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Name a game where the following isn’t a problem




Umm sweaty, work simulators are heckin problematic.


How is this a problem?


Kerbal Space Program


tic tac toe


Lol nah the areospace engineering fandom is up there with Gacha Life in terms of drama. That's a considerable chunk of the KSP fandom.


What does that have to do with balanced melee combat?


>nooooo you have to let me get closer so I can hit you with my big sword!
>haha arrows go thwip


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>real life isn't balanced


Ah, i misinterpreted "the following"


Monster Hunter pre-World. Ranged weapons (mainly bowguns) are powerful but you really need to be able to manage your ammo and make sure nearly all of your shots hit the right hitzones to get the most out of them.


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And Pong


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Counter point: Team Fourtress 2 with the demoknight sub class and the sniper class

They both can kill faster than most other classes, but it's not equal to others, (especially Demoknight since it's considered worse than the demoman) – since balance isn't equal time to kill, but it being able to succeed just as well as every other class/builds – and that success can't be tied to time since the classes/builds goals can be different from each other.

The medic in tf2 heals the team and can do misc damage; while the engineer can also heal, but less efficiently, yet makes up for it with more damage – both are in the support class for this reason.
The medic would be unfair if it can also kill well just as it would be unfair if the engineer was better at healing.

For a more material comparison: the times when heavy was considered unfair was when he had a item that allowed him to be faster, negating his slowness downside, and let Heavy branch away from being a mobile sentry gun.
Granted, I would still like to see him have a optional item to replaces his sandwich, like a jalapeno that would make him run faster in exchange he can't heal while running and is much less accurate. Making him play kinda like scout spy sub class, but a mingun instead of a knife or a back scatter gun. Would also be cool if they allowed heavy to equip a shotgun as a primary, maybe give him a speed boost in exchange for doing this. I'd like to see this not because of a buff, but to create more sub classes to push more diversity in the game, which is massive part of what makes tf2 better received than overwatch


Heroes of the Storm has some of the most innovative ways to balance melee and close range characters that I've ever seen that doesn't rely on generic "10% more move speed" tinkering.
<Teleportation and time stop
<Faster respawns, invulnerability bubble, gives less xp to enemy team when killed
<Clones, teleportation, invisibility
<Telekinesis, killstreak power boosting, self healing
<Grapple hook, stuns, and self healing


Sad blizzard just sort of forgot about HOTS at least it still has a welcoming community with regular tournaments

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