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The gameplay just looks like morrowind if it was third person and didn’t have absolutely abysmal combat


I want to watch it real bad, but I also have already decided to buy it and want to be completely surprised when I get it


They are really flexing their confidence in this game by showing so little so close to release.


yuzu better not fail me


>The gameplay just looks like morrowind if it was third person and didn’t have absolutely abysmal combat
Lol it looks more like Gary's Mod and Ratchet and Clank. WTF are you talking about?


in some way or another every game is just morrowind in the end. tetris, chess, D&D, football, it's all morrowind


Anytime I make an astute observation on the internet I always know someone made it before me:



File: 1681343867110.jpg (65.61 KB, 1000x1000, chihuahua meme adfadf.jpg)

>>27264 is tictac toe mor
Rowind is russian roulette morrowind is candycrush m
Orrowind is five nights at freddys morrowind is sonic pinb
All morrowind is cory in the house for the nintendo ds morrowind is amongus morrowind is raid shadow leg
Ends morrowind??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????



>Lol it looks more like Gary's Mod-
My favorite game already.


>>27275 very cool


>absolutely abysmal combat
why would you tell on yourself in a public forum like this


File: 1681390195104.gif (1.67 MB, 352x352, 1681390187067.gif)


new trailer just dropped


I literally have not played those dumbed down babby games like Oblivion and Skyrim because they made the combat "less bad" but cutting out all creative freedom


File: 1681496136240.jpg (90.19 KB, 1200x675, luqnf2opx6fub6apceix.jpg)

It is sadly a normal process in AAA gamedev to dumb things down and cut corners. Less resources become commited to development process itself and more to advertising, marketing and catering the product to target demographics, which of course leads to stiffled creativity among the developers. After all, the top management of their parent company are not gamers in any sense and care only about how much their products sell, not about the quality of the products beyond the standards required for them to continue being in stable demand. Sincerely fuck capitalism.


I haven't been this excited for a game in a long time


Having had a minute to process this I'm kind of flabbergasted how little they have hyped this considering how much it seems like they added to the base game and how successful the first one was. BotW already looked like a tech demo but this makes it really look like just a tech demo. Not only does it have the vehicle and crafting systems, but it looks like they have you resettling Hyrule and having to defend the settlements, putting a posse together to do that and to fight monsters. Like some kind of separate game mode on top of the Zelda game that's already there?


Forgive me Marx for I will buy this game for 70€


File: 1683309182337.png (1.47 MB, 1242x828, ClipboardImage.png)

1 week until release.
Will it be another hit or will it flop?


Every Zelda is a hit.


not every, there were spinoffs and weird ones that didn't tell that well


Which ones? Maybe the CDi games and the multiplayer ones.
This Tears shit is guaranteed to sell very well, it is not going to flop.


I agree this game will sell a shitload, but some of the games like Skyward Sword and so on were a sales disappointment IIRC


in spite of being massive failures the cdi zelda spin-offs are still very influential. their memes continue even today


I would say they're only influential in the sense of The Room but sure that's technically true, I saw this the other day


They are a gold mine that's for sure. And there's still a lot of untapped meme potential in various FMV games from early-mid 90's. Sega CD and shit.


Thats an odd comparison in like every aspect except that both are open world RPGs. Combat here reminds me more of Dead Rising than Morrowind because of the focus on breakable weapons in the surrounding environment and combining them to make more durable and effective ones. Morrowind on the other hand was so wonky because of it being Bethesda's experiment at reconciling traditional CRPG conventions such as dodge chances inherited from previous games with a more seamless ARPG-like approach.


