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So what's really going on with this company and Microsoft? I don't wanna here random bullshit, I want to know what the hell are they doing because as far as statistics are concerned Halo Infinite is failing and they're getting future single player development by gutting single player workers. I know that they were on a contractor hiring spree, is that one big reason? But this can't be it because they're letting go even in-house developers. When it comes to business sense how does any of this make any sense? I know that tech companies are laying off tons of people but these skeleton crews can barely manage and it's only hurting their profits or am I wrong?


They wanted to do Halo: Breath of the Wild but they couldn't. But seriously, Microsoft hasn't let any of their studios "cultivate". They just order precarious workers to make a Halo that follows current trends. Halo Infinite was a hard slap for the Xbox brand. And we know cloud gaming doesn't have a future in a collapsing world with an increasingly number of poor people. A bad received Starfield could be the doom of Xbox.


343i is very likely dead in the water and will only be doing maintenance work on the MCC and Halo Infinite, I wouldn't be surprised if Infinite either died soon-ish or gets a relaunch under the lead of another studio. I don't think 343i will get to make another mainline Halo title again, maybe something akin to Spartan Assault or mobile games.
>they were on a contractor hiring spree
Yeah, post Halo 4 that has been the case and it has evidently been incredibly destructive for them, not having people with permanently available knowledge on the quirks of the engine's tools or able to make long-term devmaps with assigned roles, instead they had to juggle everyone around including new faces every few months, and it'll only get worse as Microdick doubles down on cost-cutting measures.


Is Microsoft really that bad of an environment for game developers from old devs I’ve seen reviews of the place they find it easier to work at than independent aaa studios


I liked Halo Infinite's campaign and because I'm one of those players who play Halo for it's campaign it basically screwed over that part of their consumer base with this gutting of the company and such. But the multiplayer is also fucked because of the weak content updates. I say weak because people got excited when they "added" custom games a few months ago when custom games has been a Halo standard since the Bungie days. Custom Games or Forge should not be considered as a "major content update" since it should have been there Day One. The drip feed formula is basically the biggest scam of the modern day gaming industry. I remember when DLC for any game was a big ass thing if it was single player and with regards to multiplayer it was not two maps but at least like 5 maps or more per DLC.


Seems like the "legacy" teams are still alright, it was where 343i was constituted from nothing to help with devwork alongside Bungie rather than being standalone, imho. When you are just like, bugtesting the MP for Halo Reach, it makes a lot more sense to have contracted workers and shit, but Microsoft tried to continue that practice after they become the company to handle Halo, and after the last Bungie hangers-on left with the conclusion of Halo 4 (mostly writers and the like), then it was a freefall.

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