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Where would you like Elder Scrolls 6 to take place and what would you like to see in it ?


somewhere with orcs or redguards


File: 1672426478815.jpg (1.95 MB, 7000x4105, 2m3pztotxni11.jpg)

The main thing I would like for future Elder Scrolls is to be distinct, not just another open world Bethesda RPG. Ideally they would scale it down, set it in Imperial City, or civilized Thalmore or Bosmer provinces. Instead of being prophesized hero who runs around massive map exploring old ruins you would spend time in cities doing quests for various factions.


doesn't matter too much as long as it's somewhere new, i wonder if they're gonna make use of ESO lore or make it up as they go
>what would you like to see
<cohesive story written by a team of writers, rather than isolated set pieces with radiant quests to fill the gaps
<increased difficulty not just being a matter of more health so fights aren't boring battles of attrition
<more viable playstyles with fleshed out speech and traversal mechanics
<weapons having meaningful differences in use and playstyle, and most spells being actually useful. they could take inspiration from ESO's ability leveling up/morph system and it would be an improvement over what we have now
<modern game engine


scrap gamebryo and also rehire micheal kirkbride


File: 1672447376415.jpg (264.89 KB, 900x1200, khajiit long face.jpg)

Okay Todd, this is going to be an extremely autistic post but I hope you like it nonetheless.
>Where would you like it to take place?
I would like to say either Elsweyr or Blackmarsh would be cool, but thinking about it Bethesda would not be able to do either justice with all the weird morphological and cultural stuff with both Khajiits and Argonians seeing how Zenimax fared with it, my best guess would be either Hammerfell with its conflict between Crowns and Forebears or Valenwood and the Wood Elves' weird cannibalistic anti-vegetarian customs. I doubt I would like High Rock much, but if Bethesda's writers manage to make it more than a generic medieval Anglo-Saxon fantasy setting and flesh out the region's feudal politics then it might do as well.
>What would you like to see in it?
In no particular order and with utter disregard to reality:
<More open-ended character creation with lots of factors akin to Saints Row. I really hated Skyrim's sameface problem and how everyone had basically the same body type with the same posture but with bigger/smaller muscles.
<A new engine with a user-friendly scripting and asset production pipeline than Creation Engine/Gamebryo that does not mismanage resources and leak memory all the time. Definitely the most important wish out of the list.
<Story should be less about being a chosen one saving the world from the villain of the day, and more about facing the politics and conflicts between Tamriel's different peoples and trying to resolve them. So far while each game has tackled them like Skyrim did with the Forsworn and the Civil War, but it all was sidelined in favor of the dragon issue in one way or another.
<Less one-dimensional characters, especially followers who were almost all extremely bland in Skyrim. Each NPC should play at least a small role in a quest and have a wider degree of interaction available than just being mobile information kiosks/vending machines or targets to kill, with a refined speechcraft system unlike Morrowind's RNGfest or Oblivion's schizophrenic persuassion wheel.
<Return of character attributes and mobility skills like acrobatics and athletics while keeping the classless character building system. Climbing could be brought back from Daggerfall as part of the acrobatics skill with a bit of new tricks that could be used in line with combat moves to augment them.
<A more dynamic and combat system along the lines of Mordhau and Dark Messiah where different weapon types like blades, axes, maces have different properties other than attack speed and that allows for maneuvers like kicking, parrying and blade locks. Bringing back underwater combat also would be nice as would be unarmored and hand-to-hand skills.
<Make magic more viable at start and bring back spellcrafting, while at the same time adding more defensive options against magic for non-magic users. More elemental magicks into the Destruction magic roster such as geomancy would be a welcome addition.
<More different Radiant quest jobs other than bandit hunts and item deliveries, like assisting at a smithy, fishing or making potions for an alchemy shop with some feeling of consequence to them. Gambling minigames like cards and backgammon with tavern patrons and travelling caravans would also be nice.
IDK what else to include into this list, it already took me a long while to write and systematize as it is. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk and have a nice day.


File: 1672447747985.gif (157.8 KB, 200x200, CHIIIIIIIIIIIM.gif)

Also yeah,
Bethesda definitely should get MK on board to write some more crazy lore stuff for it, maybe something hinting on whatever the fuck caused the Void Nights.