I can see some similarities. They should've copied all the special moves from Dead Rising, I would've liked BotW a lot more then. Even the durability was much less annoying in DR.


it's a problem of UI I think. it's not at all obvious for a new player why their swings don't result in hits, that it is dice rolls and not bad hit detection
what is the functional difference between rolling once to hit and a second time for damage, or rolling both into a single damage roll? almost none, if you do it right


>what is the functional difference between rolling once to hit and a second time for damage, or rolling both into a single damage roll? almost none, if you do it right
to the general point, there are clarity reasons to separate multiple rolls, because it helps the player understand how their stats actually affect the game. mechanical transparency and UI/UX are pretty important to encouraging people to actually get good.

if a game's got ARPG mechanics where player skill determines hits then an attack roll is an unnecessary layer of abstraction that competes with the main mechanics. I would also argue that rolling for damage in an ARPG is also an unnecessary layer of abstraction (at least the way it's normally done). weapons should deal a specific amount of damage with little if any random variation - variation should come from known quantities like locational damage and worn armor (e.g. damage reduced form a helmet if they're wearing one but otherwise a headshot does extra damage). that's what rolled damage values are meant to represent. if anything the thing that would be most realistic would be to have the RPG skill generating random noise applied to the character's aim (noise decreasing as the skill improves) so that you are adding a layer of randomness to the attack that then affects a deterministic damage system.

ofc morrowind is pretty blameless in this respect since it was new and we now have decades of hindsight about this.


you also could have skill directly affect damage
also is there really a need to have more than a few levels in each skill?
another idea: at higher skill levels you get some amount of autoaim. think automatically sending arrows towards the head if your aim is within a certain area. if there's a helmet with eyeslits, at higher levels still it aims for the slits and any other weak points in the armor
>ofc morrowind is pretty blameless in this respect since it was new and we now have decades of hindsight about this.
not for the bad UI IMO


File: 1684161454940.png (243.61 KB, 357x684, 1670362252104.png)

the steam deck already plays tears of the kingdom better than a switch can, and emulator devs aren't even done optimizing their switch emulators for totk yet. cant believe people paid for a switch AND the game


They need something to hit their wives in the head with. Although a Steam Deck should work for that too.


I tried playing the new Sonic on Switch emulator and it ran like dogshit, is that just specific to that game?


>not for the bad UI IMO
It only confused me the first time i did weapon combat. The sounds and particle effects should make it obvious to anyone when damage is dealt.
I got one of the early hackable models and now play touhou on it. I'm going to pirate some switch games when i can afford a larger sdcard.


idk man some people have friends and family they like to play multiplayer games with. It's kinda hard to lug your battlestation to the living room every time you wanna play mario kart.


>lug your battlestation
its a steam deck


Can you plug a steam deck into your TV and play couch multiplayer? Because if you can they aren't advertising it enough.


Yes, if you have a dock for it.


this is starting to sound like just having a switch would be easier/cheaper


would it? you can get a used deck to emulate almost anything you want


You can hack a switch too.


and get worse hardware?


Can't they come over to your room?


God dammit has anyone here actually played the damn game?


TOTK is really good


Nice. Can you elaborate? Any cool screenshots from your gameplay?
I'd like to play it but I'm too lazy to pirate it


NTA but it's basically a more fleshed out BotW. They went a lot farther astray from the typical zelda game since BotW was such a success. It barely resembles older zeldas at this point which is divisive obviously


anons I am so weak, I lasted 2 weeks before cracking but I'm probably going to go buy it today. It runs like ass via emulator on my pc and I already have a switch gathering dust


idk can you crack a switch?


mine is probably patched and I don't really want to go through having to sell it and hunt one that's unpatched


>It runs like ass via emulator on my pc
It runs like ass on the switch too lmao.


well from I've seen/heard it can at least run somewhat smoothly (even if not at a fantastic frame rate). I couldn't even get it to run at that standard with the dynamic 30fps mod and adjusting some settings.


Yes, it's relatively easy if you can solder

Which emulator? There's a couple.



I've had trouble with both emulators, it may be worth trying the other one. https://ryujinx.org


loaded it up rn and it was just as agonizing


honestly there's nothing wrong with buying a decent game that isn't fucked with microtransactions


That'll be $70 plus tax plus $50 for DLC down the line.


you dont need the dlc, and this game had some hard work put into it, it's not like it's fifa 2026


I've been building phallic mechanations for the past week, maybe I should actually play the game


I thought you were exaggerating but it drops to like 15 fps sometimes (when it was windy and I was moving an object behind some trees), that is just not okay for a AAA game.


