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Is El Presidente /ourguy/?


Will the hero of this game be a Miami gusano?


the protest signs say "fascist" so its probably supposed to be more based off a Pinochet regime


>Oh, didn't you know, that Hitler was a socialist?

People who play this game, doesn't know the diffrence between socialism and fascism. Its just "muh evil dictator", "muh evil statue raising arm" etc.


same with the lion imagery on the flag/cops. not very communist. I'm sure in practice it'll just be a bland nonspecific authoritarian bad guy. But strangely/interestingly the protest imagery used looks more like recent Yellow Vest and BLM protests than LatAm. That actor i forget his name, is more closely associated with the figure of Obama than any other leader in recent history, maybe Duterte but he's not eloquent like this guy is being presented. Its a kind of Brazillian Obama who comes to power in a military coup to remove the weak Bolsanaro.


Integralist obama*





The sequence cinematic looks cool.

Don't kill me for the youtube link.


How much you wanna bet CIA undercover spies and USA military personnel will be on the "good" side of the protestors?


>Is El Presidente /ourguy/?

Of course not, this is clearly supposed to be a fictitious version of Cuba look at the cars, the protestors are wearing fucking USA flags. Another piece of Pentagon sponsored propaganda


He's defending his country from CIA-backed "revolutionaries", so of course he's based.


If anything he's Fulgencio Batista


honestly it would be cool to play as a glowie overthrowing 3rd world country dictatorships



knowing ubisoft and their sjw developers it's prolly true


To follow the Presidente, one must be a rebel against the Norteamericano imperialists.


tbf considering the role cia played in far cry 3 and 4, this is not necessarily what will happen. going by past storylines there will be a cia guy in there sowing chaos between both sides with hardly any pretense, trying to use the main character for own ends, causing trouble for the main character then eventually giving some help only after he got his pound of flesh. this version is "only" going to give the cia way more credit than they deserve for being shit stirrers, but the "non idealist realist shitbag" cia agent is the go-to trope in this day and age


If they're waving burger flags and calling something fascist odds are they're the fascists


Also the Just Cause series of interactive documentaries.


I can't tell if he's supposed to be a Batista or Castro analogy.


More like a Maduro analogy but with better aesthetics, so liberal gamers can feel fine about CIA meddling in LatAm.


Video games should be abolished


Looks like Honkies then


didn't see burger flags in the trailer tho


Also tbh the aesthetics look too retro for it meant to be today.


they did that on purpose, there's obviously inspiration with cuba's "feel" because they mentioned in interviews already about how its a nation "locked in time" whatever the fuck that means, so afaik it's meant to be modern with but with anachronistic elements like a clash of different time periods or something


File: 1608527844358.jpeg (32.54 KB, 1147x663, lospollos.jpeg)

>Is El Presidente /ourguy/?
Socialist political education uses more theory books and fewer grenades.
Looks like it's inspired by the druglord from the TV series, not a latam socialist president.


File: 1608527844506.png (15.04 KB, 504x432, are you.png)

The whole aesthetic is ambiguous enough for leftoids to identify this character as a Pinochet type dictator and will buy in droves while chuds will see an afro-latino socialist leader and also buy it in droves.


This, it's intentionally vague to allow the consumer to project their politics onto it.


shitty game, shitty company, and shitty saga, this is our girl.


sweet memories


What the fuck is with this blatant glow posting lately?


Why can't you people think critically? CIA has HUGE influence over both video games and film, they literally writes some of the COD scripts. A bunch of liberals got together and thought of overthrowing a south american dictator in their next game, do you honestly think they care about the right wing dictators and not the current backlash against Maduro and the like? People who are liberal have a 0.0001% chance of being genuinely sympathetic to socialism. It's either going to be centrist rubbish about how the revolutionaries are corrupt and the government corrupt oh well may as well kill myself because i can't change anything lolz!


Just Cause and Ghost Recon Wildlands come to mind.


File: 1608527845467.jpg (98.21 KB, 799x792, centrism.jpg)

My guess is the developers/publishers are centrists who literally cannot tell the difference between Allende and Pinochet.


>they mentioned in interviews already about how its a nation "locked in time" whatever the fuck that means
It's a meme about how places like Cuba or DPRK are not developing because of socialism.


>Production of Far Cry 6 had been ongoing for four years at the time of its July 2020 announcement, with Ubisoft Toronto the lead studio for the game.[4] Narrative director Navid Khavari said that they started researching on revolutions of the past, they came across the idea of the modern guerrilla revolution such as the Cuban Revolution, which gave them numerous ideas of how to drive the player-character into fighting against a repressive government. This also brought back the need to give the player-character, Dani Rojas, a voice, compared to recent Far Cry games in which the protagonist had been silent. Khavari said "it was essential for us to ensure that the protagonist has a personal investment in that revolution".[5] Using Cuba as an influence also established the return to a tropical setting, a feature of the earlier Far Cry games, as well as giving the setting a "timeless" look due to economic blockades that had been imposed on the island, mixing vintage cars with modern weapons.[6] Khavari spent a month in Cuba and speaking to residents there to help develop the setting.