You'll get soulless design with retarded AI and you will buy it five times by 2030.



TES is objective landfill levels of garbage and playing literally any other role playing series or action game would yield ten times more fun than the broken clunky obviously unfinished and lazily designed mess that is the average joke of a game bethesda spews out with tes and fallout


It might sound bitter as fuck, but it is true. I cannot see any conceivable future where BGS could make a game that would be solid without requiring players themselves to refine them, and the one TES game that is actually anywhere near good as a game was not even made by Bethesda, but by their publisher's online gaming subsidiary, of all things.


So like the first and second Witcher games?


Yeah, or like the DOS-era Elder Scrolls Adventures games Redguard and Battlespire.


I was thinking more along the line of Planescape Torment or Vampire: The Masquarade. Witcher games are very linear.


>what would you like to see in it ?
A revolutionary dialog system using deep learning AI or something (not gonna happen, but it'd be rly cool, and bethesda has the funds for it); good, slick combat mechanics; meaningful difficulty, like >>25146 said; SÉXO with khajiit & argonian


This fucking shit was announced like five fucking years ago. Stop talking all fun and dandy as if Bethesda hasn’t experienced major layoffs and suddenly is releasing games with as much polish as rdr2 this game won’t have any of the shit you want assuming it doesn’t get flat out axed considering how long it’s been since a TES game has released


Orcs are a stateless group IIRC
They live in tribal enclaves throughout Tamriel


Yes the orsimer's worship of malacath, formerly trinimac, makes them permanently stateless, because malacath is the cursed god of the ostracized ever since he got vored and pooped out by boethiah.


I wanna be a pirate in TES


Orsimer tried to create their own little ethnostate at the High Rock-Hammerfell border several times before, and everytime they get slaughtered by the Bretons and/or Redguards who get really butthurt about their borders getting infringed upon. The last attempt they got the emperor's help, but as soon as the Oblivion Crisis hit they lost the territory.


>what would you like to see in it ?
the logo of a better developer at startup


Hey the first time they got goblins and other oppressed volk living with them too, and they aren't even related besides looks


Land back, chinlet

Bretons and Redguards are settler colonial oppressors just like every other h*man in Tamriel


Arkane teaming up with a bunch of modders to make a TES game would be very cool, but BGS would not let anyone else to the franchise unfortunately, and even if they will they will fuck them over constantly by forcing them to work with the Creation Engine and with deadlines like they did with Obsidian during FNV's development. The only hope at this point is that the OpenMW engine gets more traction with modders and some guys make a fangame with it.


lol they really need their asses shipped back to Atmora and whatever left of Yokuda
>implying the Atlm*r and Dunm*r do not deserve to be oppressed like the slavers and parasites they are
Red Year best day of my life.






Who cares, it's a garbage setting anyways
If anything, it's the opposite of what >>25159 says: it's the game devs themselves that put the magic into each release
They're forced to work with a shitty base and create something beautiful from it


ES is overrated crap


File: 1673814883578-1.jpg (39.49 KB, 720x610, david the gamer.jpg)

Speaking of fantastic racism, why is the Elder Scrolls fandom so fixated on it in particular? Like, every fantasy fandom does jokes about elves and dwarves and goblins, but in TES fandom's case it seems like that the racist jokes are their bread and butter with not a single TES thread on an imageboard going without a dumb farm tool joke about Argonians and everything going straight to Hitlerville from there with direct, often unsavory parallels to IRL cultures being made. I mean, sure the themes of prejudice and politics are touched upon very often within the games themselves and lore material, but it does not actually differ much from the usual D&D fare and in all frankness much more tame with none of the races being inherently evil, most of the fucked up things they commit being the result of sociopolitical situation, human failings or influence of "bad" Daedra. Can anyone here explain why is it like that?


well the elder scrolls godhead is pretty racist to begin with and the elves hate humans racially because elves believe they are ehlnofey who hate existence because they fell from grace due to the creation of lorkhan's daedric realm which is why the thalmor exist and want to destroy the towers of mundus to unmake reality and return to being aedra
i mean im not saying it always has to be racist but the godhead believes in eternal race war


>not a single TES thread on an imageboard

gee i wonder whats the common denominator here


Pretty much anywhere other than this board really. I did not mention the various fan forums or R*ddit spaces because that would be even more of a low hanging fruit.


