm
odore 64


File: 1664850718606.jpg (376.42 KB, 1000x1000, the office 64v2.jpg)

rate my photoshop!!!!!!!(?!?!?!)!!!!

I posted it on leddit and some ppl thought it was real lmao


File: 1664941095034.png (305.04 KB, 480x360, ClipboardImage.png)

graphics are actually too high-poly for the N64 to render. By a lot. Pic related was considered pretty great graphically at its time. Hell that'd be difficult for the gamecube in some spots (those office chairs are looking mighty detailed)



are you saying the n64 mogs the gamecube
i've always wondered this about that resident evil game

which had like 2 discs in the playstation but somehow was able to fit in the nintendo console in a tiny one

how did they do it?


File: 1665008708459-0.jpg (796.38 KB, 2128x1416, office adfasdf.jpg)

File: 1665008708459-1.jpg (576.5 KB, 1736x1416, officeV2.jpg)

File: 1665008708459-2.jpg (569.41 KB, 1736x1416, officeV2Pixelated.jpg)

>>23103 true. that's because i downgraded a real life photo from the office set (by removing shadows, complex objects, and lightning), but i got lazy half way, so it still has lots of complex objects that the n64 wouldn't be able to deal with

>>23106 thanks :3

>which had like 2 discs in the playstation but somehow was able to fit in the nintendo console in a tiny one

they used rly good lube


playstation CDs where 750 MB,gamecube mini-DVDs were 1.5 GB,that's all there is to it,it's just using a DVD instead of a CD.
the playstation 2/Xbox DVD's were 4.7 GB in size,because they weren't limited to the mini size,on the other end,
Bonus : the PS3 used Blu-Rays and the XBOX 360 used HD-DVDs.
the PS4 used internal decompression of the disc files and a better optical drive but with the same discs,and the Xbox One used Ultra-Blu-Ray discs
From what I know,the ps5/Xbox series X has no change to the disk storage itself,but I'm probably just ignorant of it.


We already did this thread: >>22013

I don't want to repost everything I already posted.


Also damn, I didn't know nintendo's proprietary discs were actually more powerful

Is DVD open-source? Can physical things be?

how did you downgrade it?
and have you actually played that resident evil game which did this

I'm always curious about RE, never played it but it's somehow a popular franchise despite in the era of call of duty

What makes it special, Where should I start playing it


a disc format for 4k movies and video games of the current gen,they're kinda insane tech tbh,really hard to fit 100GB on a disc.
>Is DVD open-source?
absolutely not,you have to buy a license to produce them.
>Can physical things be?
yeah,open hardware exist


>they're kinda insane tech tbh
can you tell me more? what's the crazy tech inside them


9001 ye
>>23142 ars in photos


crack (proto) is pretty good
anyone know how to take high res screenshots in mesen


File: 1665292779905.png (671.44 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

I dunno what that is, but you know about the printscreen button right?


nah, i don't like how prnt screen puts numbers instead of dates on filenames

is there a way to customize the prntscreen phots?



am i fighting against the cubans or the batistas


I just printsceen and the paste it into paint and crop from there.


love the music, hate the game
every sports game in the retro era was ass, and honestly even in this era i assume


i have decided to use win+alt+prntscrn, using the xbox game capture

it gets hdr, kind of as well

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