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I think this game is on to something lads
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How again? Tbh I only remember defending the North Korea-esque to the neoliberal.


The murder reveal was the least impactful of the 4 resolutions and you fucking know it you brainlet.

This isn’t supposed to be a murder mystery per se, but like retro version of Cyberpunk. I never once felt like Sherlock Holmes but like Deus Ex’s Adam.


Pretty good game, but I wish it had more content. I know it wasn't trying to be a huge grandiose tale like your typical RPG but the main plot still felt a little short. I got to the shootout and thought alright, here we go, this is kicking off… but then there were only about two more hours left in the main story. It just feels like you're bumbling around awkwardly for a lot of it, which to be fair might have been the point.


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These 2 were based


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Wait for the spectacle.
>yfw gunfight


Was this meant to be a coherent thought.. or what?


He's trying to make fun of me for enjoying something that was meant to be enjoyable, because he's a retard.


This post was made by a GPT bot.


>GPT bot
A whatsit now?


To find gunfight in games enjoyable is already highly ideological.


Have you even played the game or are you just being a pissy faggot? It's not some glorious exciting action scene.


Yes, I played the game and liked it a lot.
You make a point faggot, the scene in question was neither glorious nor exciting. But it was good.


woah I got neat dubs, didn't even notice


>The whole muh wife thing is clicheed
>Voice acting sucks.
Gotta agree on those but it absolutely doesn't need fucking combat.
I want more games with this exact system but playing a different guy.


ZA/UM has been teasing something coming "SOON" on their site these past few days, now it says "NOW", expecting something to be announced tonight at the Game Awards




Sounds awesome but goddammit, I just finished playing through the fucking thing.


absolutely based


When I finally kill myself I think Red Rock Riviera will be the last song I listen to



Be sure to scream I DON'T WANNA BE THIS KIND OF ANIMAL ANYMORE before you do it

Also, the better version of that song is "Instrument of surrender" from the DE soundtrack


I like how the lyrics are basically the plot of DE
>I'll wake up in a new life
>Down by the seaside


File: 1608528352109.png (1.82 MB, 763x1079, blwcveojp5f51.png)

Some of the flavor text for the thought cabinet really hit home in terms of how it talks about living with that sort of constant, bone-crushing despair:

>Who doesn't toy with the thought of suicide sometimes? Or, like, most of the time? Okay, maybe some people don't – like the happy scientist girl named Marie, or Jean-Marc, the superstar whom everyone loves. But you – when the going gets rough, it's nice to think about your little trap door out of here. Do it. Put your finger on the eject button, see how alive it makes you feel – the freedom of finality. Think of how much they'll *miss* you.

>0.000% of Communism has been built. Evil child-murdering billionaires still rule the world with a shit-eating grin. All he has managed to do is make himself *sad*. He is starting to suspect Kras Mazov *fucked him over* personally with his socio-economic theory. It has, however, made him into a very, very smart boy with something like a university degree in Truth. Instead of building Communism, he now builds a precise model of this grotesque, duplicitous world.

I mean, shit. I feel like we've all had a "blackpilling" moment like that in our political journeys at one point or another.


>You – against the atom, the charm and the spin. Where the whole world failed – matter failed to bend to human will; human will failed to get out of bed and ties its laces – you alone, single-handedly will rebuild the dreams of the working class. You are The Last Communist.


>He's not okay. This is just another black day, in a row of black days – something *strange* is keeping him together, making him endure…
>…an idea. Told to him by grown ups, from radio towers and leaflets, in a beautiful print when he was still a teenager: everything is possible. If we fight.


did you really expect that to be the starting point for the game? literally everything in the plot was building up to that moment as being the final confrontation, personally i sort of expected to die during it


Magical realism


"It was real. I'd seen it. I'd seen it *in reality*."
>"The mask of humanity fall from capital. It has to take it off to kill everyone – everything you love; all the hope and tenderness in the word. It has to take it off, just for one second. To do the deed."
>"And then you see it. As it strangles and beats your friends to death… the sweetest most courageous people in the world," he's silent for a second. "You see the fear and power in its eyes. Then you *know*."
>"That the bourgeois are not human."


anyone confused by people saying that this game was about letting go of the ideals of communism or something?