I prefer Teho or Battery.


the sad truth is that fantasy is fascist, there I said it, the reactionary clings to an idealised past while the modernist reaches for a sci fi future my BF insists that TES is scifi but that's another argument


eh i think fantasy is more of a thought experiment than a fascist fantasy
it's only a fascist fantasy if you're a fascist and want to live in it
dark souls for example wouldnt be a world anyone wants to live in but its still a good thought experiment


I've said it before but the fundamental premise of the setting is Gnostic Race War. The later games really play it up too and sometimes even celebrate it; hating elves is a foundational aspect of nord culture that's persisted for over 3000 years for example. On the other side the Aldmeri Dominion's founding premise is explicitly racist and altmer supremacist in both ESO and Skyrim, with the former's founding logic being that the "young races" of men are irresponsible and need the guidance of elves. This is despite 1) the ayleids being such horrible and cruel rulers is what led men to rule Cyrodiil in the first place, 2) the second empire wasn't even ruled by men but by tsaesci for the last 400 years of its 600 year existence, 3) the last man emperor and his heir of the second empire were killed by dunmer cultist assassins (who also killed the tsaesci usurpers 400 years later), and 4) it was an altmer who started the planemeld. The second AD isn't portrayed as a force for good by any stretch of the imagination, but rather it's the altmer playing their inevitable part in the Gnostic Race War: aiming to undo reality and escape the demiurge Lorkhan to rejoin their ancestors in Aetherius.

It doesn't help that every province of Tamriel is basically an ethnostate and that race is used interchangeably with culture and religion. You'd expect border regions, especially in a continent ruled by an empire for hundreds of years at a time, to have at least some intermingling of neighbors with new cultures cropping up or gradual drift towards the values and customs of their rulers, but all of that took place in the distant past and the races and cultures have existed basically unchanged for 2000+ years. Maybe there's a broader point to be made about weird timescales in fantasy settings personally I believe the entire setting could be squashed down to 500 years, or 1000 years at most or gods using designated races of followers as reliable pawns who as a result have a stake in making sure nothing changes, but the games never really explore that.


The bretons are a result of racemixing between elves and humans but it requires long term intermingling because the child of pureblooded racemixers will only look like one race or the other. The child would be mixed race but only the offspring of mixed children will produce bretons. Theres also a book in skyrim that explores racemixing between men/mer and beastly races like the trolls i think. Google says the bretons are a mix of nedes and aldmer but they can exist as a mix of man/mer at any point. The reachmen are not only stated to be mixed between nedes and aldmeri but also speculated to be part daedra too


Also some of the races havent been stated to be pawns of daedra but are at least cursed by the daedra. Like i said before the orsimer are stateless as a result of malacath worship, malacath being the daedric prince of outcasts. The dunmer as well are cursed to have ashen skin and red eyes by azura, who was punishing the chimer for…. i dont remember. Azura is a bitch. You might say that nords are pawns of talos, because by the time of skyrim theyre the only ones who openly worship him.


There are also the Khajiit, who are implied to be descendants of a group of Bosmer who were chaotically transformed by a Wild Hunt, but were rescued by Azura who tied their shape to the phases of the moons during their birth in exchange for them filling in the role of the moons themselves as Nirn's protectors. A rare case of Azura not being a cunt? Or just indebting an entire race to be minions in her schemes? You deciden



Marx has spoken.


>i think that TES 6 would benefit from having the same combat system as skyrim
Wtf i hate jarl marx now. Oblivion had a superior combat system period, because of the convenience of being able to cast spells without equipping them. Pressing C to cast spells is objectively superior. Also morrowind's magic system was objectively superior despite its lack of convenience due to the customization of creating your own spells and the inclusion of levitation


File: 1674257483671-1.png (57.73 KB, 698x553, both sides.png)

Sorry but your reasoning is simply undialectical. Skyrim's combat system is the combat system of the working class.


If Jarl Marx will not accept the superiority of oblivion's combat system or the superiority of morrowind's magic system, then i am against Jarl Marx! Down with the tyrant Jarl!


Ideally it should be a mixture of Oblivion's quick casting with Skyrim's shield bash and weapon effects and Dying Light's kicking and combat tricks like sliding, dropkicks, drop attacks and KO finishers. Equipping spells in hands also should be an option though, as a way for pure mage characters to use spells in quicker succession.