However Far Cry games are some of the dumbest video games in existance.


or worse: they can but corporate censorship is all over this shit so that they can make a game with a veneer of politics without actually saying anything that could be construed as political. see far cry 5 and the cult militia which ultimately believed in absolutely nothing and employed cartoon levels of violence so as not to possibly offend anybody nor let anybody try to empathise. the end result was that everybody projected onto them what they didn't like: for the rightoids it was isis or rajneeshis, for us it was mad christian fundies.

basically this anon >>2639 is correct


Yeah liberal fiction is actually very depressing when you get into it, they never present solutions to societal problems and brutally murder anyone who tries to radically change things. Because being an "extremist" is second to a rapist/murderer apparently.


>However Far Cry games are some of the dumbest video games in existance.
Indeed. Far Cry 4 was really dumb since it was about some yuppie kid who turns into a supersoldier when some gangsters fuck up his vacation.



>this is our girl.
who is this?


Amber from Genshin impact (chinese weeb game)


But in Far Cry 4 you fight on the side of the rebel group "Golden Path" (Shining Path?) against monarchy. Think about it


Cant wait for gamerfags to be suddenly experts on latam socialism after this one


File: 1608527846676.png (544.94 KB, 748x721, t2sl651xx0851.png)


Meant for >>2655


Seriously though why is every woman in western games nowadays manfaced?


File: 1608527847122-0.jpg (409.96 KB, 991x708, veronica santagelo.jpg)

File: 1608527847122-1.jpg (172.36 KB, 800x571, Sunny Smiles.jpg)

>But in Far Cry 4 you fight on the side of the rebel group "Golden Path" (Shining Path?)

You might be correct. Even Far Cry wikia mentions that the name might be inspired by Peruvian group. Golden Path might be direct reference to Golden Path in Dune

Obisdians New Vegas has tons of qt3.14


cause that game was about space slavery you retard ,not moddeling




God damn, I miss dancing salsa.


Have you seen Far Cry 4?
Choose between a fucking budhist taliban or the drug lord/ child enslaving guerrilla.
But it's a good and fun game anyway
Vuvuzela time
I remember reading that one of the original pitches for the Far Cry 5 was Peru (based on the crazy warmangering monk stories).


It could be a Noriega analogy.


>Obisdians New Vegas has tons of qt3.14
Because Avellone knows women ;)


>not wanting hot slaves


File: 1608527847923.png (525.84 KB, 619x568, Master of dialectics.png)



>Far Cry 4 was really dumb since it was about some yuppie kid who turns into a supersoldier
That was FC 3, you dumbass


>That actor i forget his name,
Gincarlo Esposito

Are you implying that the devs supposedly basing the dicatatorship on Pinochet's Chile is a bad thing?


He would be if he read Marx rather than Hegel


Lel even Far Cry 5 who was supposed to be “wholesome multiracial American town vs evil white religious fundamentalist cult” ended up just being cop propaganda and proving the bad guys right. This series is pure glow tbh

The last game ended in nuclear war so this is most likely a prequel set in the 80s or whatever


Pretty sure girl from the left is from a literal porn game


very good point


yeah the cia guy in the 3rd game just fucking dips out and throws you off the plane iirc. the cia aren't really portrayed as the good guys in the series, if anything it's a realistic representation, they don't really give a shit about the people - they have their own agenda for being in the region and they'll use anything in their means to get it


that’s horrible. what’s wrong with you?



yes, you're right. they demonstrated that pretty clearly in fc5.


I'm, fine with them


>strategy/management games
what's so fun about seeing numbers go up?
capitalist indoctrination


File: 1608527857525.jpg (57.65 KB, 854x480, maxresdefault (29).jpg)

Anyone played this?
>Hidden Agenda is a 1988 strategy video game intended to simulate the conditions of a post-revolutionary Central American country. The player takes the part of the newly elected president of the fictional country of Chimerica, which has recently been liberated from the rule of the corrupt dictator Farsante and his ruling clique.


capitalist advancement satisfies a pre-existing human desire to improve, i.e building a well for your village or something


>The corrupt dictator Farsante
Kek, as a spanish speaker I'm proud of the choosing of that name. I hope find it.


Keep posting those sweets salsas comrade.


get the fuck out of here rightoid


Kek, really is impressive how much seething butthurt Brigador caused as soon as a video was made on it.


Yeah I have, it's probably one of my favourite games.
I think this is it:


Thanks comrade, the game looks great!


Well. first playthrouht done. I failed to cut the old Farsante Army and the killing squads supported by the US finally ousted me.


I think it only has one good ending and it's based so I won't spoil it for you.


Tried to go full commie and the USA got incredibly asshurt and started sending glow infiltrators at me. Ultimately I just ended with tons of debt and poverty like Cuba or North Korea.


Well, If anything that game has made me remeber is that


anyone know of something like "Rebel Inc." except you get to play as the insurgency


>pointing out what a slave owner would pick in slaves is rightist


Finally done a "sucessfull" centrist path.
The old army and the revolutionaries were like cats and dogs but they mantaint themselves united. The paracos only killed the leader of Mothers of the disapeared (until the goverment put the paramilitaries under the army control). The US keep sending money and I could fund education and healthcare. The people didn't gain much, except some industry in the end. Just like my own country sadly.