Maybe it's a valid explanation if you weren't a completionist that explored all the dialogue options, but there was so much text about how lively, young, and healthy the Deserter was.

However, as soon as the realisation that he was going to be arrested happened, he turned lifeless, and into a shell.

The phasmid becoming material happens right after the Deserter becomes lifeless. There's a small bit of flavor text, but my phasmid left me saying to continue working towards the Revolution and the workers. Right after the conversation ends, the Phasmid runs away. Also, remember to consider that there was text implying that the phasmid itself was giving the Deserter the will to keep going.

The disappearance of the Phasmid and the lifelessness of the Deserter lines up too well for me to accept the mainstream talk of "hatred and anger" made him "lifeless". It has been despair, and it has been like that for each and every one of the characters, especially Harry, that keeps people teetering between life and death.


>anyone confused by people saying that this game was about letting go of the ideals of communism or something?
Never heard this interpretation but not surprised that people would make up shit like this to not have to admit the game is blatantly biased towards leftism.
I think your post is basically correct. Disco Elysium is clearly a game about finding a way to keep going after failure, not embracing desistance. These are two very different things. As you mention, the conversation with the phasmid is arguably the key scene for the entire game. The point is that humans are capable of tremendous, terrifying things, and this is where we can find hope even after failing miserably, again and again. Hence "you are a violent and irrepressible miracle". The only way to see the game as an apologia for pessimism is by ignoring this scene altogether.
It's crazy to me that anyone could play a game that is transparently an allegory for Eastern Europe after the fall of communism (although, obviously, with plenty of details from other places and historical moments mixed in) and think the point is to just accept all the misery as it is.


Phasmid is the spectre that is haunting Revachol


its here lads


What is?


File: 1617152322572.png (358.61 KB, 2048x1152, disco.png)

Content update with new quests for each political alignment, new area, and full voice acting. Personally not a fan of the narrator/skills all having the same voice actor. I miss Cuno's old voice actor


it should be able to, there was an update last year called the "Working Class Update" that was specifically meant to make it work on old dusty toasters


how are the "political vision quests"? are they just little side quests related to the politics you choose?


I've been taking my time with the game (only on day 2) but it looks like they should be pretty sizeable based on what I've read of them. They seem to be the biggest piece of cut content ZA/UM were itching to put back in. I'll get back to you once I'm able to go through one of them.


nice, i actually just started my 2nd playthru. played it once last year. doing hardcore mode with balanced stats/signature skill shivers, communist politics, other than that ill just see how it plays out


You miss Cuno's voice not clipping constantly.


Didn't play this game but just bringing it up unprompted seems to send /v/edditors into a fuming rage on cuckchan


they activate on day 4 after a dream sequence and a thought bubble orb. however, according to an article there is only one political vision quest per playthrough, in that you can only start one at a time.


additionally, you must have the respective thought completed in the thought cabinet for it to initiate. for example, having thoughts in kras mazovian economics for the communism political vision.


Funny enough it was well received when it first came out. Then it was brought to attention that the developers were Marxists and they had to hate it reflexively.


make sure you guys play the moralintern questline


to add, it's a rare instance in a video game where i felt legitimate fear. idk


File: 1617867492242.png (960.9 KB, 512x512, Dimahoo Gigafacer proper d….png)

You need to play more arcade challenges.


The children aren't ready for that kind of intensity, Anon.


>artificial difficulty to get more bash off children
So true!


All difficulty is artificial, mate. It's kinda the point of it.


Do I need to play a lib to get on it?


Centrist lib and it’s pretty annoying to get bc you’ve gotta finish the entire church quest and meet w the Sunday friend

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