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>Create the Disco scenes of your dreams.
>Introducing Collage Mode: the new functionality that gives you the creative freedom to stage just about anything in-game.
lmao ZA/UM usurpers come up with worst possible choices for the franchise now that they kicked out the creators and have become just an Amazon subsidiary now, expecting to see Disco Elysium NFTs soon


how is it any different than SFM


Isn't this kind of functionality common in gacha games?
How long until you get to play as the real Gillaume le Million?


There's a huge tonal disparity between what the game is about and this recently added mode.


and also the fact this got added after the whole fiasco with the shareholders


What's so bad about it, let people do what they want.


What's bad about the company adding a wacky XD feature right after the creators got kicked out and will not receive a single penny from any future sales? Dunno.


as much as capitalism insists on it, corporations arent people


I meant people using the feature

That has nothing to do with this though. Also isn't there some other people who were also original devs saying that those people's claims were BS?


>That has nothing to do with this though
Uh, right, the parent company taking over an IP and adding random shit without the input of the original creators is irrelevant information.


I doubt the original devs are seething over this inclusion in particular


File: 1679181174390.jpg (92.33 KB, 649x500, 1678679545589.jpg)

The sequel is gonna suck so bad, everyone creative is gone


"it’s pretty fucking sad to rob an author of a universe he’d been working in for over a decade, steal a game from the core creative team that made it happen, and then appear to have such a large amount of trouble figuring out what to do with it that you add a Meme Making Mode"


Can someone explain what it means to be a "majority shareholder" and a "minority shareholder"? Apparently Kurwitz and his buddy are minority shareholders.


It's also going to lose its critical edge. It's socialist elements are probably going to be spoonfed instead of the clever way it's woven in the story.


Shareholders with varying influence over the company they own stocks over. Typically majority shareholders are actively managing companies while minorities are just betting on their success


I imagine when the creative core of the game wanted to make this game, funding wise they had to throw in whatever lot they had saved up with the bulk of the cash coming from this CEO guy and other companies. Part of me wishes they remained totally independent and started a cooperative but I guess a game developer cooperative isn't so easy to start especially with publishing and shit.


File: 1679222745076.jpg (464.14 KB, 1920x1080, photo mode.jpg)

They did it to distract from their grab of the company from the creators. This post explains it well.


To put it in absolute terms; a majority shareholder owns the majority of the company, therefore they can do whatever they want with it (as long as they don't intentionally destroy the business), minority shareholders don't make management decisions (unless they group together to make a majority) or are on the board, etc



it's a fitting end for Disco Elysium ig


File: 1679296005020.jpg (126.52 KB, 1366x768, orszMNU.jpg)

>so fun guys please don't talk about the fact that the corporate far right scumbag of estonia have purged the team


Is it? Last I heard they got all replaced by a bunch of Americans and Europeans.


there's literally nothing worse than an estonioid


File: 1684074668717.png (693.49 KB, 900x506, ClipboardImage.png)

TBH I kind of like how ZA/UM's story ended.
Tragic. Romantic.
It felt very 'true to form'. Fitting in tone.
In the day of reaction. of the liberal pederast, in which we live, it could never have ended in another way.


Estonians are fun, we went on a company trip there and the estonian guy stayed in his room for the entire 3 days drinking.


just delete it


Resurrect this thread for this video


is there a quick rundown for how exactly the developers who started the company lost control of it? was it just desperation for funding and selling too many shares?


I hate the gamer centrism surrounding DE, like, "the main creators were kinda rude during development and the CEO literally stole $5M from the company, restructured it on handshake deals and fired the founders to take over their passion project, this means both sides are bad".


Basically they couldn't make the game without outside funding, then there was some chicanery


who has this opinion?


They took out a loan from ZAUM to pay for the purchase of a controlling stake of ZAUM, then bought the IP rights from ZAUM using that controlling stake for $1 and paid themselves and the company back by selling the IP rights back to ZAUM for $4.5M. Which is straight up theft. They used company funds to adjust the structure of the company then used that control to steal company funds to pay themselves back.


This PMG video is fleshing out the side of the ZA/UM employees who claim the creative leads (Rostov, Kurvitz, Hindpere) were difficult to work with.

This attempt to "both sides" two different arguments (This Company Was Stolen Illegally/Robert Kurvitz Is A Bad Boss Who Needed to Be Fired) have lead to people proclaiming both sides are shitty, and to be sure, Kurvitz definitely comes across as shitty, if not also somewhat sympathetic.

To me anyway, the issue has always been them stealing the company thru shady financial fuckery, not about the moral character of Robert Kurvitz. That is something he needs to work out with his fellow workers, not have that be the opposite side of "These people are financial criminals".

Whether or not we get a DE2 (and I don't think I'd want one given the circumstances), it's not right the dude got his life's work swiped from under him.


not finished yet, but had to stop in the middle of the ilmar interview bc of work. holy fuck, this vc guy is either an idiot, a manipulative mastermind, or overconfident.


That sounds prosecutable tbh.


Ah but you forget this is shithole Estonia. Also apparently the guy is politically connected


File: 1685442409224.jpg (52.39 KB, 680x501, bourgeois_women.jpg)

I haven't been keeping up with this but I bet it's because they have wömen on the team


This video was quite good that brought up a lot of the obvious critiques of that video.


oops. video will not embed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDtfcknELe0
<a response to pmg's disco elysium investigation | stushi


were you not here for all that "women are a privileged class they control sex and need to be distributed to cure incels" bullshit


leftypol should just make the novel as a game and forward all the royalties to kurvitz


Wait, Disco Elysium: Battle Royale is real?


Reminder: If Disco Elysium 2 ever comes out, it will feature unironic use of term "late stage capitalism".


wait hold on, is the term flawed in some aggregious way? I've used that unironically before. Like, it makes sense capitalism would start acting different on it's last legs.


>inb4 its "Reddit bad"


ive always thought it sounded presumptuous in that it assumes we somehow know for a fact that we are getting towards the end of capitalism, and is misleading in the sense that the way society is shaped by reproduction of capital is not based on some definitely half-life of the mode of reproduction, but on the peculiarities of its functions, which are themselves historically contingent. the other side of that coin is that it assumes that the way capitalism operates necessarily breaks down simply through the passage of time, despite the fact that the fundamental laws of capital reproduction remaining the same throughout history, whether or not it is the dominant mode of production


its a dumbfuck way of framing capitalism, almost as bad as "neofeudalism"


this is splitting hairs


File: 1693236595631.png (217.54 KB, 628x540, ro2cd15y7tkb1.png)

The problem with the term is that it implies something being fundamentally different about how capitalism is now, in its "late stage" and how it used to be, and by used to be in this case means at most like 50 years ago, before post-war boom ended. It encourages reactionary and socdem tendencies, "lets just go back" to the time when capitalism was good and worked for the little guy. To illustrate the point, picrel is the first post I saw after opening r/latestagecapitalism subreddit today.


I mean TBH I feel capitalism is different today than it was say before WW2, sure the basic principles are the same but how they're expressed is different, the focus has shifted completely to rentierism, casual work, scamming as a major part of the economy, and so on, the decline in the ROP has made a post-industrial economy where most of the focus is in real estate and other imaginary capital.

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