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I legitimately can’t name a single component of new Vegas that made the entire base game for me boring after my first few play throughs but rather a clusterfuck of stupid outdated shit
The map is visibly empty, like fuck fallout 4 and 3 you at least had places to go to if you didn’t give a shit about the base campaign, in new Vegas over half the actual map is unusable and you can see this if you type tcl and look down on the entire map after flying for a bit, and the part you can play is still barren in content while the DLCs are a fraction of the size of shit like far harbour, the Pitt or even non fallout games like fucking oblivions knights of nine expansion felt more complete
The AI is retarded being the script used for it is the same across literally all actors and consistently gets stuck in places while the cities were never fully fleshed out partly due to console restraints but mostly due to deadlines the dlc updates never saw had their issues patched out. Like fuck does any casual new Vegas know about the rest of freeside outside of the main centre?
The gunplay is a disaster that I’m not getting into as it would clog this thread but you get the point

This game fucking stinks. At least to me since I last played it over a month ago(Fallout NV threads already exist)


File: 1664516146669.png (1.8 MB, 2560x1440, 2839dj9238hd02i.png)

Game is dogshit, only redeeming faction is caesar which barely qualifies since the their content was half assed


You bethesda dick suckers are just upset that the one fo game that gets any praise wasn't even made by bethesda.

game isn't perfect sure, I've even defended the gunplay and combat before tho I get why people don't like it. What I absolutely don't get is the "empty map" bs you bethesda shills keep bragging about at all. The map might be small in size (I'm not sure if that's even true) but everywhere you go there's something interesting going on that one way or the other leads connects to the lore of the whole world that is much better than what fallout 4 did in my experience by just throwing random crap all over the world. I've had a playthrough with the spotter perk and did a completionist run so I know there is more than enough stuff on the map.


No when we mean by empty we literally mean despite the fact that new Vegas shares the same map size as fallout 3 half of it is unexplorable and what’s left is only around 20 hours of content even with dlc included sometimes even less


/v/-tier thread

>a clusterfuck of stupid outdated shit

The game came out in 2010

>what’s left is only around 20 hours of content even with dlc included sometimes even less
This is bullshit lmao


Nah that’s completely accurate I used to have a save for new Vegas after completing every single legion quest, dlc and other shenanigans and my save ended with 20 hours in that’s why I specified that number before I switched to TTW


File: 1664553839627.jpg (78.03 KB, 850x850, 1663012432958.jpg)

So you only played a single route?


File: 1664553908329.jpg (14.86 KB, 432x432, 1664200118555.jpg)


No I’ve played through nearly every ending outside of the yes man one
I couldn’t bring myself to play again after the house ending because the quests just weren’t as interesting to me after I played fallout 3 after the legion ending. So many of new vegases designs for its levels along with ingame scenes felt so much more boring and minimalistic compared to fallout 3 whom literally had functioning vertiberds in its ending


>main story 36 hours
>game that’s been documented to be completeable in a less than 5 by bsjng through the quarry junction and cazadors


Hundreds of length reports proven false if you speedrun the game.
Yeah this is a /v/ermin thread.


>hundreds of lengthy reports
Source faggot. The devs themselves literally stated they made walking in a straight line to new Vegas difficulty not to force players to play through the story but to allow people that did a challenge to complete the game


>abloobloo my shitout is better than your shitout
This overrated franchise should have just died with Interplay, at least then the fanbase could have been much more sufferable instead of being an endless parade of Black Isle, Obsidian and Bethesda fanboys fighting each other and reactionaries soying over the Enclave and Caesar's Legion.



Bethesda shill all the way


>after completing every single legion quest
let me guess skipped all the side quests?
Can't imagine at all taking only 20 hour for a playthrough especially with all the DLCs like you mentioned before. There's plenty of quests and dungeons all over the map to explore even if it is supposed to be less than F3 apparently, it's definitely not an empty map, you clearly don't want to enjoy the game in the first place.


the franchise seems to be getting a lot of attention recently I just like seeing some good western RPGs that aren't just, keep slashing monsters and upgrading weapons and all the japanese trash

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