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so what did you all bought on the Steam sales?
let's share good games to play together or alone
have you refunded anything?

I bought

>Sea of Thieves

althought idk if i should refund it, i kinda like the game but the PVP always takes me down a rabbithole i don't wanna get into, specially since i'd be 1v3 at worst but i love pirates but i have no friends to play with me :(


Refunded the shit out of it, it has the shittiest story i've ever seen and the workshop do be kinda empty
i liked the tacticool hotline miami idea but jesus, the fucking edge
<"a hobo killed my brother so now i'm gonna kill every fucking degenerate hobo in the city"
absolute cringe white trash power fantasy


had to refund it, is too hard and tbh i just bought it cus the OST has "Sidewalks and Skeletons" in it
not a bad game just not something i wanna spend my money and
time on

>bought Project Zomboid so i can play with my brother

he liked the game and i saw a mod that has the Striker 12 as a weapon

>"do you play games based on which weapons you can use in the game/mods?"


i have 100 MXN coming back from the refunds and i'm thinking of getting Bastard Bonds, saw Sseth review and i'm sold it looks like a fun game and i like tactical RPGs


I'm just gonna play some shit on Game Pass instead, you can still get 1 month on PC for £1.



im gonna save mine for later, i refunded Sea of Thieves, 200 MXN for a virtual cat on a game i already bought for the same price fuck that, idk what to buy with the refund tho.

Bastard bonds is cool but it feels a bit dull
amazing game, i just don't know if i can afford it right now


>RUINER had to refund it, is too hard

filtered hard pussy, stop being a faggot and kys


File: 1671952189849.jpeg (44.43 KB, 462x453, my queseso reaction.jpeg)


yeah, i guess, maybe someday i'll get back to it.


File: 1671988322819.png (626.01 KB, 1545x869, ClipboardImage.png)

Most of Maestro Cinetik's games are on sale
Was debating between HLL or Squad but Arma 3 is 75% off so Ill go with that
Also kinda wanted Two point hospital and Planet Zoo, for the theme hospital and zoo tycoon nostalgia, but they both have ridiculous amounts of DLC so ill pass
resisting the urge to get Euro Truck sim DLCs
If I didnt already own it i'd get KSP while its 75% off
Paradox games are on sale as well, I would at least recommend city skylines



you can get Two Point Hospital and Planet Zoo legit and get the DLC with CreamApi
that's what i do with HOI4 as well
also Planet Zoo is great it has a floppa mod

you just need to make an account in cs.rin.ru to see the download links:


I bought a steam deck and Monster Hunter Rise, and that's all I'm really interested in. I thought of getting Zomboid, but I get bored of survival games quick.
The game starts off difficult, but once you a decent amount of skill points it goes down. Especially since it lets you respec at anytime. I didn't really need to use it though, maxed out shield and dashing let me dive through a crowd of enemies and then stun+kill them as soon as they spawned.


i bought homm vi and doom for my loonix pc but since they don't work i might refund
i'm gonna try a few more proton versions before that happens THOUGH
i'll probably get some more gaymes for my switch tomorrow


File: 1672080893970.png (62.03 KB, 370x320, ClipboardImage.png)


bought DayZ and refunded it
kinda fun but servers keep shutting down, i wanna play with mods and the only way to do so with the mods I want is making a server thus being alone none of my friends play it.
why every game feels like that?


I just tried DOOM and uninstalled it half an hour later. I dont know, wasnt really getting the adrenaline pumping excitement from that one.



which one?


Doom 2016



oh yeah, DOOM 2016 is kinda mid tbh
a lot of what makes DOOM great is cut.
the multiplayer died pretty quickly because it saw no support except for shitty DLC, next to no mod support at all.
i legit don't know who thought one of the strong points in "boomer shooters" is linear stories and mediocre arenas.

is not even a bad game is just kind of there like DOOM 3.
althought at least DOOM 3 had *some sort* of multiplayer and mod support.
the only reason why it didn't stick tho was because of the shitty EULA

idk who is the main demographic for the new DOOM games but they're pretty defensive about it
so my guess is those larpers that think DOOM slayer is some sort of jerusalem crusader wehraboos and shit.
it's literally nothing to do with the lore but there you go.
like i said not even a bad game just not what i expected from a DOOM game, maybe a painkiller game which would been nice and fits the whole "play it safe" concept of the game
they were clearly trying too hard to not flop like DOOM 3 but what carried the game was the hype alone so it didn't matter because it's still lacking where it matters.
the only reason i didn't refund DOOM 2016 is because i spent 30 minutes waiting for a Multiplayer game to start (never started)
and i went 12 minutes past the 2 hour limit for refunding the game.


File: 1672162758399.png (1.09 MB, 1400x829, ClipboardImage.png)


to quote demigod John Carmack:

"Story in a game is like story in a porn movie… Its not that important"

love it or hate it Brutal Doom has been better the best DOOM games for a while now and they're running in the original DOOM engine source ports.

has an active multiplayer/coop community and you can pretty much mod it to your heart's content.

or if you're weird like me you can try any of the other thousands of mods available for one of the multiple classic boomer shooter sourceports like EDuke32, Zdoom, DarkplacesQuake, etc.


>"Story in a game is like story in a porn movie… Its not that important"

the words of a dipshit that just wants to sit in front of his PC and jerk off to blood and gore




you got me


i got both of them working now and i see what you mean with doom 2016 being kinda mid
i'm a little disappointed but it's ok, it doesn't need to be as fast as brutal doom



i don't hate the game i'm just upset because i can't afford to waste money on games like that
which is why nowadays i keep track of the time i play every game i buy and make sure i really want to spend my time playing a game

tbh i wish the multiplayer wasn't dead it looked like fun


Doom 2016's main issue in my opinion is that there is not much enemies on every level. After shredding a Baron, two Knights and five Imps you can consider a room to be cleared unlike the OG games, where even after that you might find out that there was another monster closet that just opened in that very room.


File: 1672282459356-0.png (1.11 MB, 1600x1131, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1672282459356-1.png (106.2 KB, 474x266, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1672282459356-2.png (574.22 KB, 1023x767, ClipboardImage.png)


that's cus they took a more Painkiller approach and a visual style like HALO just like previous games, because every sci-fi weapon nowadays looks the same since HALO came out
like i said they played it too safe, also because i assume they might have tried to get a T for Teen instead of the M for Mature we all expected by making enemies cartoonier and the weapons less like actual weapons.
honestly idk why they went that way when the idea of blasting demons with common-ass weapons was pretty cool
i legit don't know why they decided to make every weapon the same MacStore looking ass thing since wolfenstein.
i get it, "future" and they didn't wanna feel like COD but tbh the only cool looking weapon i've seen is the Rocket Launcher from ETERNAL and i swear Duke Rocket Launcher is still more iconic than that


<being a DRM cuck
I bought desert of kharak, supreme commander, hard west, and encased on gog


reminds me, bought battlefield 4 on steam once.
Gotta install and enable it on origin account…
game sucked ass so I quickly refunded it on steam, game is still playable on my origin account… too bad the game sucks and I'm never gonna play it anyway


In my opinion they also removed the option to play slower, in the OG games you could go behind corners and peek from there and all that right. But the new games make you run n gun constantly lest you run out of ammo and die. Propably because most of the ammo is from glory kills.
yes i am not that good at fast-paced shooters come at me

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