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I've been thinking about how paradox cold war game could potentially work and i've realized that you can't make it just a "mod" for HoI or Vicky.

Victoria 2 has really cool tech/industrialization/politics mechanics, they are very simple and easy to understand and the game basically progresses from slow and small scale wars to massive gigantic armies and world wars, from little fleets with sail ships to steel dreadnaughts.

Hearts of Iron 4 exists because Victoria mechanics simply don't work after 1920-1930s. You have these huge armies and wars have become entirely different with frontlines and logistics playing a more important role than battles themselves. Plus every war now has a chance to turn into a global conflict hence why "world tension" meter exists.

Similarly due to the fact that nuclear weapons were invented wars have changed even more. I think that if there was a game based on Cold War - world tension meter has to stay, however if world tension reaches 100% - it's a nuclear war and game over. So the player has to balance between doing absolutely nothing and going all out and causing a nuclear holocaust. Maybe nuclear war could be a minigame of it's own similar to defcon. Proxy wars, revolutions, sabotage become much more important and should be an important mechanic. Internal politics and decisions, plus technology also become more important, causing changes in pop happiness and stuff like that. When it comes to nuclear weapons, i think besides research, one should manage radars, different types of nukes, subs, bombers, their locations/patrol and stuff like that. When it comes to space race and overall culture i think that it should be something that gives prestige points to a certain bloc that makes actions on the world map easier, or maybe if you could use it as a currency to pay for proxy wars/revolutions to convert some country to a different ideology.
So in the end i think that the philosophy of the Cold War grand strategy game must be:
>if you do nothing - you lose the game
>if you do way too much - you also lose the game
>victory can be achieved economically, polically (everyone is converted to your ideology through proxy wars/revolutions), culturally (better stats/rating by 1992) - this one i'm not sure about.


sounds boring


Indeed, all Parashit is boring spreadsheet simulators with no real entertainment or educational value other than autistically painting maps into one color and wanking off your political ideology of choice (especially fascists).

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