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I agree with the idea of this video that Mario is surrealist,

Like nothing in it sounds like common sense, Why tf is a plumber fighting a mutated turtle dino, for a princess?
Everything about it is like a weird dream

But it has become comforting, and "nostalgia" for lots of people,
Does that mean surrealism is relative?


I don't understand the difference between modernity and post-modernity tho, Like it's only the same stuff

Pre-Modern and Modern to me
Also wow, did not not Surrealism was linked to the Anti-Fascist movment or that dali was a rightoid lapdog


does it matter at all


is that a surrealist statement?>


if it makes you happy, sure


What's with all the fucking youtuber threads on this board?


super mario started off as super class conscious game for the game and watch. the disneyfied surrealist character he became is entirely at odds with what he was meant to be



im being paid to gangstalk you with youtube threads

who cares about the video, read the text, what do you think about platformers being surrealist

wtf mario started off in game & watch?? i thought it was arcade, (before i thought nes)


File: 1664876052682-0.png (776.16 KB, 1000x1000, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1664876052682-1.png (1.36 MB, 1586x2462, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1664876052682-2.png (173.46 KB, 474x612, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1664876052682-3.jpg (32.66 KB, 395x830, shaved mario.jpg)


the game and watch mario game is erased from memory because it's basically about two workers trying to keep up with ever more demanding production quotas and getting yelled at by their boss. Nintendo, being a corporation that dates back to imperial japan, does not like having its own toxic capitalist/fascist culture satirized. So nobody remembers mario's true origins.


File: 1664892092294.png (1.49 MB, 1273x707, ClipboardImage.png)

Mario is a being of pure id.
Who else would face such bizarre and extreme dangers without hesitation and have nothing to say but YAHOOOO?

Luigi is a being of pure superego.
He doesn't really enjoy what he does and often does not want to, but does it anyway because it's his duty.

Wario is a being of pure ego.
He does everything out of self-aggrandizement and seeking personal power and stamps his face and logo everywhere.


File: 1664902234374.png (521.82 KB, 888x499, nazbol mario.png)

I'm playing the original NES mario games now including the original Japanese SMB2 which became lost levels in the all stars remake


Mario il all about gameplay, all aesthetics elements are linked to gameplay decisions to make what you're supposed to do quite obvious.
Goomba look like this so you'll try to jump on them, Mario is a plumber so you'll try to use pipes.
The coherence of the universe resulting from thoses elements is very secundary.


Basically Doom Eternal but a platformer


>>23069 mario's ochinchin 😳


i hate cartoon penises, it weirds me out

what is yoshi?



who is the first guy

i genuinely hate every water and air level,
it is un enjoyable, the later 2Ds era is where I think mario became perfect




>pretend to be a socialist
>still look decent

>drop the act and go full fash



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