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I got to the last giant and after getting straight up one shotted at max health I had enough quit and uninstalled and then played cube world to calm myself.

This game isn’t hard, despite the above I don’t think the combat is deep, or difficult to understand I don’t think the AI is hard to fight against I don’t even think being at max level matters. It’s contrived as in the game has more bs to artificially raise the difficulty and punish anything that looks like aggressive play, like

>forcing enemies to respawn constantly completely incentivizing the player to constantly run past them to skip to the ending so they don’t put up with the potential for constant and stupid deaths

>terrible respawn locations that are placed often a few minutes away from boss fights or neighbouring bonfires which makes dying the most tedious shit imaginable on top of forcing your health to a minimum 50%
>one shot attacks that destroy the point of using any class that doesn’t already have a shitload of vigor, also this creates a passivity problem where every problem in game is solved with spamming parrying and running away due to the penalty for getting to close to anything
>enemies that turn around during charged attacks along with enemies that attack and defend at the same time ruining the point of approaching and parrying them so you’ll just run past them as well
And the list of garbage goes on. I just need something else at the moment that’s all


Lol pwned


The last giant is the first boss in the game and notoriously easy, what do you expect. Anyway I wholeheartedly disagree with your analasys and very much enjoyed Dark Souls 2 as the best in the series.


I came back and tried the game again
I was right the game is hilariously easy and half the “difficulty” comes from the bs it throws at you. Weirdly enough it didn’t do much to get me enraged as hard because I just got used to it and stoped caring so now I’m just really bored knowing it’s not as story driven as other games being all the lore in it you learn through item descriptions and convulted npc dialogue


Dark souls in general is fucking morrowind tier levels of unbalanced and easy as fuck to exploit

Level caps straight up don’t exist until you hit the precision limits of the code the games run on
Magic is always overpowered regardless of what game your playing
Items can regen your health
Estus flasks always being available take the tension completely out of fights
You can literally farm bosses until your stupidly overpowered at like the start of the game
Bugs just like morrowind are fucking everywhere making exploiting even easier
And it just goes on and on. I can register that learning enemy attack patterns does require some level of foresight but cmon. These games really isn’t hard to master in the slightest
If you want a legitimate challenge play KCD. No I’m not saying sekiro, the revive mechanics and the usage of its version of estus flasks bring the same dumbass easiness you’d see in other from software games


What is it with from software games having some of the most intricately designed enemies, bosses and combat mechanics only to then get destroyed instantly by terrible metas?

I don’t even understand why games like elden ring were so unbalanced at launch considering they already knew how to maintain fairness with sekiro by implementing a soft cap and not giving the player OP magic abilities, or just learning from ninja gaiden by not allowing the player to spam items to win


Well some people just want to wank all over everything with their broken build. Just look at the streamers who have played the Souls games 50 times.


How is that fun? That takes all the skill and hence any tension the game had out completely. You might as well install cheats and abuse exploits to one shot the final boss in these games if you decide to play like that


IDK, it requires knowledge of the game and some people find that fun.


because breaking them is part of the design,they were never meant to be "so epic difficult !!!" that's just Namco Bandai marketing talking.
Demon's Souls is 90% about gimmick bosses wich have a specific way to instantly demolish them if you think about it like a puzzle,and this is true for how magic works in the later games,even in Bloodborne,or how the ninja tools work in Sekiro,where you can cheese an hard boss by finding out the trick to it.
facetanking and playing in melee only is meant to be a personal choice from the player,not the only good way to experience it,finding out some way that feel cheesy (but is clearly intended,or else they would've made all bosses immune to status effects in every game,instead of mostly doing it in BB) to win is still good if you're having fun testing on hard parts.
The one counterargument I have to myself is that they are actually making patches where they nerf and buff some strategies,so the game design isn't that thightly made.