All AAA games are like that, only indie devs understand the concept of frame rates / optimization. AAA games rely on hardware progression, but Nintendo ran themselves into a corner by going all in on the switch.


They reportedly spent the past year or more doing almost nothing but bugfixes and optimizing too. This really is probably more to do with trying to put too intense of a game on too low-power a device. It's most likely getting a rerelease on the next console or switch 2 or whatever they make.


Back in the day we used to have these things called manuals, and people read them.
It's okay to admit you got filtered by Morrowind, I didn't play it for maybe 15 years, partly because of the weird mechanics (I started out with Oblivion) and partly because of the Silent Hill fog.


File: 1684815480939.mp4 (4.42 MB, 1280x720, zelda.mp4)

I keep getting distracted guys help


Will we ever get another 2d Zelda game?


What would be the point?


I think there's still a lot of potential for new ideas. Nostalgia too.
I'm not saying I disliked BoTW and ToTK (I liked them a lot in fact), I'm just saying I'd like more 2d games. The old games just have a different feel.


Metroid just got a 2D game and Zelda is a much hotter property. More 2D games aren't that unlikely. Metroid Dread shows that there's still interest in 2D games, and they were testing the waters with the Link's Awakening remake just 4 years ago.


probably yes, but you could try Tunic in the meantime


So far TotK seems pretty fun. For me it seems to have a bit more potential than BotW because I prefer the tools they give me here. Still need to play more, 10 hours should be enough.
I gave BotW 3 tries and never was able to finish it, always just got bored relatively fast.


thus far my biggest annoyance is that whatever stuff you build will disappear in like a few minutes if you walk away and if you go in a shrine or whatever. why wouldn't they make your current vehicle have persistence? More technical limitations?


Not being able to store at least the last thing you built seems more like laziness than a technical limitation to me.


How could they not have considered that's an important feature though? The time spent building a car or whatever will be much greater than the time saved by using it


No idea, many people get by with just using very simple constructions, but there's no way the devs didn't think that some would be building pretty time consuming things.


>why wouldn't they make your current vehicle have persistence? More technical limitations?
It could be some under-the-hood thing like cells resetting every time you leave and the devices being too much to keep persistent the way they do with enemies, weapon pickups, etc or it could be that they didn't find a reliable way to track where you were last.

>Not being able to store at least the last thing you built seems more like laziness than a technical limitation to me.
Actually no, the game stores the last several builds and lets you set favorites in addition to having some baked-in builds. It's just put behind an additional power that you have to get separately from the super hand. Spoilers for the story: you get the autobuild power by exploring the underworld and starting the Yiga Clan side quests.


Do you need to spend resources again for the stored things? In any case that's pretty nice, I just got to the Wind temple after a long and nice platforming section, haven't really explored that much.


>The gameplay just looks like morrowind if it was third person and didn’t have absolutely abysmal combat
Except it doesn't? I've played a lot of Morrowind and this looks nothing like it. Morrowind barely has a physics engine to speak of, and stats math is more important than timing or how dextrous you are with a keyboard. Also Morrowind has customized characters and LOZ you always play as link…. Like what resemblance does it have to Morrowind?


2d rocks. Better use of system resources from a dev perspective but also more enjoyable than 3d in a lot of ways. I still play the 2d zeldas on emulator sometimes


I feel like you might as well leave 2D to indie devs nowadays, AAA devs should be focussing on pushing the boundaries


yet this past decade its indie devs who bring new things to the table


Well I said 'should'.


It's free for any devices that are already right there and 3 ores for each one you don't have, so pretty cheap actually.


That's good. Overall it feels like there is more meaningful stuff to find and unlock here, which was one my main issues with BotW. And I guess monster parts give good damage so I feel less bad about constantly losing weapons.


