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I've never played a final fantasy game before. I want to start with FF7 remake, and play it soon. I don't really want to play the original, since it says online that it will take 33 hours to beat on average, so I'm leaning towards just playing the remake.
It also has good reviews on opencritic, 88%, so that makes me want to play it more.
If FF7 is an iconic game, I want to be able to experience it some way, and i like the graphics of the new game. Should I get the game?


get the beefy tifa mod


Final Fantasy Remake has 15 hours of cutscenes alone.


Can't you just pirate it and see if you like it? FF7 is the best FF and the remake is pretty good too.


Hope you can deal with the satirically huge file size while the game looks like an upscale version of kh2.


the remake drags on way too long even if it's a shorter game overall, i'd say play the original


Play both.


the remake currently only is the opening sequence of the original FF7, not the entire game. If it continues on like it has, the remake will easily take longer to complete than the original. That said, if you want to "get in on the ground floor" as it were, the remake is kinda noob-friendly.


i wish production cycles weren't so fucking long just because the ceo thinks that shoving in soytracing and sparks will make people like the game. i'd be fine with xbox 360 era graphics for every single game if that meant we got better games sooner


really once you get in the graphics development the once its fine and you can just reuse it, I imagine most of the work being done is environmental design if anything.



you have brain damage


Clearly considering how fucked up clouds face is even with the all that development


you know what. yea


I was going to say something along these lines in the "gaming hot takes" thread but I figured it wasnt much of a hot take, but ya. The obsession with grooophics must be pandering to the whales because 99% of people are gaming on consoles and phones. Im on a PC but really dont need these spec requirements. Its even infecting genres that have no business having good graphics


I must be brain damaged because I literally can't give 2 fucks about this shit. If anything its getting in my way. Even when I meet spec recs one of the first things I do is turn off as much of the bullshit as possible so I can actually see what I'm doing.


I would recommend ffx as a beginner ff, from there you can play star wars ffxii. I recommend these because the focus is mainly on the story and there are remastered versions on current gen consoles.

Beware squenix pc ports

then if you really want you can go back and play the classics like 6 and 7 and 9. I haven't played 7 remastered, and I don't see a need to. The original was Marx pilled and had sovl.


FFX also has FFX-2 which was absolutely based.


hell yeah brother


I remember when I played X I recruited the entire Al Bhed Psyches team by the end of it. My main man Blappa could not be stopped.

Also the exploit with king cactaur so everyone had full sphere grid. Auren with quick hit was the best.


the thing is that most late 360 era games ran at 15 fps and less than 720p, and ran worse than many switch games today. Do you want that today?


fuck ffvii. all my homies hate ffvii
ffvi is the goated of all time.
just messing around, ffvii is great too. havent played the remake though.
my friend has played every ff game and liked it though.
personally i love the ps1 graphics, because they are detailed enough to be interesting and feel unique, but simple enough to still leave a lot to the imagination, which i would prefer to some of the awful voice acting in the remake (not that its a big deal). the original would also be much easier and small to pirate and try out. im a boomer and was a kid when i first played it though, so nostalgia, etc. take that as you will.
also, if you end up liking it, dont sleep on ffix, it's great too


the only issue with pirating it is the mod community hates pirates. the mod manager that managed to become THE mod manager has fucking DRM.


File: 1676770572060.png (338.19 KB, 1033x756, ClipboardImage.png)


What, MO2? It's never given me problems with pirated copies of games. I dunno about Vortex but I wouldn't call it the primary mod manager for anyone but newbs.


Play theatrhythm instead. Ignore the rest of the series.


Seconded, never encountered issues with it aside from Oblivion maybe, but even this is easily workable around by changing a couple of settings.


File: 1676821066985.png (790.56 KB, 801x1128, journey.png)


wait, can someone explain this to me like im retarded?
why would your mod manager affect some 20+ year old game that you pirated? you wouldnt be modding it anyway. i quit vidya some while back and never used steam, pirated all my shit, installed mods by putting files in directories, etc. unless you mean it like, scans your whole drive for copy written material?


I was referring to the original ff7.


I'm not a tech wizard but I do know the people behind the mod manager are nutty. I'm sure there is a way to get around using the manager in the first place, but I couldn't figure it out when I tried to use it a year or two ago. I just bit the fucking bullet and bought ff7 for $10 on steam.

>Q: I get 'Error code: YARR! Unable to continue.' What do I do?

<A: 7th Heaven thinks your game is pirated. Only legally purchased copies of FF7 will work with 7th Heaven. Steam frequently has the game on sale for $5.99, so there is no excuse for not buying a copy. If you have a genuine purchased copy of FF7 and get this error, post the problem and a link to your 7th Heaven applog.txt on the Qhimm forums. Don't bother if your copy is not genuine, you will just be wasting everybody's time.


guess im still confused, i just wouldnt play modded ffvii then?
>Steam frequently has the game on sale for $5.99, so there is no excuse for not buying a copy
fucking seriously? the game came out in 1997, lol


oh wow,this is the wabbajack retardation all over again.


File: 1676844355558.png (728.47 KB, 1000x1397, sheo freud.png)

They have DRM? Lmao, good on me then for not touching this piece of shit to begin with, since I am used to building my own modpacks rather than rigidly rely on curated lists that are a headache to customize and consist mostly of oversized textures that would cause my PC to explode trying to handle them.


File: 1676856230776.jpg (116.04 KB, 722x1024, freud slaanesh.jpg)


I'm OP and i've already made decision, to get FF7 intergrade instead of original. I can't wait to play it tomorrow


Why would you get a remake that's purposely about subverting the idea of a remake without having been part of the cultural zeitgeist of the original itself? Intergrade is both not a complete game and isn't a direct remake. It's a really strange choice after everything discussed in this thread.

It's like you wasted everyone's time in this thread and went with your original decision and only wanted the echo chamber to tell you what you wanted to hear even though it's in some objective sense not a good choice.


Who cares. Everyone already know Aeris dies anyways.


they check if you have the text file for the game in the steam folders (extremely easy to forge tho)


But there are so many other good final fantasy games that don’t require previous knowledge. It’s like going straight to the sequel, and this is not a Bad Boys 2 situation. I presume OP will have fun, video games kinda are always fun, but there’s so much context and history he’s missing out on. Little references, call backs, and fundamental plot changes that only make sense if you know the first one.

Oh well. Have fun OP! Bideo bames!


File: 1677009857921.png (479.24 KB, 800x600, ClipboardImage.png)

>I don't really want to play the original, since it says online that it will take 33 hours to beat on average, so I'm leaning towards just playing the remake.
im pretty sure the remake, which is like, not even 1/3 of the game, takes that long if not more to beat. so if the issue is that its too long (33 hours? honestly average/kinda short for a jrpg but ok), to go with the remake is to double down on the length, to deal with the original game with all fantastical varieties of bloat and padding, dilution to the extreme for no other reason than to milk the consumer for multiple games if they want the whole experience.

none of that even touches on the fact that the trilogy wont even be complete for YEARS, meanwhile the entirety of the original ff7 exists in a multitude of formats, all playable today, right now, at a fraction of the cost AND time investment of the remake.

besides, everyone who loves ff7 does so because of the original game - you know about it and you know all the hype because of that specific iteration. why not give it a go to experience what everyone else did, not this rehash still coming down the pipeline?

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