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GOAT or not? Been playing this for a while and I like the whole critter cultist commune building thing as well as the aggressive melee-focused combat, but I also think that the followers themselves are a bit too shallow and that the storyline could be longer instead of simply ending with you killing/recruiting the cat god guy.


I thought it was hot garbage,and I finished it.
the story is basic and the twist obvious since the start,and both of the gameplay elements are really badly intertwined,where you end up babysitting a bunch of idiots (with very tedious mechanics,like blessing or cleaning up poop) and unlock automatic upgrades (that are still limited) forever into the tech tree,and on the other end you have a mediocre rogue like with slashy slashy boss fights that all feel the same,where you roll for a god weapon,use only the golden cape because every single other is shit (except one that I don't remember the name) and steamroll the maps.
the upgrades are kind of a joke where one is obviously the superior one,can eat weed,cutting significantly into my gathering time,or get happy points that I'm already drowning in when eating human meat ? really complicatted. Get rare fishes for free money (a lot of it) but you have to actively fish them up or get a barely noticeable buff to crops ? etc.
it's two mediocre games that tried to be merged into one.


It's a really basic game, you've seen all of it 5 hours in at best. Also true that the game stuggles with not having an ending, they probably wanted the player to continue on their save with the cult management but it's way too barebones for that to work


You have pretty much nailed all the points here. CotL feels very rushed not just in its story flow, but also overall execution seeing how many problems and bugs it on release and still have that the devs are still ironing out.

The village component is quite primitive even compared to Animal Crossing, with the worst offender being that the aging mechanic does not add much to the gameplay other than grievance over having your top acolytes becoming unable to perform tasks and eventually kicking the bucket, with you having to bury them personally every time, because the cultists apparently cannot be fucked to do it even when they can already clean up crap with the janny station. The traits in theory should have enabled the devs to add dimension to the characters, but on practice the lack of trait-specific dialogue as well as insignificance of trait bonuses themselves render their point moot. Also task assignment in general is fucked as technically you can assign particular tasks to your dudes, but they will not spend time doing their assigned errands for long and would soon return to pray at the shrine instead.

The dungeon crawling phase on the other hand I found to be more solid, but unless you go for the hardest difficulty the rank-and-file enemies except the elite cultists are going to be too slow to pose a serious challenge, especially given that their attacks are heavily telegraphed. The lack of variance in map layouts is also kind of disappointing, with follower rescue maps always consisting of literally just one room that also always looks almost the same way. The apparent absense of portable usable items and loot other than resources like in BoI does not help with making it feel more diverse either.

In conclusion, unless devs give the game the Brigador treatment (release expansive content patches that overhaul and expand the base game) to patch up these issues as well as provide modding support, CotL is going to stay an okay-ish novelty title that derives a certain appeal from the premise and cutesy art style offsetting it, but definitely not a GOAT as it is.


the old age mechanic is clearly so you have a reason to even sacrifice them in the first place,because you would just keep them indifinitely otherwise,as they produce more passively/while leveling up rather than when sacrificed (unless you're speedrunning I guess)
I always found it funny that the bad guy tells you to use them for your benefit and not the other way aroun when it's litterally not possible,as they all starve,shits themselves,and get sick if mommy isn't here to pamper them for the near entirety of the game,and when you actually reach things like the janny station (which is still limited),you're basically already done with the game.

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