Daily reminder humans are settler colonizing genocidal invaders in Tamriel


Even the whole "trying to make to make races get along" thing with the Imperials supposedly do is basically just for the sake of them exploiting the other races' labor more efficiently in a colonial way. Even worse, Skyrim's intro sequence basically implies that the whole ethnostate province thing is enforced by the Empire in the first place, with punishments for crossing borders. They are not anti-racist by any stretch, just more calculating in comparison to other human cultures.


It's a literal caste-based empire where Nords and Cyrods are at the top of everything


Every playable race is a settler colonizing genocidal invader, most of the races of men are extinct by the main series of games because they were killed, enslaved, or assimilated by everyone else.


No, humans are off products of the invaders

Elves and beastfolk are the off products of the colonized


Use goblin slave labor and the current and former Aldmeri Dominion both have "civilizing" missions in their occupied territories. Currently on a mission to subjugate men.
Used the Knahaten flu to drive every other race in Black Marsh, even fellow natives like the Kothringi and Lilmothiit, extinct.
Displaced Wood Orcs to make room for Ayleids.
Direnni elves, Orcs, and Reachfolk.
Regularly raid for slaves and seized northern Black Marsh and turned it into a giant House Dres plantation. Also Dwemer.
Probably killed the Bird Men of the Cyrodiil heartlands.
Their name is a reference to their favorite hobby of settler colonialism.
Their entire culture is genociding elves. Also Reachfolk.
Reachfolk mainly but really anyone who lives on land they want.
Killed absolutely everyone in Hammerfell (Corelanya elves, Iron Orcs, and the Ket Keptu and Duraki Nedes) and assimilated the remaining Nedes. Also regular Orcs and the left-handed elves of Yokuda.


Also Vvardenfell and also a good chunk of Morrowind originally belonged to the Dwemer, with both the Nords and the Chimer fighting for decades to drive them off before their disappearance. The Dunmer are not only cruel slavers, but settler colonizers against an other race of Mer too.


File: 1674294208615.png (2.83 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

>ai karl marx knows that the reach is landlocked and borders hammerfell
What have they been teaching this thing?
>knows that the argonians are the most advanced socialist society and therefore the best to ally with
Holy based
Argonians defended themselves from Dagon's invasion and showed the slaving Dunmer some third world justice. Mournholders must have experienced some whiplash when they saw them owning their ancient enemy Mehrunes and then turning around and sacking their city. Much like the Soviets in Berlin, or the Vietnamese fighting everyone off and ending Pol Pot's reign.
Stretching it with the orcs, they need to remove outsiders for their land to survive. They've been victims of numerous genocides and lost their land multiple times to the imperialist Bretons, all they want is landback and to remove baguette.


File: 1674300518800.jpg (258.24 KB, 1920x1080, XTHUUha2hSdpQMvhRTL2VV.jpg)

Old news, but testers at Zenimax have formed a union this month, the biggest game industry worker union currently in fact.
Not much expectations, but this might set a vector for unionization within the game industry as a whole. Thoughts?


Extremely cultured joke


>Another Activision Blizzard studio also recently announced its plan to unionize: Proletariat (opens in new tab), which Activision acquired in June 2022, announced last week that its employees are forming up as the Proletariat Workers Alliance


File: 1674445679369.jpg (56.86 KB, 604x604, dsp wow.jpg)

>buy a studio called proletariat
>they unionise


Bethesda should have spent the past decade releasing smaller titles in the TES universe (like Battlespire and Redguard) to tide fans over and experiment with new mechanics or game systems to use in a future mainline title. But unfortunately they've been content to milk the Skyrim cow until it shrivels into dust.

My own pet idea would be an LA Noire-style detective game set in a scaled-up version of the postwar Imperial City. You would play as a (named, voiced) agent of the Empire's new intelligence service, roaming around the city to root out Thalmor agents, daedra worshippers, assassins and other discontents.


blessed union quads


File: 1674601412266.gif (2.09 MB, 680x680, lelf intensifies.gif)

Holy shit.


File: 1674605813687.png (50.22 KB, 500x489, Oekaki.png)


/v/ermin moment



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