Yeah that's the Sandinista way, and how they were treated. I can't stand doing it a rightist way, it makes me gag when I think about it.


Well, tried the BOLIVARIAN WAY socialism but appeasing the gringos.
It worked for a while, stability in the army, agrarian reform for the poor, better wageslave conditions, and only the lady from mothers of the dissapeared died before the rupture of the army.


When I agreed to do free liberal elections and played by the book (even sending the army to protect socialliberals from the based faction supporters) they didn't recognized it because some oligarch said "EBIL CGOMMIES" and looks like the republican on top saw a hawkish oportunity, so it's Venezuela in 2013 again

In the end, withouth the productive forces to matain a decent healthcare or education, and withouth a desicive help from the soviets, we are doomed.


Ok, so how do you make sure that no coup happens from the military? I would very much like to purge the remaining loyalist, but how?


They made a coup but I BTFO'd them hard with my armed people's militia. Not sure if you can stop them entirely from happening without being a centrist cuck


Ok, so how do I make sure my loyalists are strong enough? Also I guess the way to do it is by getting the "You are surrounded" event and choosing to resist?


Ok, so I think I got a lowkey good ending. I decided give control of the agriculture to the NLP military man, defense to PSP military man and internal / external politics to CRP. Basically I turned a blind eye to rightoid military for a while, during the time arming the people militias. Eventually they started a border guerrilla war, which wasn't too nice. However, I did manage to suck off US's dick internationally, even getting nice gibs, all while instituting basically a NEP type system in the country, perhaps even more left than that, while also building up the military and creating the local peoples councils. Oh, and also I joined the NAM and despite my socialist economic policies the IMF seems happy to still help.


As an aside, it is kind of amazing how a game from 1989 can feel as if it was made yesterday. Tells you a lot about how much shit has changed.


I thought the whole point of them looking like that was coz they live in a shithole?


It's the chicken guy from breaking bad.


Ok, I have been trying to crack this game for a while now and >>3206 is still the best I got. Could you please spoil us on what to do for the based good ending?


I think there's quite a bit of dice rolling in there, but you need to arm the peasants and beat the military in their coup attempt, as well as buddy up with the Soviets whenever possible. It's been a long time since I did it so I can't remember much more.
It's not a 100% good ending because I ended up with a lot of IMF debt (don't know if you can avoid this), but it was very based.


What do you mean by "beat the coup", exactly? Do you mean resisting when you get the "you are surrounded" event and hope for the best? Because from my experience no matter which faction does that event, resisting always ends in death.


I can't remember in that much detail, but you can beat the coup. It results in the rightoid military getting purged.


Right, I think I got it:
>Say the most socialist things during the interview
>Appoint Casas to agri, Fleming to def, Nunez to IA and Iglesias to EA.
>Have an encounter with Landless Labourer, with USSR ambassador and with Trade Union leader, accept all proposals.
>Go to consultations
>Speak with agri minister about Land Reform, Producer credit and then land reform again, accept all advice.
>Speak with IA about national organizing, but take the advice from one of the other 3, talk about corruption and accept, talk about national organizing again and also take the advice of one of the other 3.
>I think at this point turn 1 ends
>Speak with agri minister about attacks on land reform, accept advice to give arms
>I believe now a big chain of events happens - accept IMF loans, arrest the guards, assert authority and reject amerilard ambassador with asking for advice
>Then speak to the rights activist, agree with her.
>Strikers ask for rights, agree
>Fashoid starts asking for amnesty, use minister advice to deny him
>Right after this speak to def minister about right-wing insurgency
>Turn 3 starts
>Some guy wants to end price control, use advice for denial
>Use rest of this term for what you think matters most
>Turn 4
>Three consecutive coups occur, resist them all.
>Start freely doing all that based shit with no fear of repercussion
>Have the game constantly softlock because fuck you, you are never getting the based ending.


File: 1608528057014.png (9.41 KB, 1055x655, tfw_softlock.png)

I think I should elaborate. After turn 5 or 6, half of the time you speak with an encounter person the game will softlock by greying out all option apart from "help" tutorial one. I thought I could avoid it by not talking to them, but randomly they will approach you themselves, like the trade union fucker who is like an over attached GF that has to ask every turn weather your revolutionary government that just sued US to the world court is still pro-union rights.


So… anyone managed to solve this? Let's treat this as the final bump. Would be a cool achievment for /games/ if we managed to solve this game. Worst case scenario, is it possible to acquire the game files of Hidden Agenda it self, and if so, can one crack them open to find the cout commands that output the ending text? In that case we could see what the "golden" ending would be if it didn't softlock.


yep, Taimanin Asagi


It's not even a game, it's a visual novel.


The franchise has actual games tho


I installed Far Cry 5 and apparently it has a controller problem
millions of dollars and can't even have a fix for controllers on pc

i tried the steam method and still nothing, i am fucking fuming

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