>Overall it feels like there is more meaningful stuff to find and unlock here, which was one my main issues with BotW.
There was a pretty good image from back when BotW came out that summed this up, and it feels like the devs saw it and then did exactly that. It was showing link getting to the top of a hill and seeing a new area for the first time. The "what it should have been" had like a hidden cave opening, a monster at the top of the mountain, and a village off in the distance. The "what is is" was just the terrain and a korok.


Just got the fucking M. Sword. What a shitty weapon. It's especially funny how in the story it's described as a BFG, while in reality it's so underwhelming.


I don't know when I be fighting against the Gloom Hands or whatever and beating them up it seems to do a lot of Damage. Then again I put a Light Dragon Horn on the Master sword so it heals When fighting enemies so.


love to pay $60 to play gmod but with tloz


Such a ridiculous statement, the building stuff is like 10% of the game at best, and the rest is BoTW (ie a universally acclaimed game).


It's a good game and I'd even argue that it would be a detriment to it to have played BoTW previously.


It's BotW with way more actual content. In particular the side quests are much more in line with the Zelda series. The dungeons are lackluster but probably due to casualization.'

It's a plot device. Comparing it to the BFG is silly. It's more like a key (like the rest of the items) for the specific lock of sealing Ganon.

> beating them up it seems to do a lot of Damage
That's how it worked in BotW. It was a mid weapon normally but then mid-high tier specifically when fighting guardians or Ganon.


Yeah I know all the weapons are treated like consumables in these last two Zeldas. Still I feel it's quite hilarious that Zelda charged that shit for thousands of years and it needs to take a break to recharge after a few dozen hits. Make it a boss fight only weapon then, so that it looks less bitchmade.
Other than that I am enjoying the game, played like 40 hours already, while all my BotW attempts ended before 20.


>while all my BotW attempts ended before 20

This is my case as well I only managed to beat one of the Divine beasts, with Link's Fish Fiancé being put to peace with the help of Sidon how was one of my favorites in the game. ToTK I have spent a lot more time playing because it actually feels fleshed out, and you see the active rebuilding of the Hyrule after the Calamity and they are trying to move on from it.

Side quests feel more fleshed out with some puzzle elements for those that are needing of it. While also paying attention to dialogue like the older games to get the sweet rewards that aren't trash. Which made the Exploration more fun and now having access to the sky and underground just made things more interesting.


There are some small details like NPCs reacting in dialogue depending on weather/time of day. Also pretty much every one of them will tell you something useful or give some sort of hint. They did a good job with that.
As far as rewards yes, especially armor is nice to find, but even something like a bomb flower feels nice because you can always put it to good use. And gluing shit together is much cooler than making fucking ice blocks.


Agreed for the most part, I too have made the Crux fiction of the Koraks. Paraded across the lands ending in burning them at the Stake like a Witch using several Pine cones, fire fruits, and lots of wood.


Tbh they probably could figure out a better solution besides running out of energy.
Maybe it just gets a boost to damage that runs out slowly but recharges when hitting "evil" targets.


I could see a remake next year of another old 2D zelda. The Links Awakening one sold pretty well.


BOTW had zones where it was constant 15 fps.
TOTW doesn't have those zones but it has sporadic frame drops when using the Ultra Hand and in some villages.


I think that TOTK is better than BOTW. But I don't feel like the people that say that it is impossible to come back to BOTW now after playing the new one. At the end of the day, they have different vibes. BOTW is about nature, lonlyness and exploring a new world. TOTK is about mastering the world with the help of newfound powers and friends.


This is true. I wonder how much of BotW's vibe was a deliberate choice and how much was coping with not finishing stuff on time. It did end up working to their advantage though.


I think it was intentional. Just like the island on TOTK. The devs said that at first when they were testing the new mechanics, they filled the entire sky with islands. But then they realise that players would get lost between puzzles, so instead they opted for the archipelagos. Although I don't know if the Switch would have been capable of that.

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