They’re busted outright just by their design outright. No need to break anything when the poise system allows you to block a sword crafted by gods that’s over twice your size with nothing but wooden tools


There’s something really fucking sinister about the way these games outside of sekiro are fundamentally designed, and how the devs approach difficulty…

It’s not difficult. It’s just flat out unfair by design and rather than having progressing through these be something earned through well placed timing, skills learnt and foresight into what may happen ingame progression is instead earned entirely through cheesing fights, using exploits and abusing already broken mechanics until these games defaults into “just spam items and summons until victory who gives a shit about using more than one strategy”. I remember morrowind playing like that, I remember fighting the pursuer without using the crossbows and it feeling the same way. Like the game was literally punishing me for not bullshitting through its content

Such fucking terrible game design


Why even complain about gameplay if you are abusing broken mechanics to win easy? Of course it isn't going to be fun if you abuse the game design. You can optimise the fun out of any game, everything has a meta strategy which can beat every boss. You're using the easy mode and then acting like thats the only way to play the game. Your argument falls especially flat since this is the EXACT same shit people were saying about Sekiro and DS3 when they released. Sekiro was hated by so many people because it was too hard, attacks were too quick with little room to respond, bosses would attack you in your weak spots and a number of bosses become MUCH easier by cheesing them with prosthetic enhancements. I love Sekiro its a great game but your argument could be as easily applied to Sekiro as any other game. Also, WHY did you cheese through every fight? I don't understand why you would intentionally go out of your way to do that. I play every from soft game Ultra Greatsword only and have sooo much more fun than abusing magic. Why complain about summons when you can literally just not engage with that system and it makes the game way more fun and challenging. Its entirely optional to use summons in Elden Ring. Like seriously every game has broken items, its impossible to make a perfectly balanced game.

>There’s something really fucking sinister about the way these games outside of sekiro are fundamentally designed, and how the devs approach difficulty…

Why is it sinister. This sounds hysterical.


I didn’t ngga
I actually went out of my way to avoid spamming unless I was legitimately stuck on a region and even then that was still rare. Was it fun? No no where near as fun for me as sekiro was, not just because the sekiro was more fast paced and rewarding towards timing and precision but just had less shit to get randomly due to, like doorways that lead to cliffs, or platforms where going off stage instakills, that’s not to say sekiro never had this shit but it was so much less frequent and blatant it was hard to give a shit about and boss fights felt fair even if tough


I mean fuck just look at the difference between what a game like elden ring and sekiro is like gameplay wise


File: 1665866646361.png (60.56 KB, 322x387, 1665606276455.png)

>Wowie look, I played an early game boss incredibly slowly and conservatively and it was boring
<Vs playing an endgame boss placed into the beginning of the game as a narrative way to kick your ass a la demons' souls and the final boss was fun


Kek stfu you no damb well how much blocking and attacking fucking suck in every souls game outside of sekiro
One blocking relies on stamina and unlike sekiro where you can block as much as you want in every other souls game you get stagger so quickly and hit again.
Two there’s literally no reward for timed blocking if not an actual punishment for it due to recovery delay on all your hits
Three outside of actually blocking elden ring enemies are aggressive as shit but the combat is still DS era being it was developed at the same time as sekiro(which explains a lot about why some enemies seemed immune to not attacking) making every fight run at a fucking snails pace due to nonexistent openings
Also the iframe dodge system is just fucking horrible. I don’t care if you need timing, it rewards spamming the dodge key because you don’t have a give a shit about where the fuck your actually dodging especially if your dodging into an attack which breeds the bad fucking habits that got DS veterans instakilled in sekiro. Coincidentally a lot of the attacks within the first souls games from demon souls to ds2 straight up aren’t dodgeable at all, most of them are flurry attacks


Play blood borne man
It’s prett much the best in between of sekiro and demon souls style gameplay you can ask
Magic and bows isn’t an option that allows cheesing and most of the weapons feel unique making fights feel non static along with the fact that although blocking isn’t an option the speed of the gameplay overall makes up for it making fights feel nonstatic

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