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Is this genre dead or what? At best we get reboots, like the upcoming Age of Mythology: Retold


There are several new titles slated to come out this year, like Tempest Rising and Falling Frontier, as well as sequels to existing ones such as Spellforce, CoH and Homeworld. If anything, I would say that the genre is resurgent after a decade of almost nothing but blunders like Forged Battalion and Starcraft 2 DLCs.


Well thats good to know. Was hoping to be rebuffed because I havent followed the scene since SC2 died but I just looked at twitch and the situation looks dire. Even the newer games dont get views, which in my mind is a bad sign because, personally, the whole appeal of the genre is watching the competitive scene.
Anways, thanks for the recs, will check them out


I like Planetary Annihilation, but my friends dont want to play it with me since they keep falling for the good old teleported nuke trick


I wouldnt say dead, but this genre has been mechanically perfected 2 decades ago, and every RTS since is basically a new paint for Age of Empires/C&C/Warcraft/Battle for Middle Earth.


There's no money in them because they cannot be played comfortably on console.


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That Falling Frontier games looks pretty epic, reminds me of another RTS classic, picrel
lol, relatable. I stink at RTS games; just like watching them. I mostly just playing custom games on Age of Mythology
>Battle for Middle Earth
theres another gem, gonna have to replay that
Ya that makes sense, bummer though. I suppose mobile games eats into that market share further


They're all variations on Warcraft/StarCraft or Age of Empires


I've never played the AOE campaign. I played the Age of Mythology campaign but it was somewhat boring. There's really few things like the soviet campaign of Red Alert 2 with the live action videos and shit. That was so fun. Plus the gameplay was really cool. AOE is fine, but the gameplay feels more "generic", maybe because I've played it so much.

In RA2 you had tesla coils, blimps, cool shit like that.


been looking for friends to consistently play brood war with. its been like a decade. please. i beg of you. its the only multiplayer game i give a shit about.


Hmmm… I could sign up for this.

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