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Which console is better if im looking into getting a gaming console?




PlayStation has yakuza and persona and other weeb shit.


what about remasters of classic games like halo/gears? those are xbox exclusive?


all playable on pc


buy a ps4 because they're hackable


>Engaging in pointless console wars
Just build a PC my dude.


Xbox has yakuza and persona and other weeb shit, on gamepass.


>paying for video games


And pay 5X more than a console


Im thinking about getting a ps4 just to play bloodborne but my bro says i should get a ps3 since online is free on it. Which should i pick fellas?


buying gaming consoles only helps the tech bourgeoisie, buy a pc with no cpu backdoor(since it helps the US intelligence, the imperial core that must be defeated) and pirate all games with emulation and etc. using windows also helps the tech bourgeoisie so get Arch GNU+Linux if the pc is for gaming.
fuck copyright, copyleft FTW!


>buy a pc with no cpu backdoor
The last CPU without a backdoor is from 2011.


you can emulate a ps3 these days


oh shit ur right, but only if you're including AMD. risc-v is another example, may be a weak processor now, but it'll definitely catch up in the future(china pls)
online is free on pc ha


that's a brazil problem


why would you get a ps3, it's almost 20 years old lol


Backwards compatibility with ps2 and ps1 games



I see, there's a couple of things you should note: only the fat PS3 has backwards compatibility at a hardware level, and third party PS3 controllers are god awful


I have a PS3 that I still use because it has custom firmware and a ton of PS3/PS2/PS1 games and roms/emus from older consoles and arcade games on it. I find it pretty convenient and easy because I enjoy playing old games but hate having to sit on my computer.


I used to use steam link to stream games from my computer to my macbook air, the only detail is that i need to manually add the shortcut for ps2 games, but i see your point


naw its all of the world


Switch, but if you have to get one then I guess Xbox because it has better backwards compatibility and GamePass is pretty nice.


PC is the way to go, especially if you were considering Xbox vs PS5 either …
>Build or buy a new one yourself for gaming
This will be perhaps the most costly, but will give you the most sustaining power over time and of course. Either build one yourself ,buy a reasonable pre-built, or get someone else to buy/build one for you. Using discounted, used, or other high quality parts on sale can help get the best value
>Upgrade an existing one for gaming
Depending on how old and what form (ie if its a laptop things will be harder), you may be able to simply add a handful of components, notably new GPU, RAM, and SSD and make your computer way more gaming capable. This may or may not be worth it compared to a new core build, but its worth a shot
>Steam Deck + Deck Dock
If you want something "easy to use" console like, inexpensive, but NOT locked down, look into a Steam Deck. A solid value, well supported, and you're supporting Linux, openness, and generally not being a shit.


>Just build a PC my dude
How do you tackle the issue of bad PC ports though? Disgruntled PC gamer here.
Based libre software comrade, GNU/Linux and libre software are SUPERIOR! S.U.P.E.R.I.O.R! Well, other than OpenBSD of course, I respect you, OpenBSD chads.


This word is a psyop, what is important is not supporting this vague notion of "openness" but rather combatting DRM and supporting libre and open-source software. Windows is technically more "open" (as in "less locked down") than consoles but it's still a compromise.


Depends, but I will recomend buying second-hand. It's much more cheap and they are generally in good condition cause consoles are just sitting there. For that reason, a good second-hand Switch is harder to find.

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