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Naturally all of their critiques basically amount to "I can't be a confederate revanchist and hate crime former slaves and natives".


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>kills a man who legally owned slaves one time

you called?


the game starts in 1899 lol
Idk if RDR history is different (they have different states) but IRL the 13th amendment was passed in 1865, 34 years prior. Based on the wiki Arthur was about 2 years old then. As somebody living on the fringes of society from a young age it's unsurprising that he'd meet and make friends with free black people.
>Kills a man because he legally owned slaves this one time
Idk the story but it would have had to be 30+ years ago so what like some old slaver similar politically to nazi concentration camp guards who were evading the law around the late 20th century?


They are probably talking about this stranger mission, The Iniquities of History.

"The mission begins once the player speaks with a man sitting outside of Rhodes Train Station, Jeremiah Compson. He informs the player that his property and possessions within it have been seized by the court and granted to the Bank of Rhodes.

He asks the protagonist to break into his home and retrieve three of his belongings for him; his revolver, his ledger and a valuable pocket watch.

Once inside the home, the player can freely search the property for the items, and read letters that shine a light on Compson's past. Once the photograph of Compson beside an open trapdoor is examined, two squatters enter the room. One wields Compson's pistol, and aims it at the player. The squatter attempts to shoot the protagonist, but the gun jams. He throws it down and attacks the player, while the other runs away.

After both have been defeated, the player can open the trapdoor and search for the ledger. Notes of slaves' names and values can be found.

The player finds Compson camping around Eris Field, south of the property. He confronts him about his part in the slavery business, before throwing his ledger and belongings into his fire. Upset, Compson attempts to shoot the player, but the gun jams as it did with the squatters. He then lies face down on the ground and cries. The player can kill him if they wish, or leave him there.

After the last encounter the player will be rewarded with Honor, regardless of whether they kill Compson."

Basically he was a slave catcher and administrator at a plantation, and due to the 13th amendment he was made redundant, and eventually destitute and homeless.


I remember /v/iggers complaining that you couldn't shoot up the Injun village
They really hated this game. I mean, you can cosplay as the Zodiac Killer and ritualistically murder people but it really rustled their jimmies that they couldn't kill indigenous people in freeroam.


A Red Dead Redemption with John Brown as protagonist would be so kino.


Nothing wrong happened at Pottawatomie


does the game actually make the player do these things or can you just be an asshole if you want?


I keep saying it, but a Red Dead Russian Civil War game would go insanely hard




genuinely too political to get made


Lenny and Charles are your friends no matter what, Micah is always an antagonist, killing the poachers is a required mission.
You don't have to do the slaver mission or kill the KKK, you can also choose not to help Mary.


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it would turn out like this


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>>27411 (me)
I think its best to let the russians handle this one


To be honest there is a fair point being made behind the usual /pol/ bullshit that supposedly morally flawed characters in recent dramatic fiction are just mildly more rulebreaking self-inserts that allow liberals to vicariously live out fantasies of getting in fights with and beating anyone they consider problematic. Having characters in historical settings always defend movements and ideas that would not have had majority support in their time is dumb and even progressive types have questioned the trope on occassion.


As long as its not as egregious as the fucking Wolfenstein games.


I dunno, I feel like in the case of RDR2 specifically, I don't think the game would be enjoyable if you just got put in the shoes of the average nazi american thirsty for black and native blood.


Why would I want to play a game where I play as some evil shitbag. There were people that disagreed with the prevailing morality even in the olden days you know.


>vicariously live out fantasies of getting in fights with and beating anyone they consider problematic
That's the point of the game though. Arthur is intentionally written as that kind of guy. He's written to be the ideal anarchist, a dude who can believably live up to the fantasy of slaughtering KKK members by the dozen, but in the end, he dies and the gang falls apart.
The gang is the living embodiment of that kind of liberal vicariousness. They rebel against racism and inequality with uncoordinated violence, but never actually achieve anything. Dutch couches his ideology in American Dream-style libertarianism, which leads to him retreating into sophism once things start going bad. The whole game is a tragedy about how, in real life, the "beating anyone they consider problematic" guy is destined to be crushed by the forces of capital.
Does the game still serve to carry out that fantasy? Sure, but it still goes out of its way to give a lot of commentary about it.

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